Sun Li’s New Drama “The Prime Minister of Qing Dynasty”

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Sun Li’s New Drama “The Prime Minister of Qing Dynasty”

The drama’s star-studded cast lineup has already hyped up viewer anticipation.

There has been ongoing news that actress Sun Li (孙俪) is set to take on a big budget period drama The Prime Minister of Qing Dynasty <大清相国>  by director Zheng Xiaolong (郑晓龙), who is also behind the hit Empresses in the Palace <后宫甄嬛传>. Besides lead actress Sun Li, the drama will also star big names like Zanilia Zhao (赵丽颖), Dong Jie (董洁), and Lu Yi (陆毅).

Quality Over Quantity

Since Empresses in the Palace, Sun Li’s dramas has had viewers rife with anticipation, as she is known not only for her superb acting, but also for demanding standards when it comes to the script and costume’s historical accuracy, which makes her participation in any drama a guarantee of its ratings and quality.

In order to produce the best work for viewers, it is known that the actress limits herself to just one dramatic project a year. From 2012’s Empresses in the Palace, 2013’s Hot Mom <辣妈正传>, 2014’s The Legend of Mi Yue <芈月传> to 2016’s Nothing Gold Can Stay <那年花开月正圆>, these productions starring Sun Li have all aired to positive reviews.

Stereotyped in Similar Roles?

Despite being hailed as “Queen of Period Dramas”, Sun Li has also been criticized previously for taking on typecast characters in her dramas, leading to a lack of novelty for viewers.

The Prime Minister of Qing Dynasty will focus on power struggles and scheming on the courts. The dramatic play of the same name has earned good reviews from audiences, showcasing moral dilemmas and disputes among officials within a 300-year historical period.

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Sun Li’s New Drama “The Prime Minister of Qing Dynasty”

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