TVB Artists Divided Over TV Queen Race

The clear winner for this year’s TVB Best Actress award has not emerged yet. As online communities remain deeply divided over which actress should receive the high-profile TV Queen, TVB artists interestingly were also split into major camps for Kate Tsui (徐子珊), Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Tavia Yeung (楊怡), and Michelle Yim (米雪).

TVB artists expressed their personal choices for TV Queen, appearing to base their selections primarily on past drama collaborations or personal friendships, rather than neutral assessments of acting performances this year.

With TVB announcing that this year’s Anniversary Award winners will be based on a one person, one vote system, will audiences vote from the heart instead of with their eyes as well?

Kate Tsui’s Supporters:

Raymond Lam (林峯): Of course, I will support Kate. When I first read the script for Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>, I could not imagine anyone other than Kate who can fully carry out this role. Honestly, she did a superb job.

Ella Koon  (官恩娜): Kate all the way! She taught me a lot during filming and helped me get into character.

Michelle Yim’s Supporters:

Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) : I am biased towards Michelle.  Obviously we all know that she can act, but she was exceptional in portraying Empress Dowager Cixi’s dominant characteristics in The Confidant <大太監>. Michelle took my breath away when she stepped out in full makeup and costume.

Eric Tsang (曾志偉) : I support Michelle because she is a veteran actress.

Koo Ming Wah (古明 華): I hope Michelle wins!

Myolie: I heard that Michelle was really good as Empress Dowager Cixi. The role gave her lots of opportunity to showcase her acting. I won’t think much about the award for myself. I’m happy just to be nominated.

Myolie Wu’s  Supporter:

Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) : My partner-in-crime Myolie! But honestly, I haven’t watched the other series.

Tavia Yeung’s (楊怡) Supporter:

Sharon Chan (陳敏之): Since Myolie won before, I hope it goes to Tavia!

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  1. TY’s pic really look like Mary hon there.. the hairstyle and long face. Is a bad pic really.

    1. Mary Hon is elegant and beautiful, even for her age and before. She dun have a horse face.

      1. She looks great in the costume. Not that old! Not as exaggerating as others sound her to be. Poor TY!

  2. After last year’s TV Queen fake winning, I don’t care any more. Myolie Wu, with her lousy and immature acting, could get herself a TV Queen, anyone else should be able to win same this year. It is TVB’s fake arrangement anyway, either judged by TVB panels or HK citizens. It does not make any difference.

    1. I don’t know why you call it fake. Honestly, there were no one else there to fight with her. Before you say Jessica or Maggie, Jessica herself said that her acting was only 50% in Cursed and Maggie’s character was bland in FHIII. That series wasn’t even good, either.

      1. LIke what Magic said.. no contestant to fight the award with Myolie last year and that’s how she got the award.

      2. I’m not hating on myolie, but honestly I thought Jessica was better in curse. her evil expressions were better than myolie. if that’s only her 50%, her 100% would be leagues ahead of myolie

      3. but Txb won’t give this important award to those who have left txb eg. Jessica.. so despite how good jessica was.. Its only reasonable to give it to their biological daughter “myolie” who was rumored to replace Sheh as Sister No. 1 in TXB.

    2. I think Myolie deserved the awards, She did very well and as every1 said there wasn’t any strong competitor last year. Maggie and Jessica are both my fav actress @ all time but their performance was alright.

  3. My vote will be either Tavia or Michelle. I think it is too early for Kate to win BA. As for Myolie, I don’t think she deserves it this year as GH2 sucks.

  4. Finish SSSS first 2 episode. Tavia performance seems great for me as she able pull out good performance despite falling ill during filming process. Support her for Tv Queen

    1. @a-pop: Please don’t use falling sick to excuse an artist’s performance. What actors, not just TVB’s, did not at one time or the other fell sick when filming? Just like the athletes are judged by their actual performances, likewise, actors are judged by their actual performances, not what went on behind the scenes.

      1. Well said clamine. Falling sick isn’t an excuse. Other actors keep it up during sickness too.

      2. Falling sick is the frequent excuse used by a group of ppl. It’s like there is only one Txb actress is hard working and sick. If the series is successful, this excuse will be used to praise. If the series is flopped, this excuse will be used to gain sympathy. But if anyone else use this excuse for another person, some among this group will say differently. And it’s the funny point.

        For watever, in the end, I agree with you that the actual performance should be the thing to be judged, not falling sick or healthy.

      3. Agree! Hahahaa , and it’s always the same actress falling sick. SITS SICK. TOT SICK. NOw SSSS Sick. SICK SICK SICK. Why don’t I see other actresses using sickness to excuse their crappy and boring acting. Next time if I see anyone acting badly, I’d just say this – WOW Christine Kuo must have been SICK so her acting’s not good. Aimee Chan must have been SICK, so her acting is good for someone sick.

        If you are so sick and weakly then go rest, or you can’t spare the thought of that $$$ out of your grasp?

      4. Sori but it just my opinion tat Tavia deliver good performance on first 2 episode SSSS n I just give her extra credit for her still able pull out tat performance even though she ill…any wrong?? I cant give her tat credit?

      5. To be fair Tavia didn’t ask for any sympathy or extra credit! But she deserves it. Tavia and Damian were the best in the 2 episodes I’ve watched! Damn fine actors!!! Flop or not, I support Tavia!!!

      6. Ok i will take it as a trend now. Whenever anyone is criticized for acting I will say s/he sick lol.

    2. She is being professional by not taking sick leave since the drama is already filming. Just give her some credits if she really performs well in SSSS. Like what puff said, she didn’t ask any sympathy or extra credit..TY, hope you win the BA.

    1. Imagine the riots from Tavia+Kate fans if Linda ended up getting it

  5. Wow someone seemed to hate tavia alot. Whenever people write comments about her, she will jumpin and write lots of sarcastic remarks. We can write whatever we feel about the artists but pls don’t get too emotional.

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