Grace Chan Saddened By the Poor Reviews of “Brother’s Keeper 2”

The following article contains spoilers for the TVB drama Wulin Revival, currently in production.

Reviews for the TVB drama Brother’s Keeper 2 <巨輪II> aren’t doing too good, and Grace Chan (陳凱琳) is facing the brunt of it all.

Brother’s Keeper 2, sequel to the 2013 television drama of the same name, sees Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) and Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) reprise their roles as the owners of Macau’s famous bakery chain, Lo Son Kei. Grace Chan is a new addition to the cast, starring in the role of Edwin’s love interest.

While Brother’s Keeper 2 is facing heavy criticism for its boring storyline and uninteresting characters, Grace is also getting slammed for her poor acting. Admitting that she has read some negative comments by netizens, Grace said, “I am unhappy. I worked really hard for the role. But I have to take this one step at a time. I can’t just change overnight.”

Pointing out that her character, Nana, will get raped by her adoptive father, Grace said with a laugh, “I’ll make sure to watch that episode when it comes out.” (You’ve portrayed quite a few characters that have been raped.) “It’s usually just mentioned, but not shown to you. All my characters have been quite different. Even my costars were different! I don’t think my roles are being repetitive.”

In regards to the news that the average viewership for Brother’s Keeper 2 has dropped to below 23 points, Grace said, “Yes. I admit I was a bit bothered by it at first, because I wanted more viewers to see it, but it’s hard to predict ratings. There are many options now, such as watching it online. I will encourage myself. What’s more important to me is my improvement.”

The busy filming schedule of her new drama, Wulin Revival <翻生武林>, has helped her forget about the criticism temporarily. Grace said she only has a few days left of filming, and is looking forward for her break.

Mentioning that her boyfriend, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), has just finished the filming of his last TVB drama Lost <迷>, Grace said they may go overseas together for a short vacation.

Ben Wong Too Shy to Reveal His Butt

Wulin Revival, a comedy drama that takes place in the Ming Dynasty, stars Edwin Siu as a lazy Shaolin apprentice who eventually finds his way to become a powerful fighter in the wuxia community. Ben Wong (黃智賢) and Grace Chan star as members of the Jinyiwei, the imperial secret police.

On yesterday’s set, the cast shot a scene that involved Ben revealing to the other characters that he is actually a castrated man, and pulls down his pants. When speaking about the “explicitness” of the scene, Ben said, “There are restrictions on television, so we can’t go too far, of course. You’re just going to see my thighs.” (But Raymond Lam has revealed his butt before!) “It’s not original enough! But I never had the need to reveal my butt on camera before. I am shy!”

Having to film a period drama in the hot summer weather, John Chiang (姜大偉), who stars on the show as Ben’s mentor, said the heat took a toll on the cast’s health. He points out his wife has also developed shingles like Edwin.

“What an unfortunate coincidence,” said John. “However, unlike Edwin, my wife didn’t discover them until much later on. She had to be hospitalized for a longer period of time. She’s feeling a lot better now, though sometimes she’ll feel pain. I feel pain with her!” (Spend more time with your wife?) “Yes. After I’m done with this drama, I have about ten days before I start my next one.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. When will TVB wake up to the fact that nobody wants to watch Grace Chan? She is ratings poison! Having watched Moon and Sisley in AFWFW and Presumed Accidents, I have to say that Grace though the most highly promoted is the worst of the 3. Chicken voice, Marty Feldman eyes and exaggerated kindergarten level acting, anything with her is a “MUST skip”. I can’t bring myself to rewatch Captain of Destiny becos of her and Tony, though I really love Ruco. BK2 is a big bomb.

    1. @isay: I rewatched COD a few times…coz I just love this Ruco. Just skip all of Grace and Tony’s scenes and watch only Ruco 🙂

    2. @isay tvb will never wake up to the fact that nobody wants to see grace chan. fortunately Sisley choi didn’t spoil the ratings for ‘presumed accidents’…but grace chan is a nightmare to watch on tv. I wanted to watch Captain of Destiny again….but with Grace chan in so many scenes, I dropped the idea.

  2. I watched BKII not knowing that grace would be in it. Saw a promo with her in it later on and abandoned that show. She can’t act. There are better actresses than her and it’s frustrating TVB does not realize that and continue to cast her as lead. This drama she is filming now will probably be another ratings downer.

  3. one drama after another and she still hasn’t improved. Even Moon Lau is doing better than Grace Chan.

    1. @tiffany looks that way to me too. Her voice just grates on my nerves, i want to turn the TV off so bad whenever i see her.

  4. While many often mistakenly using them interchangeably, talent and skills are two different things. The former is innate, an X factor if you will while the latter can be acquired and improved upon. Both are necessary ingredients for making good actors.

    The problem with TVB is that they often take people with minimal acting talent, equip and teach them with all sorts of cutting edge acting skills, and send them out their hoping something good would happen. What they often ended up is a recipe for disaster. For one, beauty pageants are not exactly the hot bed for acting talents.

  5. TVB just dont get it!!! Viewers just dont like her and Sisley but they continueuse them for lead roles in new series and meanwhile veteran artist take on cameo or 2nd lead I’m getting really tired of watching series with Grace and Sisley in it SMH……………

  6. I made it to Ep. 11 for BKII, and I had to stop because of her. Terrible acting and voice.

  7. Actually, to be fair, I don’t think it’s all Grace fault the ratings is low. The plot already sucks and boring to begin with. And Edwin is not fit to be the lead role. Can’t belive tvb actively promotes Edwin. Omg. Who wanna watch these type of boring, super old fashioned series?

    1. @dramadrama Edwin and tony’s acting skills are just so-so, not fantastic. Don’t understand why TVB did a sequel for BK…nothing fantastic at all. I am also sick of Kristin tin.

  8. lol TVB hasn’t learned when one drama after another and netizen still criticize it means you s**k big time, her super high profile dating Kevin is also not helping the case. She born with haters, her acting is horrible simple as that, she should have been “kei lei fei” for a few years experience before rising this high.

    1. @vodka I like ruco chan in COD…tony hung is not that bad although his acting can be improved. actually, I like ruco in all the dramas he has acted in. hahahaha

  9. Ruco Chan is a crowd puller for BK…without him, plus a boring plot and grace Chan, the drama will be pulled down drastically. Sometimes a successful drama may not yield a successful sequel. My expectations of a good drama is ‘A Fist Within 4 walls’. The actors and plot is sufficient to hold viewers from start to end.

  10. Im a fan of Ruco but stopped watching b4 epi 5. The plot of the drama is very boring so it is not Grace’s fault that the viewers r low.

    Ive said it many times b4 but people seem to ignore. It is nothing new for TVB to promote talentless inexperienced ms hk. Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok, Kenix Kwok, Linda Chung, Shirley Yeung, Michelle Lee, Lee San San, and lots more all debuted as Lead actresses or got given very meaty roles. Grace and Sisley is not special. Their skills are comparable to the actresses listed above when they debuted.

    The problem with tvb is they dont have many talented actresses. Even the 1s that have 10 yrs plus n in their 30s still not that great. We cant have Mid 30s act as early 20s all the time. Well I want to see young faces in a young role. China and Korea have young actresses that can act.

    TVB is not wrong to cast Grace and Sisley in lead roles. Or any other young actresses. What they are doing wrong is not giving these young people acting classes. They can start with hosting programs and acting classes for 6months to 1 year. So they wont be forgotten but still have the right skills to not annoy people.

  11. I dont really feel pity when she says she worked really hard for the role. Lots of actors/actresses at TVB work really hard for their roles.. I dont really hear any of them complaining all the time that theyre working hard. Tavia, Nancy, Ruco, etc. all started as very minor roles and had to work sooo hard to achieve leading status. Ive never heard them complain.

    Everytime someone critiques Grace, she just says she worked really hard and asks people to give her time to improve. I agree that she cant change overnight, but please stop using lead roles to “practice” your acting skills. Take acting classes or ask for smaller roles instead if you truly want to practice. Taking all of the big roles and then getting defensive when people criticize your acting is silly – you wanted to be the centre of attention but you didnt live up to the expectations, thats why viewers are not satisfied.

    Viewers dont watch television to give actors/actresses time to improve – they bother giving their precious time because they want to watch something good. You should have practiced BEFORE you tried to perform at your job. Its like going to a hospital and a 1st year medical student is in charge of a surgery, accidentally kills someone and then says “i tried really hard, i want to take it step by step” but they never learned the basics first. Or a newbie chef is given the role of head chef, and makes a terrible dish and claims that other people should give him/her time to improve. No… we expect you to have practiced well enough before you “showed off” your skills to the public. That’s just the reality of life.

    1. @melia880 Completely agree with your comment! After all, these actors are being paid for these roles, and TVB is making money off the shows via advertisements. There would be neither without viewers, and so it’s only fair that the viewers demand professional-level acting.

      Also… is it so hard for TVB to schedule in some acting lessons for these newbies?? Even something for a few months would help. And VOICE LESSONS. So many of these younger actresses have terrible voice control, which makes it just that much harder to watch them on TV.

      1. @sasamii Absolutely agree with voice lessons. I’m no expert but from the perspective of an audience member, I dislike it when Grace (or any actor/actress for that matter, but I do notice Grace doing this) randomly emphasizes words in her sentences. If you watch any scene of hers, you can hear her emphasizing random words in the sentence and it just makes her acting more exaggerated. So yes, voice control needs a lot of work.

    2. @melia880 exactly my thought when reading this article. She really need to learn to take in the criticism and better herself. Stop taking lead roles but if she must then at least take some acting class in between to really improve herself!

      1. @happybi actors/actresses work very hard for every role they are given. when everyone puts in so much effort and yet it is ruined by one hopeless actress like grace chan, it is really demoralizing.

    3. @melia880 she is not the only actress who works hard…as viewers we can see if they have improved. how much time does grace chan want? for goodness sake, go for acting or hosting lessons. it’s cringe factor to see her acting. also, stop yakking to the reporters. it’s sickening.

      since she has a veteran actor as a boyfriend, she should pick up tips on how to improve instead of yakking about their private life. work on it, just don’t talk.

      1. @janet72 Exactly. I actually watched the video of her interview too because I saw it posted somewhere. It actually annoyed me more in chinese because she literally said 我付出了很多 as if every actor out there doesnt also sacrifice sleep, health and other things for their job. Its her choice to sacrifice these things. Its also the viewers choice to watch/like her acting or not. It just bothers me that it sounds to me like shes entitled to receive good praise just because shes given a lot. It also baffles me that she thinks the best way to improve is to keep being in the spotlight and playing around with big roles, instead of getting real, professional help from an acting class or something.

      2. @melia880 her sense of entitlement is just shameless to say the least. What makes her think that just becos she has “given a lot ” that viewers/critics have to be kind to her? Isn’t she ashamed that she’s been proven time and again to be undeserving of all the opportunities that just fall onto her lap? Opportunities that actresses like Tavia and Nancy have to work really hard for and for many years before they get the lead roles that are simply just presented to her on a silver platter. It’s mind boggling how she even won those awards she got last year. I’ve not come across anyone more undeserving than her. Freeze her TVB!

      3. @janet72 yakking again. She told reporters that she is going overseas with her old uncle for a short vacation. So, she is hoping the paparazzi will stalk them at overseas or airport. Then, she can brag more.

    4. @melia880 Well said. It’s the same disgust when an artist of average looks takes on a role known for the character’s good looks and then cries and whines about the stress involved as netizens criticize about the choice of casting and how everyone is not giving him/her the chance to prove it. The whole idea is, prove what? The production photos and trailer only confirms that his/her looks do not meet expectation. If you dare to take on such a role, don’t whine and expect viewers to overlook it.
      It applies to Grace as well, if she continues to be the leading actress or take on a meaty role, she just have to be prepared that viewers are not going to stay tuned to her drama serial and be nice if she continues to be a turn-off onscreen.
      In fact, doesn’t she realize that she is answerable to the viewers to be at least decent in her acting? She can’t play the I-am-still-new trump card forever.
      And please spare us that I-work-very-hard excuse like the rest only play and sip tea while working in TVB,

    5. @melia880 Well-said!  And I would also add this:  compared with what most of the veteran artists had to go through back in the old days (70, 80s, 90s to some extent), Grace has no reason to complain, as the current generation of artists actually have it easy.   Compared to the past, where artists truly had to work hard and sacrifice a lot to get to the top, a lot of opportunities nowadays are handed over on silver platters without the current artists having to do anything to “deserve” those opportunities – and yet, these current artists have the audacity to “complain” that netizens are being mean to them and should give them time to improve.  Grace needs to just shut the hell up and if she is truly serious about becoming an actress, then go take classes or something and actually enrich herself – otherwise, she needs to stop polluting our TV screens and go find a job she actually likes and is good at.

      1. @llwy12 grace chan should be a reporter. she is polluting the ratings for the dramas she acts in.
        super pissed with this 我付出了很多…she is not the only one acting in a drama…everyone is working hard but her ‘contribution’ is horrible. thank goodness she didn’t have a share in ‘a fist within 4 walls’.

      2. @janet72 She is the kind of person who thinks she is always smarter and better than others after winning the MHK. She never want to accept criticism.

        Rumor that she may be in HOG3. SAD…

      3. @celin oh no! Please say it isn’t so. I hope those rumors are wrong as I actually enjoyed the HOG series and having Grace will def. Ruin it for me! 🙁

      4. @janet72 amen for little miracles. I’m glad she wasn’t in Fist. Otherwise, the drama will have below 25 points ratings too. I predict Wulin Revival will be another bomb. Perhaps it will be shelved indefinitely or be shown only on mytv super.

    6. @melia880

      For a Miss Hong Kong that’s a stupid comment by Grace. If she worked really hard and it is still considered crap acting then she should listen and realise that she doesent belong in acting. Instead she is making excuses arrogantly thinking she as long as it takes to improve. Obviously the big headedness comes from thinking she something else after dating with Kevin Cheng.

  12. Isn’t this the same Grace Chan who won an award for most improved actress?. Improved from what to what?. That will always be the million dollar question with a ten cent answer. TVB has many upcoming actresses who are capable of doing much better than Grace and the others who TVB push to promote. The simple truth is this…..Grace Chan is a terrible actress in a lead role. She needs to take on supporting roles or make appearances and improve her acting that way. Someone pointed out that improving takes time, and that is so true. I agree with all the comments so far as they make sense.
    The only thing I think Grace has improved on is servicing , my bad, I mean serving her boyfriend.

  13. TVB is lacking in leading actresses choices after losing so many of their fadans. And they maybe hoping that Grace turn out to be another Charmaine, who was heavily criticized in her early days for her bad acting and voice.
    Then again, I did not skip the entire drama serial or fast forward all her scenes even when Charmaine was new, unlike Grace.

    1. @bearbear

      What is the difference between the 2?

      I havent seen Grace yet in BK2 because I stopped watching too early. But I didnt fast forward her scenes in the in her earlier series.

      Both actresses are eye candy to me so doesnt bother me 2 much. The difference I guess is Charmaine had very little expression in her early days so didnt annoy viewers. Where as Grace expression is more exaggerated.

  14. She is miss HK 2013 right. Soo she has signed for 5 years? So still 2 years to go…

    Hang on eveybody!!! 2 more years and then she is gone!!!

    Please TVB

    Please promote these actrice instead of Grace Chan:

    Grace Wong
    Tracy Chu
    Becky Lee
    Jeanie Chan
    Jennifer shum
    Zoe Tam
    Winky Lai
    Anjalia chan

    Better them, then her..

    1. @siro112233 another 2 more years of torture seeing her?

      grace chan is not capable of taking lead roles. give her supporting roles. she is not the only one who sacrificed…yet she ruins the whole drama.

      magic ball, please make grace chan disappear.

    2. @siro112233 Don’t forget about Ali Lee. Her performance in Law And Dis-order is quite good. The most important thing is, she is not irritating to watch.

    3. @siro112233

      Do you really think the people you listed above can carry a series on their own? Well other than Tracy who already proved she can. But she is busy with study so dont have time to act. She was heavily promoted b4 she started studying full time.

      Even tho I dont think the majority of the actresses u listd above will do well as lead actresses. But I think TVB should give more people opportunity and not just concentrate on 2 or 3 people.

      Not sure what criteria is used to select the next promoted person.

      1. @1nit

        I dont say they can lead a drama. But atleast gave them more screening chances instead the Miss anoying voice 2013-2016..

        The role that she have on BK 2. I think most of my choices are also suitable.

        I really like the girl who play “Lam Lam”. She can be cute smart and doesn’t have the chickenvoice.


        Ali lee is amazing. Her perfomace in Fashion war was superb!!

    4. @siro112233 After looking at your list of actresses that can be promoted…& having watched A Fist Within Four Walls…I’m thinking why not TVB give the lead roles that they offered Grace Chan to Grace Wong instead…haha!! I’m sure Grace Wong can act better than G.Chan

  15. It is a real shame that naturally gifted actors in TVB aren’t getting the big roles they deserve because the station would rathe put Grace in everything. What kind of politics is involved to promote someone who can’t act very well?? It’s an insult to actors who can actually act.

    1. @sas318

      Who is the naturally gifted actors are you referring to?

      Its not new for TVB to promote some1 who cant act. So im sure they select it on a criteria that they have been using for many years.

      1 thing im sure is on the list is which actress stand out and get talked about most. Its easier to promote som1 that the viewers remember easily. The more noise the better. Viewers complaining about acting is not an issue. Well it has never been an issue in the past.

  16. Yup, TVB is definitely screwed up when it comes to the way they operate, though I mostly blame Sandy Yu for it, as she started the idea of pulling MHK pageant winners straight out of the pageant and plucking them into series as well as giving them lead roles with no training whatsoever (and no, the 1 class that they sat in on to “observe” does not count!). Of course, TVB had always recruited actresses from pageants, but at least prior to Sandy, the requirement was that the MHKs went through at least some acting training (though it was a few month crash course, at least it was something).

    TVB really should go back to what they did in the old days with the full-fledged acting classes and having the artists work their way up to lead from smaller roles.  If we think about it, many of the HK entertainment industry’s most successful stars (specifically those who came from TVB) started off in kelefe roles and minor hosting gigs and then eventually worked their way up (i.e. Chow Yun Fat, Stephen Chow, Tony Leung, Andy Lau, Sean Lau, etc. – just to name a few) – that formula obviously works but I guess TVB is too complacent to care, plus they obviously want to cash in on these artists quickly now rather than invest the time to train them the “correct” way.  Such a shame!

    1. @llwy12

      I agree about the acting classes. Thats what they need.

      Tho I have read about a few actors in the 80s getting lead roles in their 2nd drama. Felix Wong i think is the person I read about. And Barabra Yung dodnt take long to lead either.

      I think mentally is important as well. Alot of the stars in the 80s became actors and actresses because they see it as a job. So they work harder to earn and keep their job. Where as now alot of people join the entertainment industry for fame. So they concentrate more on getting popular. Just a thought.

      1. @1nit I actually really like this comment of yours. It’s so true. People back then treat there acting career more seriously. You have a great point!

    2. @llwy12 allowing one person to dump new pageant winners into lead roles is a stupid thing to do. i’ve always said that hk artistes are very 投入…they can portray any character given to them…but obviously grace chan and sisley choi cannot perform and yet we have to see them on our screens so often.

  17. beauty queens can’t be thrown into lead roles immediately. they should attend acting classes for voice and training. till now, I still don’t see why grace chan is miss hk. there are women more beautiful than her. she is fake and exaggerated and her attitude is so diva.

  18. The low ratings for BK2 have nothing to do with Grace’s acting. It is the slow and dragging plot that has no suspense and no depth which has everyone running in the other direction. And on top of that, they injected some Okinawa arc where it sounds like a travel documentary, and it has no whatever relevance to the central plot. Grace is doing fine.

    1. @elizabeth

      You are kind to her.
      But the ratings and comment are real.

      She is good looking and young. But still…. She can’t act.
      In overachievers she is anoying
      In Raising the Bar when she speak on court. She didn’t let me believe she is a lawyer.
      In Captain of Destiny.. I skipped like the most peoples her scenes.
      In Blue Veins…. Oke don’t talk about that.

      Even if BK 2 don’t have good plot. I still watch it. But skip her scenes.

      Omg i am a anti-gracechan person:?

      No.. I just don’t like her acting/speaking

      1. @siro112233 Is she good looking ??? Maybe when she was in MHK last time but now. I think there are some who were in the same batch with her in the MHK pageant are prettier than her and more feminine than her now

    2. @elizabeth Grace Chan cannot act. in COD, she exaggerated her lines and her shouting pissed many off.
      if not because of Ruco Chan, i would have skipped the entire drama…but i still watched it, except that i skipped all the scences with her.

      still don’t understand why she was chosen as Miss HK when there are prettier ones. now, she is miss turbo tongue who refuses to improve her acting but still feels she has worked very hard.

      1. @janet72

        go back and read the comments in 2013 and u will know ehy she won both miss hk and miss chinese international.

        i agree that she is not a great actress and should b given supporting roles for a few years b4 taking lead roles. But I dont agree that there are prettier girls that should be chosen that yr. She won it fairly.

    3. @elizabeth Something is seriously wrong with her acting when all here are slamming her for that. We don’t just hate her for nothing but she is really goddam awful in every lead role that she’s been given. Moon and Sisley have improved but this one, she just gets worse and worse as if she thinks overacting is good acting oh my lordy.

      1. if the majority feels the same way about her, then something is definitely wrong. sisley used to shout but in ‘presumed accidents’, the improvement is obvious. moon lau’s acting in ‘fist’ is memorable. this grace chan is not the wee bit humble and still has the cheek to tell people she worked very hard.

  19. Grace Chan to Grace Wong, pls. Grace Wong has proved herself in A Fist Within Four Walls.

    1. @diana80

      Im sure Grace Wong can do Grace Chan’s role in BK2 better. But the whole drama is a flop. Why would you want to give a bad opportunity to her? I would rather be a supporting actress in a well received drama than a leading lady in a bad drama.

      1. @1nit

        I’m not just talking about BK2…but also other opportunities as female lead in future. Give other potential actress opportunities to shine as lead actress as well. I’m sure Grace Wong can do better than Grace Chan for Wulin Revival too.

    2. @diana80 cannot compare at all. grace wong is good. can’t say the same for the other grace. i just cannot understand how she can be given an award for best improved…in what way has she improved? probably yakking and being miss turbo mouth.

  20. Cant a person be sad that they didnt do well?

    She didnt say she worked harder than others. She just said she is unhappy about the result because she worked hard.

    Like when u received your exam result and the result was less than what you desire. People ask you how you feel and you tell them that you are unhappy because you studied very hard for the exam so would naturally hope for a better result.

    What else should she be saying? “People hate me im gonna give up” **cry cry** Thats when every1 will say she is a cry baby.

    1. @1nit She said 我付出了很多 meaning “I have sacrifice a lot”. “Sacrifice a lot” and “worked hard” are two different meaning.

  21. wow so many ignorants here who acted like they are professional directors or someone in the entertainment industry. As a whole package grace chan is definitely better than moon lau. And grace chan is pretty. Moon lau speaking skill is no better than grace chan. And please la, the drama rating got nothing to do with grace. the main leading roles or kristal and edwin should take full responsibility. Grace chan is just the supporting roles. She just got main roles in raising the bar which she did pretty good and COD still quite ok as a newbie better than linda chung when she started as newbie. Please give time la dumb f, even 15 years ago uncle liu kai chi was just a useless keh leh feh in A taste of love drama. And now he become main lead in law disorder and acting improved terribly. Always just know how to condemn like she owes you everything. Duh..

    1. @lam86 No one is acting like a director. Audience members are allowed to evaluate whether a performance is good or not. In some ways, audience member’s perception of performance is more important than a director or producer because ultimately they are the consumers. We also have our own opinions of what is good and bad. Just like you think Liu Kai Chi is bad while i think he’s good.. that doesnt make you ignorant, does it?

      I agree that ratings are not entirely Graces responsibility (although with most audience citing Grace as the reason for not watching, And audience ARE the ones affecting ratings, It’s still a possibility). Definitely the plot is weak. Grace is not the official lead but she always gets so much unnecessary screentime. Look at Blue Veins.

      1. @melia880 you stupid arent you? Cant you even read? i mean 15 years ago he was just a keh leh feh and you dont even noticed him at all. Dont look down on people and somemore grace is just 25 and newbie. Then next time put ‘IN MY OPINION” in all your comments because if you dont then it will become like a judgement and condemnation. If its just solely your opinion, then its fine and who cares on your opinion that grace is so bad. In a drama or movie, its always the main leads to take all the responsibility but not the supporting roles. You guys just hate for the sake of hating and like she owes you everything huh. If you dont like just stop watching and tvb still can be a successful tv station forever!

      2. @lam86 Obviously it was just my opinion. You are clearly the stupid one if you thought my comments represented anyone’s other than my own. I’m allowed to express my opinion as i wish.

        Also i didnt realize you were complimenting Liu Kai Chi. That was my bad. I read “terribly” and people dont usually describe improvement with “terribly”.

        Anyway thanks for responding so immaturely. Take it easy bud!

      3. @melia880 If its just your opinion then next time type in my opinion or else it will be regarded as your judgement or condemnation. Because no one will care your silly opinion since you are not directors or anyone in the entertainment industry. And thats why i said you are stupid. Dun be lazy to google the meaning of terrible. It can be meant as very, extremely and many others meaning.
        And dont be silly to put most audience dont watch BK2 because of supporting roles grace unless you really perform a survey with big sampling size. Duh!

    2. @lam86
      At least use a better example then coming up with an idiotic rant. Although Liu Kai Chi was given a smaller role by TVB in a ‘A Taste of Love’, he was already a recognised established support actor for all his roles in the 80s and 90s. He was already great in his early roles. Watch ‘the Bund’! Nobody had to give him time at all. He didn’t start out as a lead actor nor get a chance as a lead actor nor fail as a support actor. You are comparing Grace Chan who started out as poor lead actress and think she deserves time because of Liu Kai Chi. Should we give her her 15 years then? Liu Kai Chi was already good in his first few series of his career. This is the most idiotic comment I’ve read on this site for a long time.

      1. @jimmyszeto Idiot rant is you fool. Established support actor in 80 90s? So? Are you an idiot? Means its still a keh leh feh. If he was good back then he wont still became a useless keh leh feh in 2000. And fool i did not mean grace deserves time but its normal for any actor/actress to accumulated enough acting time and life experience before to become successful actor. Just like wayne lai also a useless keh leh feh in his early life. Everything needs time you ignorant.

        And dont be a butthurt that grace got promoted in early life. Thats her fate because she can win Miss HK and got easier path and have wealthy and handsome bf. Everyone has different fate and life. If you compare apple to apple without putting in other factors then you are a mere fool in this century. I surely cannot beat your idiot comment on earth.

      2. @lam86

        Lead actors/actresses should not be given so much time because the whole series depends on them.what are viewers going to watch while they practice their acting? Grace has already already been acting for a few years.

        Not all support actors become lead actors. Doesent mean that they are not good actors if they don’t become lead actors. In an Ideal world then good actors become lead actors but this is not an ideal world. Are Benz Hui or Power Chan good actors? They have never been lead in TVB series. Don’t speak if your are coming out with moronic comments that don’t even make sense!

      3. @jimmyszeto stop being a moronic la. Grace is only the supporting role in this drama. The low rating viewing got nothing to do with her. You are indeed a fool and ignorant. Indeed the moronic on earth.

  22. Liu Kai Chi is good. in fact i love his wife’s acting too. if only she makes a comeback.

  23. Hmmm, I just read some where on a recap of upcoming Dramas, Grace Chan will be in 溏心風暴3…Lets hope it’s not true…

  24. it would be great to get the veterans back…so far for the men, it has not been hair raising watching them, but can’t say the same for the females. quite tired of seeing nancy wu back to back…’house of spirits’, ‘a fist within 4 walls’.
    don’t fancy kristin tin either.

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