[Style] Who Wore It Better? Zanilia Zhao Edition

Although celebrities sometimes experience wardrobe clashes with one another, each actress emits a unique aura and brings out a different essence to the outfit. Zanilia Zhao (趙麗穎), who is known for her petite frame and youthful features, has matured her fashion taste through the years.

Zanilia vs Crystal Liu 

Seen in the same powder blue Christian Dior dress as Crystal Liu (劉亦菲), it is difficult to agree on who wore it better. While Crystal radiates quiet elegance and soft beauty, Zanilia appears sweet and infinitely youthful.

Both donning a loose fitting, off-white Dior dress, Crystal and Zanilia both glowed with an air of vigor and innocence.

In contrast with white, flowing Dior dress, Crystal and Zanilia are seen here wearing a bodice-fitting black leather dress. Going for a more punk rock style, Crystal wore heavier makeup and bolder, dark eyeliner. On the other hand, Zanilia continued to showcase her innocent charm wearing light makeup and soft curls.

Zanilia vs Tiffany Tang 

Tiffany, at one point, also wore the same Christian Dior black leather dress as Crystal and Zanilia. Similar to both actresses, Tiffany Tang (唐嫣) also accessorized with a matching black choker necklace. However, she donned a messy bun to highlight a cleaner look of the outfit.

Zanilia vs Hyuna


South Korean singer Hyuna over-accessorized the baby doll red dress with pearls upon pearls of necklaces. Wearing her thick long hair down, Hyuna added to her haggard and frumpy appearance. On the other hand, Zanilia capitalized on the baby doll dress and appeared dainty and youthful. The cinched waist added to her delicateness.

Zanilia vs Jessica Jung


Wearing a one-shoulder white dress with a large bow detail in the front, both Zanilia and Jessica looked fresh-faced and graceful.

Zanilia vs Angelababy 

Orange is a difficult color to pull off warm-toned Asian skin tone. However, both actresses, though petite in frame, appeared sharp and stylish in this Victorian-era Dior dress.

Though not exactly the same dress, Zanilia and Angelababy (楊穎) donned a similar style black tulle dress, completed with an overcoat. While Zanilia wore her hair up and looked like a young ballerina, Angelababy appeared much more mature with her long, sleek hair and bold red lipstick.

Zanilia vs Yang Mi 


Zanilia and Yang Mi (楊冪) wore the same Dolce & Gabbana outfits. Both wore a mustard yellow knit sweater, paired with a powder blue skirt. Perhaps due to lighting and Photoshop, Zanilia appeared much more luminous and youthful. In contrast, Yang Mi’s under-eye circles were evident and she appeared too aged for the brightly colored and fun attire.

Both actresses donned the same black and red skirt at two separate events. Despite pairing the skirt with an equally punk style top, Zanilia’s choice of hairstyle made her appear sweet-faced and child-like. Yang Mi, on the other hand, toned down the loudness of the skirt with a more demure and lady-like top.

Zanilia vs Ni Ni 


Perhaps due to the photo angle, Ni Ni (倪妮) appeared frumpy in the colorful flowery attire. Meanwhile Zanilia’s petite frame made the outfit appear fitted and cute. However, Ni Ni’s strappy red heels brought out the colors of the outfit  much  better than Zanilia’s sparkly black pumps.

Zanilia vs Gulinazha

Both actresses wore a similar off-shoulder dress and looked glowy and cute. Gulinazha’s (古力娜扎) broad shoulders fit the off-shoulder dress much better, giving her an hour-glass figure in addition to her youthful glow. Zanilia, on the other hand, looked much more petite and perhaps overly dainty.

Zanilia vs Zhang Ziyi 


As per her usual image, Zanilia wore her hair down in soft curls and appeared adorably sweet in the black, multi-layered dress. Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) seems to be wearing the outfit for a photoshoot and appeared much more bold and womanly. Not only did she wear her hair up, but also sensually showcased her legs through the slit of the dress.

Zanilia vs Fan Bingbing 


Zanilia cannot seem to shake off her child-like charm. Wearing a sky blue top with heart patterns, paired with a beige-colored skirt, and having her hair in a high ponytail, Zanilia once again emitted a youthful appeal. Meanwhile, Fan Bingbing’s (范冰冰) outfit appeared oversized and overly casual due to its loose fit.

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Source: Beauty 321

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Zanilia in all outfits = a girl, maybe a cute girly girl, but a girl. Every other celebrities pair with her wore the same outfit = a woman. I know it’s ZZ’s brand, cute young girl, but it’s such 1 note. Also her chest gotta be the flattest out of all of them. I’ll pick every other girls lol (apart from NiNi), and I don’t even like FBB or ZZY

  2. People call Yang Mi’s chopstick legs unhealthy but she’d always been that since a kid.

    Zhao Lying’s ant waiste got to be her strongest part.
    But it isn’t natural and too dangerous, unhealthy.
    Thats what caused all her health problems too.

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