Chinese Media Censored Reporting on Tong Liya’s Remarriage?

Chinese actress Tong Liya (佟丽娅,) has finalized her divorce with Chen Sicheng (陈思诚) in May of this year and is reportedly getting married to Shen Haixung (慎海雄), the deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party. As Shen Haixung is a high-ranking official with close access to China’s president Xi Jinping (习近平), discussions of the couple’s union were banned on social media.

To bypass the censorship, netizens used creative codenames to discuss the couple’s marriage. According to the rumor mill, Tong Liya met Shen Haixung through her then-husband Chen Sicheng. At that time, Tong Liya and Sheng Haixung were both married to their own respective partners and the two maintained an underground relationship for many years.

The netizens speculated that Shen Haixung similarly ended his marriage with his wife in the first half of this year. Given Shen Haixung’s status and age, his divorce would have alerted other senior officials of the Communist party and he would have had to make a strong case to obtain their approval.

After the news of the couple’s marriage were leaked, netizens connected the dots and solved the mystery of how Tong Liya was able to host last year’s CCTV Spring Gala. As many netizens left congratulatory messages for the actress, many netizens also teased her by addressing Tong Liya as “Mrs. Deputy Director.”

Sources: World Journal

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  1. That is a big news if it is true… I really want her to be loved by someone that will appreciate her… But this article does make it sound like she is a third party.. I sincerely hope not. But all are adults… I will not think too much into it.

  2. Why are C-netz congratulating her? She is better off single than being married to someone 16 years her senior and whose position within China will likely limit her artistic development. You probably won’t find her doing anything fun or risky in the future and only do propaganda-heavy boring old people projects.

  3. This brings to mind the Chinese phrase “xian hua cha zai niu fen shang” (a beautiful flower stuck on a pile of cow dung). Hopefully he treats her well.

  4. Took a gander at the suspected new hubby…at least he looks human. Even if he’s a bit older, he’s not some ugly dude who looks like he’s punching way above his weight. I mean, the last dude she married was decent-looking and look what happened to him. She probably lost faith in good-looking men right now. One thing that does make me worry, though, is the potential for corruption here (I mean, she got to star in some prominent shows possibly due to her connections) and also, whether marrying a gov’t official is a good idea…considering their tendency to get associated with corruption and execution later down the line. Just my own 2c.

  5. Taking the article at face value, is she a homewrecker? If she is then I don’t see where the congratulations come from. Even if she has been repeatedly cheated on by her ex spouse, it doesn’t make her actions, if true, of breaking another man’s marriage right and harmless.

  6. surprised she’s getting married so fast, I thought she was going to be one of those independent career woman after divorce like zly and ym. I kinda wish she just stay single, now ppl. are just going to say she’s getting more opportunity due to her new husband.

  7. Remarrying is juice news, but so is the censoring part, very interesting. Can’t even search Tong Li Ya’s name , and now she’s made a police report for some reason

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