Theresa Fu Calls Him Law a Liar and Cheater

Earlier, Theresa Fu Wing publicly blasted rumored boyfriend, Him Law, for being a liar and cheating in love. Theresa and Him’s company, Filmko, has ordered the pair to cease their emotional outbursts in front of the press. When the press asked whether Him has cried for Theresa’s forgiveness, she said, “He’s always easily moved to tears!”

Allegedly, Him already had a girlfriend in Beijing in which he had dated for over five years. Since Him and Theresa belonged to the same company, they had numerous opportunities to work together in the past. Earlier this year, romantic sparks flew between Theresa and Him. While his girlfriend was situated in Beijing , Him aggressively pursued Theresa in Hong Kong . He called Theresa several times each day asking whether she has eaten yet. He will frequently buy Theresa’s favorite wonton noodle soup for her to eat during supper. He often drove her on errands as well. Allegedly, Him told Theresa that he had already broken up with his girlfriend in Beijing .

On their dates, Theresa allegedly noticed that a mainland number often called Him’s cell phone. One day, she called the phone number back and realized that Him had not broken up with his girlfriend in Beijing , Miss Choi, as he claimed. Allegedly, Miss Choi even said to Theresa, “I am his girlfriend of five years. You are one of his ‘Nth’ back-ups. You are the third party!” Theresa said, “Didn’t you break up with him?” Miss Choi countered, “Didn’t you also break up with him?” Theresa said, “”Last year around this time, he was pursuing me. He told me that he broke up with his girlfriend in Beijing a long time ago. When he was at my home, you called him. He said that you couldn’t get over him and he had to talk to you for a bit. ”

After the lie was revealed, Him begged for Theresa’s forgiveness. Theresa’s good friend and former roommate, “Chubby A” told the press, “Him asked for forgiveness from Theresa.” Allegedly, Him cried and said that he will break up with his girlfriend in Beijing . Although he will be filming in Beijing soon, he said he will not be seeing her again. “Chubby A” continued, “I have never seen Theresa hurt so deeply. She has been constantly crying inside her room. I helped Him when he was pursuing Theresa. At the time, he said he will treat his girlfriend very well and is not a player. He asked me to help him. I can not believe that he already has a girlfriend in Beijing . I think his character is questionable!”

According to another inside source, Him may even have promised to get married with Theresa after they save enough money. “Three months ago, they have met each others’ mothers. Theresa even said that she has finally found her significant other. Fortunately, she found out his true colors and realized that he has a girlfriend in Beijing . Since she was lied to for one year, Theresa is very sad.”

Angered by Him’s two-timing, Theresa publicly blasted him by calling him “untrustworthy” and said, “He lied since day one!”  The lovers appeared awkward at a Christmas promotional event on December 14th.  Him stood next to Theresa and did not know how to respond. When confronted by reporters on December 18th, Him said “I will not respond to personal matters. I just want to talk about work.” Appearing at a December 19th promotional event, Theresa’s eyes appeared puffy from crying. When asked whether she was hurt deeply in love, Theresa broke down and cried in front of reporters.

Him Law’s gained widespread popularity after playing a boxer in TVB’s Suspects in Love < (搜下留情> as Joe Ma Tak Chung’s younger brother. With his muscular forty-inch chest and good public image, Him Law easily attracted a large female and gay male fan base.

Excerpt from Next Magazine, Face Magazine # 187

Jayne: I was shocked by how bluntly Theresa Fu spoke out against Him Law.  Calling him a liar is very hurtful against his public image and career. Whether Him did cheat or not, I hope they talk things through clearly and have a clean break-up. Anger and retaliation is not the way to go.

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  1. Dang this looks nasty! How embarrassing for both parties. It looks like Theresa is the disadvantaged party. I’m sure no one wants to be the “ignorant party” in such a situation, especially an ignorant third party. I understand Theresa’s probably furious, but getting on the warpath in retaliation is not what an adult should be doing, whether she is a public figure or civilian. I will point out though, I’m disturbed by Him Law’s actions. If the above is true, then what a scumbag…but his behavior is not uncommon in my experience and very wrong and hurtful.

    And what’s with the “Chubby A” moniker for the former roommate?

    1. iampheng, the tabloid called Theresa’s friend” chubby” because that is probably her nickname in the trade (she is a reporter). The tabloid published photos of her with Theresa, so” Chaubby A’s” identity is not a secret.

      Since “Chubby A” and Theresa had such blunt outbursts, the tabloid story has a high chance of being correct in their reporting. And as Kidd pointed out, a low likelihood of the company pulling a publicity stunt since Him and Theresa belong to the same company.

      1. Thanks for clarifying Jayne! Personally, if I were known as “Chubby I”…I’d diet down until the nickname was no longer applicable haha. My “skin” is just “too thin” for those kind of endearments.

  2. Ah screw him, move on to a more deserving fellow.

    And damn I hate his name.

  3. If he’s a liar and a cheat, he’s a liar and a cheat. No need to use other words to cover what is the truth. He will survive this.

  4. If what is reported is really true, my view of him really drop to the bottom.

    But, I’m doubtful of the telephone conversation. How did the reporter knows? He/she is standing beside Theresa while she’s talking to the Beijing girl?

    And what’s with supposedly good friends always revealing private life of stars to the press?

  5. I remember his chest and 6 packs abs in that Joe Ma series. He has a hot muscular body. I’m not surprised if he’s surrounded by girls because he’s hot.

    This is doubtable since HK media is known for lying and we don’t know whether Theresa is telling the truth or not but if this is true she should move on and leave him. Though I think she should stop telling the whole world about her being cheated/lied/betrayed by Him. It’s like she’s trying to gain the public sympathy points by telling the public about her being cheated/lied/betrayed/stomped on etc

    1. Did you feel this way (that Theresa lied and tried to gain sympathy) because Him is cute while Theresa looks fake to you?

      Honestly, I sense a prejudice against Theresa.

    1. I agree. There’s something weird about her looks. Did she go under surgery or anything?

      1. I don’t think she goes under surgery. This is the power of make up. I’ve seen step by step make up picture of how an girl with small eyes make her eyes look big. Her look is resulted from heavy make up, fake eyelashs, tapes etc.
        Her original look is actually quite pretty. No matter what, I still admire her for finding her own way out. She was very much neglected by the management and recording company to favours her 2 other Cookie members. She took the initiative to reinvent herself and came back stronger.

        You can check her older looks here.

      2. Not sure as I do not really follow Hong Kong celebrity news. Being an ABC (Australian Born Chinese), my knowledge on H.K celebrities are pretty limited. Back to your question, I’m not sure if she had plastic surgery or not, but if you remove the dye hair and have her natural colour (black), she wouldn’t even look that good.

  6. I prefer Theresa’s older look to be honest. The look she has before she goes all Japanese doll. But, this look seems to work for her career wise.

    1. woah what a transformation! thanks kidd for the link above. she looked cuter when she was more natural looking.

  7. Just men being men, keep it up Law but next time don’t forget to put a password lock on your phone. Jesus player you gotta know all the tools of the trade if you want to juggle multiple women.

  8. Is this legit? I didn’t even know they were going out the first place.

    1. Somewhere back in my mind I have this strange idea that maybe all this rumour is spread by the company to promote Theresa.

      Theresa isn’t really well known before she started to be rumoured dating Him who at that time was famous for his hot muscles in Suspects of Love.

      1. Theresa is not well known to you, but, she’s well known among people who pay attention to ‘leng mo’ and also to Cookies fans.

        Him got popular for his muscles after Suspect of Love. But, he’s not that popular that Theresa has to latch on to him to become popular.

        Both Him and Theresa are with Filmko. Why would a company spread bad rumours of one of its artist to promote another? Why would they jeopadise the image of an artist under them?

        If you said the company created the dating rumour, then it’s to promote both.

        Theresa was from Cookies. She was already known before Him even joined the entertainment circle. To me, Him is a newbie while Theresa is a veteran in HK showbiz.

  9. to kidd:

    Her current look is still looking fake be it done from surgery of thick makeup. It’s not looking natural. She looks older than Him Law.

    1. You said “Did she go under surgery or anything?”

      I just answered you question that I don’t think she go for surgery.

      I don’t deny that she looks fake now. As I said before, I prefer her old look which was more natural.

  10. If this is true, I don’t blame Theresa for not mincing her words. She’s probably furious and she has every right to be.

    But knowing the HK press, I would actually take this news with a pinch of salt.

    1. Agree. Seeing that the press actually put words into Moses’s mouth in the earlier news regarding him and Bernice (if you believe Bernice’s interview), I’ll take this news with a grain of salt.

      I also agree with you that Theresa has every right to be angry if this news is true.

  11. @Kidd; I think i’ll choose to believe bernice.. besides the bernice’s small interview, there was also a clip on “Show me the happy” news.. where bernice was also interviewed and she explained it… she said that the media is exaggerating things to the point where its effecting her friends and family.. if you want to watch what she said just search up bernice(her chin name) on Tudou.. and you can find the clip.

    1. Technically that is a standard answer everytime there is a denial of anything. It is the media’s job to do such thing; already expected tabloids to be tabloids. Some may be OTT but there is always a basis for all OTT.

  12. Is it me or does Hong Kong artists have the most original yet abnormal names? HIM? LOLLLLL

    1. He’s another artist who use his chinese name as his english name. His chinese name is Law Chung Him.

      1. Eh don’t laugh ok! Him Law is normal. Real Ting is not. What else? Isn’t there one called Deep? Deep what ah? Who am I to say anything. Funn Lim.

      2. @Funn

        Yeah, there’s a Deep Ng.

        There’s a couple of times when I write ‘Him’ when refering to Him Law, I felt weird because the only time I write ‘him’ with a capital ‘H’ is when I’m refering to God.

      3. How is “Him (Lor)” any better than “Real Ting”?!

        But at least the guys don’t name themselves after fruits like “Lemon” and “Apple”.

      4. I find Him’s name to be quite manly and memorable. Real Ting’s is a little comical; perhaps he chose this name to make an impression since he is in PR.

        Nothing against the artsists themselves, but I’m not really fond of the names Yoga Ling, King Kong, Kingdom Yuen, Cutie Mui, Dicky Cheng, and Edelweiss Cheung.

        I do like the name G.E.M, reminds me of the 80s cartoon. The name is very suitable for a performer.

        Other original names I like include Skye, Rain, Angelababy. I like names inspired by nature and sometimes made-up names such as Angelababy do catch your attention quickly.

        Funn, I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of wisecracks about your name.

        Romance novels have some of the most absurd names for their male characters: Danger, Chance, Price, Hunter, and Cash are some of the names I’ve come across. I do like the name Hunter, but it has some violent connotations.

      5. I though “Real” was Ding Zi Gao’s stage English name and his real name was “Gary”? His name is pretty funny. I wonder how come his cousin, Ding Zi Jun, has a relatively normal English name, Allen.

        What? No love for the Taiwanese artists named Crowd Lu and Show Luo?

      6. @ Jayne

        I like the name Edelweiss. I find it unique. This is the first time I see people use this flower as english name. My liking of this name is also because I like the song Edelweiss.

        I also find Real Ting very comical. Real must have a great sense of humour to give himself such a name.

        Haha, those romance hero names. Yeah, authors love to used those name because romance authors love to make their heroes tall, dark, handsome and dangerous so that the heroines can tame them. 😛

      7. Just remembers another weird HK artist name.

        Devily Leung. When I first read this name, I was like ‘Huh? Why would anyone choose a such a name? Devil-y.’

        I love Pinky Cheung and she has a lovely chinese name. But, her english name is …

    2. I clicked on this article just to find out who on earth calls himself ‘Him’. And I thought ‘Real Ting’ was absurd enough…oh man…you really have to give it to these HK artistes….

  13. If the news above is true, kind of disappointed. I actually had high hope for him to make it big. He is handsome and has potential to make it big, granted that he works on his acting. Regardless, people get together and break-up all the time, no need to get nasty in public, it does not do any good to either party. Just learn and move-on.

  14. Him Law is surely blessed with a face and body that will attract females. He’ll have a bright potential in the entertainment industry.

  15. Jayne, it used to be Fun Lim and that wasn’t proper. Adding another N to it somehow makes it sound proper. Then there’s the thing about people thinking I am following FANN Wong which isn’t true. FRankly I don’t call myself Funn Lim outside internet although like Him and the rest, Funn is my chinese name.

    Yes Kidd you’re right. It is weird to write “Him” in this way. Maybe that’s why he said Him, because tongue in cheek? I mean Him can be Hym, Hymm, but he chose Him.

    Dicky is actually a common name.

    I like Bollywood’s stars’ name like Preity. There’s a Dimple also because she has dimples. Apple is a very common name in Asia. But what happened to good old English names like ermm… Adam, David, Angela, etc. Not that I mind Him or Deep or whatever, these are very memorable name. We even have a Fish Leong!

    1. Fish Leong’s real english name is the very nice sounding Jasmine. Don’t know who suggested the stage name Fish to her and wonder why she agreed to it. Don’t tell me she thought it up herself.

      1. I think it’s because the Cantonese pronunciation of the last character of her name (“yu” / “ru” in Mandarin) sounds like ‘fish’?

      2. @ Bridget

        Yeah, I notice that her name sound like Fish. But, still no need to call herself ‘Fish’. I guess she or the person who thought up this name want her to stand out and easy to remember. There might be many Jasmines, but, only Fish. Lol.

      3. I heard it was because her name sounds like fish so she agreed to it. The English name is not official anyways so I think that is why she agreed to it. I honestly don’t really know barely any asian person born in my generation that has a real official English name at birth. Only my only guy friend does but he only did because his asian name sounded like the F word, so the nurse told his mom to give him an English name. However, besides him everyone else choose an English name at some point in their life so they change it several times due to it not being official.

      4. Sammul’s name is official. He recounted how he got this name. He was 11 then and going to get a identity card. He misspelled his english name while filling in the IC form. So, I think Sammul is in his IC.
        Well, I guess it turns out to be a good thing. Sammul Chan certainly is more unique that Samuel.

        I also like Moses Chan and Aaron Kwok’s english name. Moses because it’s uncommon but still a proper english name. As for Aaron, I just like the sound of it.

  16. I like the name Bosco. Raymond Lam Fung has the same name as in Raymond Lam as my nephew. So I can say with certainty “I know Raymond Lam” but of course the other Raymond Lam.

    1. What a coincidence because my nephew has the same name as the Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan too. But his asian name is different though.

  17. I thought Noodle Cheng sounded cute. Matched his hair too.

    1. Ekin Cheng also ok for chinese name turned english name.

      1. Ekin changed his English name a couple of times. I think it was Dior at one point, then it was Noodle and now it is Ekin. I am glad that he finally stuck to it.

        Do you remember Leung Siu Bing? She changed her English name many times. It was Lily a long time ago, then it was Vivian and then it was Noel and then it became BiBi. I think she should just use her Chinese name instead of changing her English name so many times. I guess the English name is unofficial anyways so actors/actresses change it as many times as they want.

      2. English name isn’t permanent. SOme even changed their chinese name for luck!

      3. @ HTS

        I did not know about Bibi and Lily. But, I know that she changed her name from Vivian to Noel when she officially baptised as Christian.

  18. True, but a lot of people try not to really change their Chinese name unless needed. The English name, on the other hand, is something that people tend to change more often then not due to it not being official.

    So Sammuel’s English name is official?? Was he born with it though?? If not, then I don’t know if I can count it as being official. I personally never got an English name because my parents did not give it to me. I think it is strange to all of a sudden pick an English name one day and then tell everyone to address you by it. That would just be hard to get used to and if someone else happens to have the same name that you do, then they would say that you are copying them…

    Anyways, about this article, I think Theresa is handling this the wrong way. People break up all the time so what is the big deal?? If they are not worth it, then just move on…. THere are plenty of people in this world so why loathe over someone that isn’t even worth it??? Life is short so you should only spend your time and energy on people that do deserve it. If not, then you are just wasting your time. For her to trash her ex in front of the press is the wrong way to go…

  19. @ HTS

    Why can’t it be counted as his official name if he has it in his ID Card? Isn’t ID Card very official already? His older sister gave him this name. It should be Samuel, but, he misspelled it in his application form. So, his official name now is Sammul.

    As for Theresa. Yes, it’s not wise of her to trash her ex in public. But, being two timed and lied to since day one of their relationship is not a big deal?! You have to be a robot to not feel angry and hurt.

    1. @Kidd,
      I guess to me being official is that it has to be given to you at birth and is on your birth certificate. I consider that official but hey that is just my definition. You may define “official” differently from me. One of my friends took an american name at 23 and it is now on her records, but I NEVER call her that name since she was not born with it. She also has a thick accent too. I was born and raised in the US and even I did not take one so I find it strange for her to take one so late.

      I didn’t mean to say that it is not a big deal to be being lied to and cheated on. THat is really sad and wrong of him to do that. However, it is not good nor is it wise for her to BS about it to the public. That doesn’t make her image so great either…

  20. Hmm…. I kinda applaud her for speaking her mind. I think too often, HKers are afraid to say what they think or feel and instead, they constantly say or pretend to be something they’re not.

    1. Agreed. I applaud her for speaking out against him. So many HK celebrities are afraid to voice their opinions openly for fear of public backlash. And they’re afraid of how it might hurt their image. Everyone is so image-conscious, it’s like, they don’t want to be human.

      People make mistakes, people get hurt, etc. It’s normal to share. Maybe it’s not so respectful of her to reveal their private matters to the public but hey, he’s not so respectful of her either.

      I call it even.

      1. ” So many HK celebrities are afraid to voice their opinions openly for fear of public backlash. And they’re afraid of how it might hurt their image. Everyone is so image-conscious, it’s like, they don’t want to be human.”

        No, it’s not that they don’t want to be human. They are not allowed to be human in public and with the paparazzi spying on their private life, they are not allowed to be human even in private too, it seems.

        Entertainers’ livelihood depend on whether there are people who want to be entertained by them or not. Beside their skill and/or look, their popularity also depend on their image. If there’s a public backlash, they might end up without job, being frozen etc. The public also hold celebrity on a higher standard. Can you blame the celebs for not voicing their true opinion?

  21. what a waste, he’s so hot…drooling over his hot abs and chest….

  22. […] Upon discovering Him Law had a mainland girlfriend while dating herself, Theresa was enraged and thu…During an event, when mentioned about her relationship with Him Law, Theresa used the fable of the “Wolf” and “Little Red Riding Hood” to describe her cheated feelings but was later rumored to be “frozen” by her company due to her big mouth. […]

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