Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng Announce Their Divorce

Though May 20 is meant to celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day, actress Tong Liya (佟麗婭) and actor/ director Chen Sicheng (陳思誠) announced their separation on social media.  The pair had already filed for a divorce last year. The news of their divorce immediately became the top search on Weibo. 

The first to announce their divorce, Chen Sicheng wrote, “The story from 2011-2020 is coming to an end. You will always be the person I love the most, but I will now protect you from a different position.” As for Tong Liya, she wrote, “It was all worthwhile, and the future is unknown. Thank you, Chen Sicheng.”  

Known as one of the four beauties of Xinjiang, Tong Liya met Chen Sicheng during the filming of drama Beijing Love Story <北京愛情故事>. They officially announced their relationship in 2012 on Happy Camp <快樂大本營>, and then held their wedding in Tahiti in January 2014. Two years after marriage, they gave birth to their son Chen Duoduo (陳朵朵).

Over the years, Chen Sicheng has been reported to be a serial cheater. In 2014, he was seen visiting a woman’s home for two hours. In 2017, Chen Sicheng spent the night at a hotel with two womenThough he denied cheating, his image was already shattered and he was often attacked by negative comments.

From that point forward, Tong Liya stopped wearing her wedding ring, which many speculated she had lost faith in her husband. Though the pair would continue to collaborate on the Detective Chinatown <唐人街探案> film franchise, many felt it would be a matter of time before their official divorce.

When news surfaced today of their split, many were quick to congratulate Tong Liya for finally ending a marriage in which she was not respected and cheated on multiple times. They hope a better future would be ahead for the actress after her divorce.

Source: HK01 

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  1. Long overdue, this cheater cannot keep his **** in his pants many times…She deserves better.

    1. @hohliu
      I thought this was old news since I heard about this a long time ago. I guess they did not formally announce it before but are doing it now. But yes, what an idiot! She does deserve better and if she finds a new guy then hope she gets happiness.

      1. @hetieshou Rumours flying around a while ago but offical announcement has just been released. I am sure he does love her but he also love sleeping around. Thus he cannot to loyal to one.

      2. @hohliu
        Well it takes way more than just love to sustain a marriage. Maybe he is “duo Qing” so cannot love only one but must love multi people. It is sad but sometimes divorce is for the best. I feel bad for the kid though.

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