Tavia Yeung: “Marriage is About Give and Take”

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Tavia Yeung: “Marriage is About Give and Take”

Portraying a villainous power couple with Roger Kwok (郭晉安) in TVB drama Another Era <再創世紀>, Tavia Yeung (楊怡) feels that she would not cut it as a strong-willed businesswoman in real life as she does not have the forcefulness nor sharp wits required.

However, she is glad that being an actress gives her the opportunity to take on an entirely different persona. “I feel that everyone of has destructive instincts within, which might sometimes show up as ill intent or a façade of defense against others. Being an actress allows me to express this darker side of human nature.”

The 39-year-old actress, who left TVB in 2016 and got married with Him Law (羅仲謙)  shortly after, shares that in real life, she seems to have taken on the role of a part-time plumber and repairman after marriage.

Sharing that Him is less than savvy with electrical and household devices, Tavia is often the one to deal with household tasks such as repairing the vacuum cleaner while he is engrossed in playing games. Tavia will also get hands-on to move heavy delivery parcels into their home when Him is away. “My mom couldn’t help commenting that Him should be the one doing all these chores…but I often end up doing these on my own, except for those (tasks) I’m not tall enough!”

Despite this, Tavia said she has been enjoying every bit of married life so far. “Every marriage starts off starry-eyed, but arguments and challenges are bound to crop up as you go along.” Adding that the key to marriage is how one manages this special phase as well as one’s expectations, she said, “Even if you love a man very much, you’ll still be upset with him when you’re arguing. Similarly, even if you love a particular food, you won’t be able to stomach it if you’re feeling unwell or bloated.”

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  • 7 comments to Tavia Yeung: “Marriage is About Give and Take”

    1. linda says:

      Saw her interview on youtube & it really made me think

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      • linda replied:


        Really good and short interview if you are interested

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        • linda replied:

          There is Chinese subtitles if you do not understand Cantonese like me

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        • dandan replied:

          @linda I was side-eyeing when I read the part that said Him being engrossed in playing games, but watching the video clip, Tavia seems genuinely content talking about everything. I’m sure she’s found her own balances. ^^

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    2. kidd says:

      Very good philosophy from Tavia. I like this couple a lot. They seem to be managing their marriage very well.

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    3. mimi8 says:

      I love how Tavia is so real she doesnt try to come off as all perfect and everything which is totally normal no one is perfect. She’s a great actress along with her great personality and now she has her married happy life. I wish she would do more villain roles because somehow I’m way more interested in the villains than the perfects leads. I loved her in beyond the realm of conscience she carried that show!

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    4. nigel says:

      Loved Tavia. And fully agreed that she & Him seem like a nice couple. She is real & came across as a very practical person.

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