Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng Hold “Crazily in Love” Wedding in Tahiti

Mainland Chinese stars, Tong Liya (佟麗婭) and Chen Sicheng (陳思成), got married on January 16, 2014. Choosing Tahiti as the destination for their crazily-in-love-themed wedding, the couple invited 100 guests to witness their vows. Liya and Sicheng believed that “it’s simple to love for a moment but difficult to love an entire lifetime, so they can only be crazily in love to satisfy their beating hearts.”

Sicheng directed and co-scripted Mainland drama, Beijing Love Story <北京愛情故事>, where he fell in love with Liya both onscreen and offscreen. The couple’s relationship advanced quickly, and their passionate feelings for each other never wavered. Liya said, “From the start, Sicheng and my love raced towards marriage.  There was no waiting and no hesitation. He always treated me sincerely and my heart never wavered.”

Sicheng’s public love proclamations for Liya were well known. He stated, “To be responsible for a woman, it’s important to not only ‘guard your body’ but also ‘guard your heart’. I have confidence that Liya and I will not separate for the rest of our lives.”

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As a memorable gift of their love and future marriage, the couple filmed the movie version of Beijing Love Story, which will be released on January 31, 2014. Last November, Sicheng hinted his wedding plans. At a January press conference, Sicheng officially revealed his marriage plans, “I must take the goddess as my wife.” Sicheng’s Chinese astrological sign is the horse, and he hoped to take advantage of the year of the horse to tie the knot in hopes of good luck.

While congratulations poured in for the couple’s wedding, others wondered why they rushed to get married. Sicheng had once joked that he would immediately get married if Liya were pregnant. Monica Mok (莫小棋), who starred in Beijing Love Story and witnessed Liya and Sicheng’s blossoming romance, stated that she was unsure whether Liya is pregnant or not.

Guests Dong Xuan (董璇), Gao Yunxiang (高雲翔), Guo Jingfei (郭京飛), Liu Yun (劉雲), Zhang Xiaolong (張曉龍), Bao Beier (包貝爾), and Lei Jiayin (雷佳音) were spotted taking a flight on January 13 to attend Liya and Sicheng’s wedding in Tahiti.

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Tong Liya wedding 3  Tong Liya wedding


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  1. Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng’s wedding was very vibrant and full of joy! It matches their wedding theme very well.

    I watched “Beijing Love Story” last year and glad to see that the couple found everlasting love together.

    Btw, Tong Liya closely resembles Gigi Lai from some angles!

    1. Oh yea, she does look sort of like Gigi Lai. She looks like a combination of these other actresses too. Congrats and their wedding was really beautiful! It seemed very exciting and lively.

  2. it’s me or this year might have ton of celebrities wedding? including mine, my 3 other cousins wedding are all in 2014.

    1. sky,
      You’re probably in a circle of friends/relatives in which you’ve approached that age to get married.

      Congratulations btw. When will your wedding take place?

      1. thanks jayne! Wedding takes place on first week of December…i was hoping for summer time but since Asian love to go see fortune teller. so in the end, wedding gotta be on December.

      2. Congrats to you Sky! I am so similar to you that IF I ever got married, I would want to get married in the summer too. But yea, all of the fortune telling stuff about a good day and all is really important for my family. My family really believes in that and says that you must get married a “good” day or else the marriage will not last. My cousin really believes that since he claims that he experienced it.

      3. thanks HeTieShou.

        yea, asian people are way way into fortune teller…but whatever make her happy, then i can wait for 4 more months! lol..

      4. sky,
        Congrats! Hopefully December in your area is not too cold, so you and your bride can take some nice outdoor photos on the wedding day!

      5. You are welcome Sky! Wait,Sky is a guy? I thought he was a girl. Sorry about that and what area do you live in? I hope that it is not too cold in December.

      6. @HeTieShou: lol, yes, i’m a guy. Wedding is in Texas.

        @ Jaynes: Wedding is in Texas, hopefully the weather is good.

        @ Hannahh: thanks!!!

  3. don’t know who they are but COngratz! Beautiful couple and beautiful wedding pics!

      1. Yes, she was in Gong. I know her but not her husband. They are another onscreen and offscreen couple couple. Congrats and hope they have a lifetime full of happiness.

  4. Congrats. The photos look stunning. Is Yuan Hong part of the photos too?

      1. No wonder I was like Yuan Hong was there?! Lol..I hope he’ll tie the knot soon too b/c he’s at that age as well!

      2. Really? I did not notice. I guess the photos were a bit small or I gave to look again.

      3. They acted together in a drama, that Mulan drama which got a delayed broadcast for years…
        Anyway, congrats, they look good together.

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