Tavia Yeung Open to Working with Him Law in “Heart of Greed 3”

On Thursday, former chief executive Norman Leung (梁乃鵬) held a dinner banquet for producing couple Lau Ka-ho (劉家豪) and Mui Siu-ching (梅小青), welcoming the two “golden producers” back to TVB.

Lau and Mui, who have each produced many classics for TVB in the past, left the broadcaster for the Now TV cable channel in 2012. They returned to TVB earlier this year, and were promoted to directors of the drama department. Among Lau and Mui’s most famous recent TVB works include the Heart of Greed <溏心風暴> series, 2009’s Beyond the Realm of Conscience <宮心計>, and 2010’s Can’t Buy Me Love <公主嫁到>.

Lau and Mui’s frequent collaborators, including actors Louise Lee (李司棋), Michelle Yim (米雪), Susanna Kwan (關菊英), Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Sharon Chan (陳敏之), Steven Ma (馬浚偉), and more, attended the duo’s welcoming dinner. Mui announced that they are already in the midst of planning a few new projects, and are especially interested in making a third installment to the Heart of Greed franchise.

Tavia, who starred in both Heart of Greed and its second installment Moonlight Resonance <溏心風暴之家好月圓>, said she would like to take part in the third serial. The actress, whose TVB contract expired earlier this month, said, “I’m still negotiating a new contract with TVB. If [Heart of Greed 3] gets the green light, I would like for the original cast to return.”

What if TVB decided to call her husband, Him Law (羅仲謙), to star in the show with her? Tavia laughed and said, “It really depends on the topic of the story and the gimmick. If this gimmick is able to provide a fresh new element to the show, it really doesn’t matter who they cast. If they really do cast Him, I’ll be completely fine with it. It really depends on how the story is written.”

Susanna, who will turn 58 years old in May, said she is also interested in doing Heart of Greed 3, but is unsure if her body would be able to handle the stresses of filming.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Pls do just so that Him is cast as his younger baby brother. Test acting skills. But then these two have zero chemistry in reel and in real so shouldn’t be a problem

  2. Wow HOG was filmed almost 10 years ago since it’s air date. Time really flies and if Susanna didn’t mention her age, I wouldn’t even think of it.

    Not that I’m interested in the third installment, just commenting…

    1. @jimmyszeto My thoughts exactly! Definitely wouldn’t be the same without Ha Yu. And Louise Lee too since she left TVB too and is technically semi-retired, plus it didn’t sound like she wanted to film series anymore based on recent interviews.

      I personally don’t want to see any of those series continued or turned into franchises. Just leave the old series alone and focus on new, original content please…

      1. @llwy12
        It might be called ‘heart of greed’ with a young cast lol. Just milking the name! We all know the best veterans went to HKTV and most of them are now jobless. If they were doing to film another sequel, it should have been straight after the second one.

      2. @jimmyszeto  

        LOL…well, if it’s HOG with younger cast, definitely not watching, since I endured that series (and its sequel) primarily for the veteran cast in the first place.  I actually wouldn’t put it past TVB to repeat what they did with Come Home Love and milk the title to death despite the series and cast being completely different.  I agree that if TVB intended to do a sequel, they should’ve done it right after the last one and not wait more than a decade to do it – it’s pretty pointless to do a sequel now, especially when the likelihood of them re-assembling the exact same cast is close to none. 

      3. @unknown Yup…cast isn’t confirmed yet and like jimmyszeto mentioned below, no one knows for sure whether a 3rd installment will even materialize – the media is pretty much jumping the gun on this one (which is typically what happens with this kind of stuff, especially right now with TVB’s reputation in the toilet, so they need all the ‘positive hype’ they can get).  If and when the plans materialize, then I’m sure this whole discussion about the artists will become more relevant.  To be honest, I actually have more of a problem with Norman Leung still being involved with TVB’s affairs when he already resigned from his chairman position a few years back – if this were truly a ‘welcome back dinner’ for LKH and MSC, then shouldn’t TVB’s current upper management be the ones to host it rather than him? Perhaps I’m being a bit nit-picky here, but just seems odd to me for them to have an informal welcome dinner for the 2 and without current TVB upper management present either. I wonder if the article was translated wrong or perhaps the media is reporting it wrong (i.e. saying it’s a welcome dinner when it’s not).

    2. @jimmyszeto Love Joe ba!!!!!!

      Please do not name it HOG 3 if it’s not the original cast! It won’t be the same without Ha Yu and Louise! I loved the first 2 installment so if it’s all younger cast, I am not interested!!!!

  3. No sequels! Might as well just name it as something independent if the original cast and story are not related. First it was abalone, then moon cakes. I wonder what food they will use as promotion this time.

  4. Hope they will ask Ha Yu to come back and film part III for them it really wont be the same….as for Him law joining the cast for this series not excited dont like him

    1. @sherla1019
      No chance of that! Firstly Ha Yu has aged a lot since plus he was one of the actors that badmouthed TVB when he left for HKTV. I think he is blacklisted!

      1. @jimmyszeto And Ha Yu probably won’t have time either, as he’s busy enough producing his own movies — he’s definitely not in need of work.

  5. i don’t see how beyond the realm of conscience and can’t buy me love are classics. they both have predictable plots and are suffer flaws in the script and visual departments as any other tvb drama.

    heart of greed maybe considered one since the cast was just amazing, like ha yu. since they are not getting him back, they maybe replacing him w/ another veteran actor

    1. @m0m0
      I don’t think the article stated that those were classics. ,The Breaking Point’ and ‘The legendary Ranger’ are certainly classics though.

  6. I love HOG a lot, and I hope if they decide to make HOG 3 they are able to keep up with the expectations. I didn’t really like HOG 2, it was quite interesting in the beginning, but I sort of lost interest around half-way.

  7. TVB seriously needs to bring some good sequel back such as Detective Investigation or File of Justices…

    Heart of Greed always end up the same thing mistress or 2nd wife fighting for the fortune then ends up either in prison or dies and happily ever after the family reunite and “sek fan” as if nothing happened!

    1. @vodka
      Theses no need to bring back Detective Investigation either because it has been indirectly replaced by forensic heroes as time has gone by. Files of Justice have also been replaced higher calibre lawyer series. I think TVB should not bother with sequels unless it is a planned continuation epic series like ‘at the threshold of an era’.

      1. @jimmyszeto I agree! TVB has a bad track record with sequels and spinoffs as it is — we don’t need them adding to that with another horribly made sequel. Just leave the original series alone, especially the classics (by the way, I don’t consider any series made in the post-2000s era a ‘classic’ — to me, that word only applies to the series from the 70s, 80s, and part of the 90s).

      2. @llwy12
        It would be a shame if series such as ‘King of yesterday and tomorrow’ and ‘war and beauty’ and ‘when heavens burn’ do not become classics in the future. It helps if one of the leads becomes a box office movie star in the future though. People like to rewatch series of successful individuals. I think a ‘step in the past’ is already a classic due to the success of Louis koo and the theme of the series.

  8. Lol. Of course Tavia doesn’t have any problems working with Him because that’s her husband. Remember the last article about Him and Mandy? She’s not happy about it maybe she’s just too jealous who knows right? Too bad some of the original cast not going to be in it especially Louise Lee, Ha Yu, Raymond Lam, Fala Chen or even the grandma I do hope Bosco Wong, Moses Chan since he’s the funniest one will be in it and Linda Chung too I don’t care for Kate not a fan of her.

      1. @asian2015
        There have been some who went to HKTV but have been allowed back. David Chiang for example. Some left for HKTV but also badmouthed TVB. Ai Wai, Felix wong, Paul Chun, many extras. Ha Yu mainly criticised the pay which links to treatment by TVB compared to the mainland. I dont think what he said was that bad compared to the others but he had a long career at TVB and was also recent Best Actor when he said these things.

      2. @jimmyszeto Paul Chun never went to HKTV and he actually never bad-mouthed TVB either. TVB was the one in the wrong by treating Paul’s son Benji like crap and forcing him to quit when he did nothing wrong. All Paul had said was that he is disappointed in TVB for treating his children the way they did.

        The others technically didn’t badmouth TVB either –they merely pointed out why they liked HKTV better…it’s actually the media that twisted things for the most part and also TVB being petty as usual. The only person who really did bash TVB was Felix Wong, but he was already on bad terms with them prior to that due to the whole Gun Metal Grey fiasco.

      3. @llwy12
        Although most just blamed TVB for not giving them good roles or for long stressful filming conditions TVB took it personally. There were a lot of rags stories too of actor/actresses barely earning a living for a number of years. The ones who either thanked TVB for giving opportunities or kept quiet could return plus skilled behind the scenes personnel.

      4. @jimmyszeto That’s definitely true, though by the same token, most of those who were recognizable names when they left or were able to make a name for themselves afterwards at HKTV or elsewhere still have yet to return to TVB, regardless of whether they had said anything about TVB or not.  So far, the biggest names that I’ve seen return to TVB from HKTV (artists in front of the camera as well as behind-the-scenes folks) are John Chiang and Liu Kai Chi (though in the case of Uncle Chi, I actually don’t consider him as truly ‘returning’, since he’s not signed to TVB and only filming 1 series for them, plus he’s a movie actor now first and foremost – he’s pretty much freelance now and can film whatever projects he wants).  With all that said though, it’s hard to say what may happen, as TVB might be desperate enough now to be willing to bring back people who had criticized them previously, especially if those artists are popular with audiences and are willing to return – in that regard, it depends a lot on the artists too, as many of them have moved on to bigger and better opportunities elsewhere (i.e. Wilson Tsui aka Ai Wai, Frankie Lam, Ha Yu, etc. and behind the scenes folks such as Alex Pau, Poon Man Hung, Ben Fong, Jimmy Luk, etc.) or some may have even put their acting careers on hold in favor of other priorities that are more important to them (i.e. Maggie Cheung Ho Yee, Sheren Tang, etc.). 

        Oh by the way, speaking of the Chiang family and TVB…I heard a rumor earlier that Paul Chun might be participating in that new Wong Jing series – the reboot of “The Shell Game” that Patrick Tse is also returning to film.  Though to be honest, I don’t really consider that series a TVB production, since Wong Jing is producing it via his own production company in Mainland China and he’s pretty much the one calling all the shots with TVB having very little say in the production process…plus I’m not sure what Paul’s involvement will be at the moment…he might only have a cameo appearance for all we know. Either way, the cast so far for that series is not that appealing (outside of Paul, though whether he is actually participating has yet to be confirmed). If the series that LKH and MSC are planning to produce are going to be along the same lines in terms of heavy Mainland flavor and majority Mainland cast, then no thanks…..

      5. @llwy12
        There were quite a few groups. Some freelance actors, some who were grateful of TVB but moving on, a group veterans who outspoken of their dislike of the poor treatment and TVB extras who repeatly claimed they could barely lived off TVBs wage. The veterans such as Ha Yu and Lo Hoi Pang were aging anyway and knew that retirement was near so they knew closing the doors to a return to TVB didn’t make a difference to them. The ones who have lost out are the extras because they aren’t in demand and are easily replaceable.

      6. @jimmyszeto Ic. Isn’t it David Chiang other name John too? He must have changed his name or something. I heard Paul Chun is his brother or step brothers because they both have different last names.

      7. @asian2015 From what i read previously, his actual English name is John Chiang but he is better known as David Chiang, David being the English translation of his Chinese name “大衞“. He and his other 2 brothers namely Paul Chun and Derek Yee have different surnames. I wonder why too and which is the real family surname.

      8. @isay so they’re actually biological brother? That is strange then with different last names. I only know John and Paul not sure about Derek. Is he the younger brother? in tvb also?

      9. @asian2015 Yes they are real brothers. Derek was a former Shaw Brothers actor who is now a film director. He is the youngest of the trio.

      10. @asian2015 @isay Chiang is the real last name. Paul Chun is a stage name. Paul and John are are from the same mother and father while Derek Yee, the youngest, is their half brother (the mother, Hong Mei, who is a famous actress herself, remarried after their father, actor Yim Fa, died and later had Derek with the second husband Yee Kwong, who was a famous movie director). People often got John’s English name mixed up with his Chinese name, which John said in an interview many years ago that he actual minds when people call him David, since that’s not his name. The whole family is actually quite famous for having 3 generations in showbiz — from the parents (Hong Mei, Yim Fa, Yee Kwong) to the sons (Paul, John, Derek), to the grandchildren (Paul’s children Benji and Lesley and John’s son-in-law Raymond Cho). Also, all the children look very much alike (the genes are quite strong on the Chiang side of the family), though I think Benji and John’s son John John look the most alike (which is interesting considering Paul and Derek look the most alike while John is the one who looks different from their generation). I actually love how this family is so close, as the children post messages of support for each other all the time on weibo….and even though all the children are western educated (all of them were either born or grew up in Canada), they all still refer to each other as ‘brothers and sisters’ rather than ‘cousins’, which is the traditional chinese way of referring to each other when they share the same blood line from the father’s side.

        Oh, also, in additional to being a renowned director, Derek Yee also famously dated Maggie Cheung Man Yuk back in the day (late 80s).

      11. @llwy12 thanks for the additional info abt the kids. I only know about john’s generation. I rmbr he didn’t like to be called david too. Derek was not only “famous” for dating Maggie, he also “discovered ” Shu Qi and cast her in Viva Erotica. Didn’t he also date Candice Yu before Maggie? I vaguely recalled reading that.

      12. @isay Yea, I remember in one of the previous interviews, John had said that nowadays, if anyone calls him ‘David Chiang’, he basically won’t respond to that person and will just walk away.

        Yes, Derek did date Candice Yu before Maggie (way before though), which technically wasn’t really a big deal except that both were very young at the time (I think both were in their teens if I recall correctly…but they dated for like 8 years or something like that, so relatively long time). Of course, compared to Candice’s short-lived marriage to Chow Yun Fat in the 80s (and the controversy surrounding how that marriage came about), her dating Derek was really not ‘news’ at all.

      13. @llwy12oh i thought that was a big deal cos Candice took the breakup very badly and she was at that time quite a popular star with Atv. Im curious why she suddenly married CYF. Care to fill us.in on that?

      14. @isay The marriage came out of left field for most of the industry back then, since this was 1983 and almost everyone thought that Chow Yun Fat was still together with Idy Chan at the time (Fat Gor and Idy had a tumultuous relationship that didn’t end on good terms, with rumors galore of third party involvement as well as a rejected marriage proposal and a supposed suicide attempt on Fat Gor’s part). It was rumored at the time that Fat Gor married Candace to get back at Idy for the horrible breakup — and when the marriage only last 9 months and it was known that Fat Gor and Candace actually never got along the entire time, those rumors became more ‘real’ (though only Fat Gor and Candace will know for sure what truly happened). Though the marriage was a shock due to the relationship dynamics at that time, Candace was actually one of Fat Gor’s former girlfriends, so in that regard, them rekindling their former relationship wasn’t a tremendous surprise per se.

      15. @llwy12 Wow. You must be a huge fans of the Chiang brothers since you know so much about them. I know that Raymond Cho is John son In Law a while back ago just don’t know about the other 2 brothers family much. Do you know if Derek work for TVB? I don’t remember anything about him. Thanks for the information.

      16. @asian2015 I wouldn’t call myself a ‘fan’ by my definition of the word (which is most likely different from everyone else’s definition). I just happen to be a HK entertainment junkie who has been ‘following’ the industry for a long time (of course, having a mother who is also a HK entertainment junkie helps too, since I get a lot of the information that pre-dates me from her, lol)….most of the entertainment industry stuff I still follow nowadays is usually related to veteran artists whom I grew up watching back in the day…

        No, Derek never worked for TVB.  Unlike his two older brothers – who went from movies to television and jumped back and forth constantly between the two – Derek was pretty much in movies his entire life (in HK at least).  He started as an actor for Shaw Brothers movie studio, during which time he filmed a lot of action/wu xia type movies (kind of following in his brother John Chiang’s footsteps) and later became interested in behind-the-scenes work (scripwriting, directing, etc.), so he dabbled in that for a while until Shaw Brothers closed down in the mid-80s.  After that, he directed his first feature film, The Lunatics, which starred his brother Paul Chun alongside other ‘big names’ such as Chow Yun Fat, Stanley Fung, Deannie Ip, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, etc. – the movie ended up being a huge hit at the box office as well as at various award ceremonies and even today, 30 years later, is still considered one of the best HK films of all time.

        By the way, there are actually more Chiang siblings aside from Paul, John and Derek, it’s just that the others are not in the industry so they are rarely ever mentioned.  Hong Mei and Yim Fa actually had 4 sons (and a daughter too whom I believe also acted in movies as a child) – Paul is the 3rd child and John is the 4th, while Derek is the only child that Hong Mei had with Yee Kwong and is the youngest son (when Paul’s kids Benji and Lesley were filming the HKTV series “Hidden Faces” together with John, they referred to him as “fourth uncle”, whereas they usually refer to Derek as “little uncle”). Paul, John, and Derek are actually known for having a close relationship, despite all 3 having their own families and careers and not seeing each other that often…this probably stems from both Paul and John being in their teens when Derek was born, so they helped take care of him and were like a father figure to him (both of them were also close with Derek’s father –their stepfather — as well…one of the brothers even used the Yee surname as part of their stage name at one point early on in their career).

      17. @llwy12 that was very interesting. Lol. It’s funny how you guys say John doesn’t like people called him David? I mean what’s the big deal if people called him David since that’s his Chinese name right? Unless he thinks people are making fun of his name or something. You have any idea about that?

      18. @asian2015 John explained it in an interview several years back (I remember because I had actually translated that interview back then). His current Chinese name 姜大衛 , which is the name that people used to derive the ‘David’ part from, is actually a stage name (except for the surname, which is his actual surname) — his real Chinese name that he was given at birth is 姜偉年, which obviously has nothing to do with the name ‘David’ at all…that’s why he doesn’t want to be called David, since that’s not his name. (Just as an FYI, Paul Chun’s birth name is 姜昌年, which is obviously completely different from his stage name too).

      19. @llwy12 oh ok. I just want to say thank you so much for all the details and your times too. By the way you’re so good.

      20. @unknown
        Of course the cast hasn’t been decided. It isn’t even certain they will make a 3rd one. I still believe the chances of them both coming back are really low.

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