Timmy Hung Responds to Cheating Rumors: “I Didn’t Betray My Wife”

Last week, Timmy Hung (洪天明) was photographed at a nightclub in Shanghai, where he hugged a mysterious woman and held hands with her as they proceeded to walk into the elevator of his hotel. Timmy has admitted to the events of that night, and though his wife Janet Chow (周家蔚) reacted sadly to the news, their marriage and relationship has not been affected. The actor, however, chose not to respond to cheating rumors.

A few days ago, the Hong Kong actor, who is represented by the Mainland Chinese agency Milkyway Hairun, released a formal statement about the incident that happened last week. Timmy’s manager blamed the incident on alcohol, as Timmy was very intoxicated when he brought the woman back to his hotel. The woman hugged Timmy and they did hold hands briefly, but nothing more happened that night. Timmy has also explained the situation to his agency, and promised that he will be more careful in the future, promising to be a more responsible drinker.

There are readers who doubt this story, however. In the clip released by paparazzi, Timmy did not carry a drunken demeanor when he held the woman’s hand. Timmy also drove his car that night.

In regards to these discrepancies, Timmy said, “This was taken way out of proportion, and not as bad as you all think it is. It was all a misunderstanding. A real misunderstanding. I did not betray my wife. After saying this, I hope everyone will leave my family alone.”

His wife, Janet, said, “It was just a misunderstanding.”

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Ok, hugging is relatively harmless given that that could be a brotherly type of thing.

    But the hand-holding part is too intimate for me, but I guess it depends on each person’s perspective as what constitutes as intimacy.

    His wife must be really sad. This will definitely cause a wrinkle or two in the relationship.

    1. @coralie Exactly. I’ve seen the photos and clip of him holding the girl’s hand and walking. He was very firm and “dominant.” He didn’t look drunk or indecisive. And I also saw pics of them near his car (not sure what the timeline is. I think the article said they went to get something in his car but went back to the hotel?) yea OKAY Timmy keep lying. I doubt his wife trusts him. She’s just turning a blind eye at this point. Once a player, always a player, huh.

    2. @coralie Yup, exactly! A lot of times, the way the celebrity responds can be very telling as well. To me, the way Timmy responded to the rumor initially was already a sign that it was probably true — the first time he was questioned by a reporter on it, he said “Funny! No response la!”, then after that he refused to respond to anything or clarify his response. Later, he tried to say that he responded that way because the rumor wasn’t true and so he didn’t see a need to clarify anything. While it may be true that he didn’t “cheat” on his wife by sleeping with another woman (with this instance anyway), he was definitely way more intimate with the woman than he should’ve been considering he’s married – not to mention doing it so publicly in this day and age where it’s almost impossible not to get caught by someone’s camera. He can blame the alcohol all he wants but still doesn’t mean he’s not guilty – he could’ve prevented it if he really wanted to, as knowing he has a track record and could possibly get in trouble if he got drunk, he could’ve chosen to stay away from the alcohol instead of indulging in it. Doesn’t matter how he tries to spin the situation, it’s still a betrayal of his wife’s trust, at least in my book…

  2. the fact that tvb artist is choosing to go to China to earn more money temptations is never hard to come by especially in male artist hot girls litterally throw themselves at you once you working so faraway from home months at a time some ppl just cant ressist and choose the path they know its wrong but still go and do it

    1. @sherla1019 when good looking males go to china to earn money, they attract many women. timmy has a young and pretty wife at home as well as 2 young sons. it would be a pity if he strays.

  3. This is Samo Hung’s son. And close friends with Jackie Chan. And they’re all buddy-buddy with the Emperor Entertainment group And this is more so in complicated Shanghai.

    Such behavior would be quite the norm in their crowd. Less monogamy.

    Hand holding?!! Sure we’re all back to sweet innocent 12 – 17 days sometimes. 🙂 You know retro vintagey m’ries and such. Heck, even 21st cent 15 yr highschoolers get up to more than hand-holding.

  4. I think sometimes those reporters are nuts always like to make up a story then ruin other people relationships. Timmy already a married man and a father of 2 kids and have a beautiful wife too so just leave them alone don’t think he needed to cheat on his wife if that’s the case then is his lost.

    1. @cutie777 I agree that the pappos can be quite annoying but, why would a married man be seen holding hands with an attractive woman who is not a relative or a family friend? Add the fact that the married man is a Hong Kong celebrity. Simply put….. Timmy Hung got caught and will make all kinds of lying excuses to those stupid enough to believe him. I van’t blame him though. He knows that the fans will fight for, and defend him, even when he is caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

      @nomad822 said it best. It is a badgr of honor to cheat and lie in the circle of friends that he moves in.

      1. @bubbletea HAHA speaking of fans, I would love to see who Timmy’s fans are. That guy is only known in the business b/c of his father and all the women he dated (as well as his appearance on random variety shows).

      2. @lyu310 HAHA, Timmy is a celebrity, whether we like it or not. There are a lot of celebs who are famous for nothing. Does the Kartrashshians and Angelababy ring a bell?. And yes, Tim Tim does have fans, unfortunately.

      3. @bubbletea Didn’t he get caught cheating when he was dating Cathy Tsui that’s why she broke up with him?

        Once a cheater, always a cheater.. feel bad for Janet and their kids…

      4. @happybi Hi happybi. Yes he did get caught cheating on Cathy Tsui. Maybe Janet thought she could love him and change him. I do feel bad for her and their kids. However, she has to know if she wants to stay with this serial cheater. He will not change his spots, and hanging around Jackie Chan does not help the situation either. I guess cheats of a feather stick together.

      5. Oh…..so that what happened always wonder what happen to him and cathy I thought they were pretty cute together and after awhile they split

      6. @janet72 Yep. I remember when they appeared on Lydia Shum aka Fei Fei’s variety show one time. They didn’t downright admit it but everyone knew they were together. Her mother disliked him though (I mean, he’s not successful in any way, is a playboy – his “nickname” was “King of Toys” in Chinese).

        I think they both cheated at the time though. Kathy was dating around (pining for the rich man).

      7. @lyu310 cathy was definitely shopping for a rich man…and she is very lucky to get one. 4 kids and a father in law who adores her.
        as for timmy, i really don’t see potential in him.

      8. @janet72 Yep.. when she was a newbie… thought they were an odd couple because he is known to be a playboy and she the “virgin.” When they broke up, read before it was because he was cheating.

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