Tong Liya’s Australian Mansion Revealed

Born in a wealth, musical family background, Tong Liya (佟丽娅) entered the entertainment industry and gained popularity through a quick progression of successful television dramas. Securely holding a spot as a first-line actress, Liya also has an income to match without a doubt. She fell in love with actor-director Chen Sicheng (陈思诚) when filming Beijing Love Story <北京爱情故事> together and the couple got married in Tahiti in 2014.  Their son Chen Duoduo was in 2016, and the couple has acquired multiple properties to call home.

In 2018, the couple bought a mansion in Australia for $85.5 million Hong Kong dollars. Recently, photos of the interior were leaked by a famous real estate blogger. The castle-like home has a large garden, swimming pool, and a grassy observatory deck. The interior was extremely lavish with large windows and a billiards table. According to the source, the couple rarely spends time in this home and pay a hefty sum each year in local taxes and maintenance fees.

It is also said that the couple has very high expectations in the design of their homes. Their HK$50 million home in Beijing is located in a district known for housing many of the local area’s rich and famous. The home is about 3000 square feet and decorate with touches of vintage flavors that Liya prefers.

Source: HK01

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