Are Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng Divorced?

Chinese actors Tong Liya (佟丽娅) and Chen Sicheng (陈思诚) tied the knot in 2014 and welcomed their daughter, Duoduo, in 2016. But just as the couple were settling into their new chapter of parenthood, a scandal broke out about Sicheng’s cheating, leading to the rumor that Liya is now filing for divorce.

In January 2017, Chinese paparazzi caught Sicheng meeting up with two women inside his hotel room in the middle of the night. The women came separately—the first woman, who hung out with Sicheng during his karaoke party with friends that night, met up with Sicheng privately in his hotel room around midnight. Two hours later, a second woman went into Sicheng’s room. It is worthy to note that Sicheng had changed into his bathrobe when he greeted the second woman. The two women stayed in Sicheng’s room until six the next morning. One of the women is allegedly the young actress, Qi Qi (齐琦).

Things were not in Sicheng’s favor when the scandal broke. Netizens dug up old interviews of Sicheng, some which revealed his thoughts about infidelity. In one of his older interviews, the actor said infidelity is something that “would always be around” and that “everyone would do some betrayal.” When asked about his opinion on the difference between sexual and emotional infidelity, Sicheng said said philosophical questions have no answers.

Sicheng has actually been rocked with cheating scandals since as early as his marriage to Liya in 2014. He has been spotted being alone with other women on numerous occasions. At one point, Liya implied that she didn’t mind if her husband cheated, saying, “As long as he comes home.” The actress also emphasized the importance of trust and sacrifice in a relationship during a television interview.

In regards to the current divorce allegations, Sicheng has stepped out to deny them. Liya, however, stayed silent. In fact, the actress was spotted without her wedding ring at recent events. The divorce rumors seem more likely true than not.


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  1. one thing im confused on is if they had a daughter or a son? I heard it was a son but it’s reported on here as a daughter. other sources says it’s a son so im a little confused.

    On the subject of matter, im a fan of Tong Liya so if he is cheating on her, I am a little upset. But if he has cheated on her multiple times, it’s kinda sad she is still staying. And it is also a shame cuz he seemed so into her during their wedding back in 2014…but best of luck to her if it’s true.

    IF it’s not true, then reporters should find something better to do than making up stories to milk in money.

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