The New Heartthrob: Lin Gengxin

Producer Ruby Lin’s (林心如) new mainland Chinese series, Drama Go Go Go <姐姐立正向前走>, a romantic comedy about a woman finding love with a younger man, has sparked audience’s interest since its debut. With the good chemistry of an attractive cast and the realistic story line, the drama’s ratings are on the rise.

Bu Bu Jing Xin’s < 步步惊心> Lin Gengxin (林更新) is part of the good looking cast in Drama Go Go Go. Appearing only in his third series and first comedy, the 24-year-old mainland actor portrays Ruby’s best friend, Tong Shaotian.

Lin Gengxin’s First Onscreen Kiss Given to Jiro Wang

The controversial scene that features Gengxin suddenly kissing Eason, played by Jiro Wang (汪東城), sparked discussion among netizens. As Gengxin’s first onscreen kiss, he said he wanted to finish this kissing scene right away. Asked if Jiro and his characters will become gay lovers, Gengxin responded, “It impossible that Tong and Eason will become lovers. When I was doing the scene, it felt like the world was collapsing on top of me. However, Jiro did not seem affected at all!”

In the series, Gengxin portrays a website designer, and he is like a younger brother to Ruby’s character. The two are very close as Gengxin even gives Ruby advice on men. His character is very straightforward and he tends to insult others when he speaks.  However in real life, Gengxin has a good sense of humor, and while sometimes he may say something insulting, he only intends it as a joke.

“Ruby Lin is a Great Boss”

This is Gengxin’s first collaboration with Ruby. Some outlandish rumors claim that they are actually siblings, which only made Ruby and Gengxin laugh. As for working with Ruby, Gengxin indicated that there was some pressure but not for too long. “On screen and off screen, Ruby treated me very well and she took great care of me. She is also very warm and friendly towards the cast and crew. Ruby is our boss, and she wants everyone to have a comfortable environment to work in,” Gengxin said.

Legions of Female Fans

Although Gengxin only recently began his acting career, he nearly has 5.8 million followers on Weibo, winning masses of female fans with his good looks.

Of course, rumors and gossip also followed with the increase in his popularity. Rumors have been circulating on the net claiming that Gengxin is dating a producer, which attributed to his acting opportunities. Although Gengxin’s three series have aired one after the other on Hunan TV, Gengxin said that it was due to luck and his opportunities were not special favors from anyone.

Not amused with some of the negative rumors, Gengxin jokingly told his fans, “You guys are only interested in gossips! I think I will just go have dinner.”

Gengxin appears to have a great sense of humor and knows how to handle the media well despite his fast-rising popularity. With his handsome image and charisma, Gengxin is a rising star to watch for the next few years.


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  1. Ruby Lin good in spotting good looking guys into her production. Smart producer..

  2. He’s getting better at handling the media. He used to be shy. Saw a few episodes and do like him but his character sorta reminds me of 14th prince for constantly chastising our heroine. But he looks good. Tall, handsome, lovely voice (not dubbed!), beautiful acent, young, indeed the new heart thriob.

    Jiro Wang by the way shocked me. He looked so different from what I remember, why mess with a good face? Now he looks ideed plastic with too much tanning spray. Body is still great though.

    By the way he is not the younger brother. Just family friend. But I don’t think there’s gonna be any romantic storyline. Between he and Ruby, probably a decade and more difference. Ruby looks good.

    “Although Gengxin only recently began his acting career, ”

    Yes his debut was Bu Bu Jing Xin.

    1. Funn,
      Jiro seemed to have done only minor enhancements (deeper eyelid creases, plumper lips, higher nose tip).

      Nowadays, artists seem to prefer facial sculpting through derma injections, which is less permanent. But this filler tends to render the facial skin to be very smooth and taunt, while giving it a slightly waxy texture. Once the facial folds are tapered with, the skin looks to be pulled tight (like a constantly stretched rubber band) and loses its natural appearance.

      With so many close-ups in dramas and the press everywhere, being good looking may not be enough. Artists aim to perfect even minor flaws since competition is so fierce.

    2. Ruby is 12 years older than Lin GengXin. Lin GengXin looks older than his age so I was shocked to know his real age…

    3. yes, i noticed him in bu bu jin xin. he is indeed cute. looking forward to see him in more series.

  3. Love his acting! It’s awesomeee, but he will be a promising actor to look out for!<3

  4. 14th Prince!!! Such a cutie & so tall! It’s kinda funny cause I’m rewatching BBJX atm.

    1. I never thought peter ho is cute, lol he’s body might make him a little more watchable then before, but still not cute

      1. I think Peter is attractive, but cute is not the word is describe his looks. He has a very manly and mature look which is not a cute type of look.

      2. I agree with manly, I think it’s his nose for me that I don’t like.

      3. Peter’s nose is not so bad. hey, at least he is natural and it matches his face and the overall combination is pretty attractive. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  5. Since he can handle the media so well, it seems that he will be quite successful. Best of luck to him that he’s not just a popular trend at the moment and will last long.

  6. I don’t think he’s that good looking – his nose is distractingly large. However, I wish him luck in his career because he’s definitely got talent.

    1. It is more than looks and at least he seems to be natural looking…

      1. If someone is introduced as a heartthrob, that implies that he’s good looking. If the headline read: Lin Geng Xin, talented new thespian, I would have heartily agreed.

      2. In your eyes, he is not a hearthrob, but he is in many others’ eyes.

      3. I hope he stays natural and does not go and get a nose job or something… It may become a disaster…

    2. Never noticed his nose until you pointed it out, but it matches his eyes and eyebrows.

      1. If you actually look at his nose, it is actually not that big and he has a high nose bridge and all. But I guess if you look at the frontal view of it, it looks a bit big but overall it is pretty attractive…

    3. I am guessing you are a nose person… I am too but I don’t feel his nose is that big. It is not bad at all since I have seen worse…It depends on the whole combination and once again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

      1. Geez, HTS, just expressing my opinion! It’s not like I’m bashing people who find him attractive.

      2. Ok Lee, I did not say that you could not express your opinion. I was just stating mine and saying how people are different, that’s all.. No need to get mad…

  7. 🙂 I remember watching BBJX interviews, and there is this one where he have to do the Love <3 with a No <3 with the cast, and he was so quiet in it. Not talk much, but he surprise me when he wants to give Liu the giant Ring, I crack up lol

    BBJX, cannot wait for the 2nd one to come out, missing it like crazy now

    He is definitely a heartthrob, and I hope him much success.

  8. He looks better in modern look than the Manchu look. I never found him handsome in BBJX, but, I did find in attractive in variety shows where he’s in his modern attire and hairstyle.

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