Tracy Chu Purchases New Property to Prepare for Married Life

 Tracy Chu (朱千雪) and her fiance Justin Ng (吳昆倫) will be holding their wedding in Bali this August. It was speculated that Tracy would sell her assets in Hong Kong before moving to Singapore with her fiancé. Contrary to the rumors however, Tracy recently purchased a new property in Happy Valley, Hong Kong.

Tracy reportedly paid $12 million HKD for a 600-square-feet apartment. When approached by the media, Tracy did not deny her purchase, “Recently, I made an investment. Thank you for your concern. This is a personal investment, so I won’t share too many details. Thank you.”

A Savvy Property Investor

Tracy is no stranger to investing and holding onto properties. Tracy’s father previously gifted her two luxury properties situated in the Siu Sai Wan area of Hong Kong when Tracy was only 19 years old. In recent years, Tracy accumulated seven properties and made a profit of $23 million HKD after the sale of her four properties.

Although Hong Kong’s real estate prices have been unstable due to the current political turmoil, Tracy remained optimistic on her investments and shared that that she consulted with her fiancé and family, “We understand that all investments have risks, but we have considered different factors before we made a decision.”

Future Immigration Plans

When the media asked if Tracy is planning to settle in Singapore with her fiancé, she replied, “Currently we decided to stay in Hong Kong.” As Tracy is still under contract with TVB, her future work would still be arranged by her company.

Tracy also did not deny reports that her wedding will be held in Bali. She said, “We’re still making some arrangements. Since we don’t want to trouble too many people, we’re going to keep things simple. I can’t talk about too many details right now, but thanks to everyone’s concern.”

Sources: HK01; Oriental Daily

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