Tavia Yeung’s Health Worsened Due to Long TVB Filming Hours

By on October 23, 2018 in NEWS

Tavia Yeung’s Health Worsened Due to Long TVB Filming Hours

Despite the glamorous outfits and fancy hairdos, a career in the entertainment industry is not easy. With long working hours and unpredictable weather conditions during filming, artistes often push their limits to ensure filming runs smoothly and completes on time. Acting for almost 20 years for TVB, Tavia Yeung (楊怡) reveals that she has suffered her fair share of illnesses and hidden pain.

Other than muscle aches all over her body, the most painful area is her spine. Suffering rheumatoid arthritis on her spine, pain would occur from her neck and travel down towards her lower back. The pain would intensify particularly during times of rainy and windy days.

Since leaving TVB and marrying Him Law (羅仲謙) in 2016, Tavia is currently enjoying more rest and time with family. To recondition her body, Tavia would regularly visit the traditional Chinese clinic to do acupuncture. She emphasizes that it wasn’t an injury, but an illness developed from years of constant filming and lack of health management.

Though her workload had lessened, Tavia is often separated from Him because of his busy filming schedule in Mainland China. Many wondered how they can maintain their long-distance relationship and most importantly, have time to make a baby. Although, Tavia has been recovering her health to be ready for pregnancy, she doesn’t feel rushed. “Everyone has been asking me when, but that honestly depends on whether or not God will give you a chance. Besides, my family doesn’t give me any pressure, and many of my friends are married but have no children as well. I think people with no babies have a more free and relaxed life.”

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. m0m0 says:

    It’s a great thing when both agree on not having a baby. It gives one an opportunity to live life to the fullest instead of tied down by bondage. Different story though if one wants and another doesn’t, it can be very difficult.

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  2. funnlim says:

    What’s wrong with having a baby?

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    • replied:

      @funnlim Nothing wrong with having a baby, if that’s something you want, but child bearing does come with a lot of added stress, expenses, and responsibilities, which may not be ideal for everyone.

      Health issues aside, if a “free and relaxed” lifestyle is what Tavia wants, then I can see why she’s reluctant to become a parent.

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