Synopsis of “Brother’s Keeper 2”, Premiering August 29

After nearly two years in the making, the anticipated sequel to 2013’s hit drama Brother’s Keeper <巨輪> will be hitting TV screens on August 29, succeeding the time slow of Daddy Dearest <超能老豆>.

Produced by Amy Wong (王欣慰), the sequel stars returning cast members Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), Kristal Tin (田蕊妮), and Louis Yuen (阮兆香) as they continue their journey of spreading their bakery chain, the Pasterilia Lo Son Kei, across Macau and Hong Kong. The drama will also feature new cast members Grace Chan (陳凱琳), Mat Yeung (楊明), Hugo Ng (吳岱融), and Jade Leung (梁琤), as well as the guest appearances of original cast members Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣).

Brother’s Keeper II will be airing for 40 episodes. The final episode will air on October 21.


2016 tvb septemberAfter years of blood, sweat, and tears, Lo Wai-son (Edwin Siu) and Yiu Man-ying (Kristal Tin) finally succeeded in spreading their bakery chain, the Pasterilia Lo Son Kei, across Hong Kong and Macau. Their growing influence starts to upset junket promoter-turned-property developer Ko Tin-tsau (Hugo Ng), who attempts to suppress their chain from spreading even further. Along with the betrayal of his close confidant Tsui Chi-lik (Mat Yeung), Wai-son starts to lose all hope.

Overwhelmed by his chaotic world, Wai-son escapes to Okinawa, where he falls for a mysterious Hong Kong girl Ko Yee-na (Grace Chan). However, Wai-son’s special getaway also gets him entangled in an unsolved homicide that happened twenty years ago.

Meanwhile, Man-ying’s husband, Lung Fei (Louis Yuen), gets in an aviation accident and suffers a severe brain injury. He starts treating Man-ying like a stranger. Around this time, Wai-son’s older brother Sam (Ruco Chan) suddenly makes a return to search for his lost love, Rachel (Linda Chung). Facing setbacks in family, love, and business, what does Wai-son and Man-ying have to lose?

Source: IHKTV

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    1. @elizabeth @jimmyszeto
      Oooh, so based on the summary, it sounds like Hugo will have a pretty huge role.  I sure hope so because I was not planning to watch this series at all, since I didn’t even like the first series (plus I can’t stand most of the cast…the first one was mostly watchable because of Ruco – the rest of the cast was super-annoying), but if Hugo has a significant role, then I would definitely tune in at least for his scenes (plus he’s playing a villain again, yay!).  Hopefully he has enough screentime where I won’t have to forward through majority of the series again (though with this being TVB, it’s hard to say, as it sounds like this sequel is being made to promote Edwin and Grace, both of whom I dislike)…

      By the way….about the story itself – to be honest, I’m already kind of ticked that they had to revive the Sam/Rachel thing in the sequel.  I actually liked the way the first series ended with Sam leaving to pursue his dreams rather than being with Rachel (obviously, I hated Rachel as much as everyone else did, lol).  I know they were trying to incorporate Ruco and Linda’s cameos in there somehow but as with typical TVB sequels where they need to continue the storyline without certain main characters, I have a feeling they are going to do a poor job of explaining things and ruin one of the few parts of the first series that audiences actually liked.

      1. @llwy12

        I dont think BK2 will pick up from the ending of BK. They were all old at the end of BK. Most likely this series will be expanding of a period in BK that was not screened. So it is when they are still young and trying to expand their business.

        At the end of BK. They were already rich and successful.

        Too be honest i didnt watch BK properly so dont remember everything. Im a fan of Ruco but i didnt really like Linda’s character.

    1. @dramadrama

      Me too! Strongly dislike them and they will be covering the majority of the scenes. Don’t understand why TVB decided to make a sequel when Ruco isn’t going to be playing the main character. Edwin’s character was annoying in the first series too. Will need Kristal,Louis and Hugo to save the series. Could be an epic disaster of a series with the Edwin/Grace combination.

      1. @jimmyszeto Edwin is a jerk in the series. Don’t understand why everyone says he is the good guy. He is just a selfish jerk. Why is there even worth a second series when the first one is not even good???

        I had skipped a lot of episodes in the first one. Basically I just watched the first few episodes, then the ending.

        And they decided this time, let’s include Grace Chan. What are tvb thinking….

      2. @dramadrama

        There’s some series worthy of a second series due to the nature of the series. For example, popular police case related series. Some series end in a cliffhanger and a sequel can be done. Some are extremely popular and a sequel would be in demand from viewers. Brothers Keepers meets none of the above reasons for a sequel. It ended satisfactory. Apart from Ruco and Kristal’s performances, there wasn’t much memorable about the series especially for a epic series that expands through a few decades.

        Agree that Edwin was a selfish idiot and unlikable in the series. His acting was just like his character,’ totally annoying’. TVB must be lacking in a budget if they are depending on Edwin to lead this series almost on his own with Grace. There’s not many series worthy of a sequel these days and this is just another one of them.

      3. @jimmyszeto think they’re using edwin as lead cos koi kei is a major sponsor of this sequel so the story has to centre on the peanut man.

  1. So this is senior citizen version? Because by my calculation in bk1 all were hitting 50s. This is a redundant sequel.

    1. @funnlim

      Not counted the years but Brothers Keeper 1 ended perfectly without much of a cliffhanger. Not necessary for a sequel! Edwin is problem the least improved and most mediocre lead actor TVB currently have. Suicidal to have him leading a series almost all on his own.

  2. I thought BK part 1 was already hot messed and now a sequel? I don’t get TVB really, dishing out one after another of sequels when the first one wasn’t even that good. The Linda Chung character in there is probably the worst girlfriend in the series. haha…lol…. They really need to come up w/better scripts and start fresh, stop w/the already messed up prequels. Sigh!!!
    Hire some new some scriptwriters or something.

  3. the first was nothing memorable, not sure why they decide to make the second one. i look forward to seeing matt yeung though, he’s hot!

  4. am i the only who doesn’t like the 1st show? lol i’m not sure if i will be watching this 2nd.

    1. @hannah
      hell, you are NOT. haha lol… First one already sucks so imagine a sequel. Edwin & Linda Chung was such unlikable characters on that series esp LC lol… omg… why must they pair up Ruco w/the lead? I remember some interesting girls in there that deserves to be paired up w/Ruco but his storyline sucked so hard too that he is stuck on that LC g/f character. I guess we really have to blame the sucky scriptwriters from TVB.
      And they are dishing out all these bad series into films too. Man, they are getting desperate. lol

    1. @linvin8 Yes, Edwin said that Ruco will only appear in the first five episodes. that is good that I need to watch only first five episodes.

  5. Why does this sequel exist? Coz TVB needs to heavily promote Edwin and Grace Chan. TVB probably has sponsors for moon cakes and stuff for this series. Does TVB listen to people’s comments and likings? I doubt.

    1. @rainbow28

      You know, who are the top actors of TVB? Raymond, Bosco, and Ron already kinda left TVB. They have Wayne and Roger but they are over 50. Edwin is precious to TVB because he is still loyal and not heading to China yet.

  6. Whatever. Can some one update which episode Ruco will be in? Just wanna watch the first episode, all Ruco parts, and ending.

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