Tracy Chu Applies for Marriage Registration

On June 28, Tracy Chu (朱千雪) not only celebrated her 31st birthday, but also shocked the public with her sudden engagement announcement. In 2017, Tracy was revealed to be dating her long-time childhood friend, Justin Ng, who is an interventional radiology doctor. The couple met when they were just young children, and has grown up together thanks to their mothers continuing to keep in touch through the years.

Justin had proposed while they were on vacation. Last month, the couple applied for their marriage registration. The couple isn’t clear whether they will be holding a wedding banquet.

Tracy announced her upcoming plans to wed Justin on social media yesterday. In the pictures, Tracy was seen donning an electric blue dress and holding a bouquet of flowers. Justin wore matching blue plants and a blazer. Tracy wrote, “When we first met we weren’t even children, we were just babies. Our moms checked into the same hospital room, and gave birth to us just three days apart. For years we kept in touch through our families, celebrating many birthdays together until we were old enough to be friends on our own. Now, we are ready to build a life and one day to have a family of our own.”

Although fans were hopeful that Tracy may return to the small screen after pursuing her education, it seems that her heart is no longer with the entertainment industry. After going back to school for her law degree, Tracy has significantly reduced her onscreen appearances. Other than guest starring in the occasional drama, Tracy has appeared in commercials and at promotional functions. Now, in addition to a full load of coursework, Tracy is also on the path to starting a family soon. The chances of Tracy returning full-time to filming may be slim.

Source: HK01

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  1. I actually find this a little unsettling. Aren’t most ppl repelled by childhood acquaintances or sweethearts? It’s like our default anti-incest mechanism. Just find it strange, that’s all

    1. @coralie Familiarity usually breeds contempt. You always see them romanticize this type of relationship in the movies too, but I’ve always found it a bit unsettling as well. How can you be attracted to someone with whom you practically grew up with? Not that it’s wrong, since they’re not technically related, but it’s definitely very odd still.

      1. @oystergirl Yeah, exactly. I mean, I have no interest in people I’ve grown up with, family or friends-wise. It feels too familiar. I think if you met your s/o after age 6 or something, it’s okay. But not true for Tracy Chu and her fiance, it seems. Looks like their parents knew each other when they were born, so they must’ve interacted before then.

        @potatochip Right, GSA occurs because families never had that sexual desensitization period during childhood: But that’s family.

        While Tracy and her fiance doesn’t have any genetic relation, the fact they grew up together from birth to now should also stoke some anti-GSA feelings. Like I read how some Chinese families back then will buy child brides for their sons. Those kids grow up together and they end up being repelled by each other because of that childhood history (desensitization at work.) They view each other like family, so most end up not getting married at all =/.

    2. @coralie Actually, I think it’s nature’s tendency for relatives to be attracted to each other. There is a term called Genetic Sexual Attraction where relatives who meet each other as adults are more likely to be attracted to each other.

      As for childhood friends, I think it make sense since they have so much history and they know each other best. They grew up together but weren’t raised as siblings. Their parents probably even joked that they wish to become future in-laws.

  2. I think it depends on how you look at it. To me, I don’t have any problems w/it as long as they are not blood related. It’s like some will love movies where childhood besties getting together as FATE but others dislikes it no matter what. I personally will never find my childhood male bestie as anything but my bestie forever but everyone is different. If they can find that romantic spark in spite of knowing each other for so long why not. She seems very much like the girl next door and he actually looks bookish enough for her as she has a brain as well. lol…..I say go for it!! I somehow never get why they would stay in acting if they have the means/academics to do so much better than acting in HK TVB?

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