C-Drama “The Centimeter of Love” Not Winning Fans

Viewers are a bit taken aback by the unrealistic amount of artistic license in the new romantic comedy C-drama The Centimeter of Love <爱的厘米>, exclaiming that it is unnecessary to “use brains” to watch the show.

Starring Tong Liya (佟丽娅) and Tong Dawei (佟大为), the drama centers on a love story between a doctor and a commercial pilot. In one episode, Tong Liya is piloting a plane back to China and comes across some volcanic ash. The scene was dramatic—Tong Liya smells something off, but the plane’s captain and co-captain insists that nothing is wrong and continues to fly on course.

As predicted, the plane flies through volcanic ash. The captain passes out from intense turbulence. Without a moment’s hesitance, the brave Tong Liya rushes to the cockpit to take lead. Despite the plane’s jerkiness, Tong Liya’s hair and makeup remains untouched. She remains flawless

Reporting her coordinates and situation to air traffic control, Tong Liya states that their altitude was “30,000 meters” before they came across volcanic ash. This is unrealistic, as commercial planes typically fly an altitude of 10,000 meters.

When the plane lands safely, Tong Liya still looks flawless, hair and makeup still on point, while everyone else in the plane panicked in a mess. It didn’t look like she had just suffered through a life or death situation.

Source: World Journal

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Most articles on Jayne about cdramas are always negative even when they are not while most garbage tvb dramas with sh*tty plots and castings are written like they are hits.

    1. @anon That’s true. Lol…haha Never one article that says Cdramas are good. The only one worth watching this year and might re-run was Go Ahead for me. The casting and story-line was on point even thou some had bad reviews on it as well. But for me it was greatly entertaining. This site is probably all about TVB so ahahha…

    1. You are kidding me!
      This one – Centimeter of Love, and Dating in the Kitchen are 2 of more ADDICTIVE CDramas. Many of us have been following the 2 episodes every day.
      Sun-Thu, 2 episodes
      Fri-Sat 1 episode

      The issues explored are so realistic, even if dramatised.
      Old and New China, old and new mindsets … the aspiring greed etc.
      The favoritism towards sons, the greedy grab for people’s houses (yes totally true among the lower income China crowd here in Canada), so many issues are spot on. Just Dramatized.

      The drama characters and what drives them are all so familiar, among my China clients. I can see so many stereotype caricatures of them in this Drama. You can also see the new emerging rich, vs those aspiring.

      I was pleasantky surprised to find out how captivating CDramas are these days, compared to how irritated I was at all the high pitched voices. At that I have only been watching mainly Kdramas since 2001, with some Tdramas and Jdramas mixed in – tired of the vengeance themes of TVB ones, and the lack lustre acting.

      1. @nomad822 It is the effect of idol drama. When you watch religiously, you will keep watching. Once you drop it, you wont fell like watching it. Best test is rewatch value.Different people different taste. I generally find modern cdrama unwatchable even if they remade those I’ve seen somewhere else before which I thought was excellent.

  2. Modern Cdramas are never practical or realistic. Everyone is either very rich, or very thin or wears very short skirts to office. And their hair is ALWAYS perfect. They might has well could fly.

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