TVB Suspends Sheren Tang

Things have been much more bitter than sweet for TVB executives in the past two months. Although Beauty at War <金枝慾孽貳>, the sequel to TVB’s acclaimed 2004 palace drama War and Beauty <金枝慾孽>, is critically lauded, its viewership performance is dropping by at least 100,000 viewers per week. With an already disappointing debut week rating of 23 points, the ratings have continued to slip to 19 points. Already failing to hold in the interest of many Hong Kong television-goers, TVB’s future in television dramatic programming also looks gloomy.

To make matters worse, Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯), the star of Beauty at War, had come out to complain about the lack of finished scripts during the shooting of Beauty at War. These “flying papers” have reportedly taken a toll on her performance and health; she even expressed her regrets on filming the feeble sequel.

Several media outlets reported that Sheren, disappointed in TVB’s filming practices, refused to attend certain promotional events for Beauty at War. When she appeared on talk shows to promote the drama, Sheren would always emphasize the flaws of the show and her poor filming experience with the production team. Sheren’s outbreak reportedly angered TVB, and she was finally frozen from the company.

TVB’s General Manager, Mark Lee (李寶安), admitted, “TVB had always valued Sheren highly, and Sheren herself has had her shining moments with us. She has made accomplishments here; but now, when the drama is struggling, she starts complaining. Acknowledging the success and disregarding the losses really hurts our team spirit. Some of Sheren’s TVB colleagues have talked with me about her before, saying that her critical behavior makes them uncomfortable. Since this is the case, it is better if we stop the collaborations for now!”

Asked if Sheren’s poor behavior was a reason to why she was dropped from Eric Tsang’s (曾志偉) Aerobic Girls drama project, Mark Lee sharply said, “In a way, yes.”

Sheren, however, does not seem to be too affected by her axing by TVB, as she is currently working under a fully-booked schedule in mainland China.


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      1. She might be too good for TVB, but as an actress, you would think she would act a bit more professionally. Promotional events are part of the job.
        She probably has a point about TVB, but you still have to make the best out of it. Complaining every time you get a chance is childish and annoying. Not only that, it’s also about showing some respect towards your colleagues.

  1. Yeah you don’t need TVB. Those TVB colleagues are hypocritical weaklings.

  2. This is expected, it’s TVB’s lost. There goes another solid actress. I applaud her for speaking up regarding the scriptwriter’s poor work ethics. However there’s probably better ways to go about it.

  3. As if she cares… Soon enough, TVB will be begging for her to come back.

  4. Honestly, I really don’t think Sheren Tang is at the losing end of this drama

  5. No wonder their series are pure rubbish when artists are not allowed to criticize or point out problems. Thought they would welcome critism so they can improve and avoid the same mistakes again.

    She is not jumping ship she did mention that the WAB success was purely luck.

    I don’t think Sheren was going to film for TVB again so I doubt she is very sad abt it 😀

    1. critics and problems has to be made internal when she saw things goes wrong during the filming period and not afterwards to the journalist.this is a very bad advertising for the drama that already suffering bad ratings.

      1. Do you really think TVB cares or that it will work?

        I’m sure many artists have complained in the past and all of them ended being thrown in the freezer, LOL

        Not necessary, ppl might actually watch it bc all the PR regardless it being good/bad.

    2. TVB is soooo stupid! They are losing a lot of talent and now they do this to Sheren. I think sooner or later, they will have to beg for her to come back. It’s not like she needs TVB at all, it is them that needs her. No wonder they are sinking down lower and lower…They can’t blame anyone but themselves.

      1. I don’t know what to think of TVB anymore their actions aren’t making much sense :@

        I’m sure they wants Sheren to film for them again but the prob. was slim. What TVB should’ve done:

        Accepted her criticism, thank her, assure it will not happen again and hope they can work in the future. Sheren might be a forgiving person (christian), however from a professional, health & economic standpoint I don’t see Sheren filming for them in the near future.

        I assume TVB felt “losing face”, betrayed and/or blames her (criticism) for the poor ratings which is totally unwarranted. Actually this incident has created news for this series and perhaps TVB is just using this as promotion, LOL

      2. Accepted her criticism, thank her, assure it will not happen again and hope they can work in the future.
        The above will be TVB’s best reaction towards Sheren’s criticisms. It will be well-respected, classy and tactful way to handle this situation. TVB should have asked their artistes to work together to promote “Beauty at War” more, instead of voicing their personal opinions to affect the already low viewership ratings. I think Sheren would know that she had to shut her mouth immediately. Sheren did not really want to blast TVB, but just tried to bring “zero script” matter to TVB’s attention. She did not complain about TVB, but just on the “Zero Script” problem in filming “Beauty at War”. TVB wouldn’t have to react so badly and created such a big “suspense of Sheren in future drama series” by their General Manager, Lee Po On.

  6. Honestly, she shouldn’t have emphasised on the bad points when promoting this series. Kinda like saying whatever the efforts of her costars did not matter. That part I agree with the masses. After all solidarity is important. Not everything is about her. But to so called suspend her, like as if she cares.

    1. Agree. Her criticisms are all valid, it was just bad timing to be criticising her own series when it is still on air and her costars are still trying to promote it / salvage its ratings.

    2. I wonder if that was why she was not invited to the promotions?? I agree that even though her critisms are valid, she did it at a bad time. Timing is just so important.

      1. I agree. In a way she isn’t entirely correct. She was paid to star in the series.

        If you are an employer would’nt you feel upset if an employee kees harping something bad to media about your products?

        Really bad timing.

      2. But then if you are a promoter of a product you know is faulty and you know the company knows and need to know so that they can next time make the product better, then you have every right to voice your dissatisfaction. However maybe with a bit more tact.

      3. She has already crossed the bridge so she can pull the plank anytime she likes and that is what she is doing.

  7. ~what a waste for tvb.. Another big gun gone..
    I really looking forward how Rosy Business would be without Sheren

  8. TVB should look in to their internal department exp the script writer and not blame Sheren. The series is very dissapointing and boring.
    I dont think Sheren is losing, she is very professional.
    Support Sheren.


    Today tvb announced that from 2014 onwards all scripts will be 80% completed before filming starts.

    Tvb may claim otherwise but anyone can tell this wouldn’t be possible if Sheren did not speak out against tvb.

    1. Exactly! This goes to show how hypocritical TVB (its management) is. On the one hand, they denounce Sheren for speaking out and ‘stirring the pot’, yet on the other hand, they are indirectly acknowledging her complaints as valid by making changes so quickly.

      And no, I don’t buy the argument that TVB decided to make this change because they finally ‘recognized’ that it was a problem and NOT because Sheren complained about it…this on the fly script thing has been going on for at least 40 years already and up until this point, TVB never made an effort to acknowledge the issue or make changes…to me, the other artists should be thankful to Sheren for speaking out because these changes are going to make their lives easier now — but unfortunately, instead of being grateful, they ‘condemn’ her for it. If we want to talk about ‘camaraderie’, well then where’s the ‘camaraderie’ in that?

      1. I want to know what is Kenny Wong’s opinion of tvb making these changes.

    2. I’d be quite curious to see if TVB can actually deliver on that 80% promise (I’m not very hopeful). Ricky Wong’s HKTV can currently deliver full scripts before filming, but they aren’t yet operating at full throttle and producing 20+ series a year like TVB is.

      1. Nobody knows unless someone speaks out which is highly unlikely, even so, tvb will come up with silly excuses to defend themselves.

  10. No matter what happens! No matter what they say! I’ll always support you SHEREN <3

    TVB can do no wrong!!! huh.. actually a dictator!

  11. to be honest, sheren has been nothing but super critical about everything. i mean it’s good to have an opinion, but it’s also good to respect tvb. she shouldn’t just skip out on promotional events or badmouth about them in public.

    it takes two to work things out, so maybe it’s partially tvb’s fault for having crap scripts but it could also be her poor cooperation abilities

    1. Yeah. It’s great that she spoke out and all, and no-one’s disagreeing with her.

      But at the same time it’s unprofessional to skip work and piss out the people who give you money to do stuff.

      1. Sheren Tang said that she was not asked by TVB to attend any promotional events except the very first ones, and the media just twisted their words in reporting.

    2. Well, Sheren has always been one to speak her mind about things, plus all the stuff she ‘complained’ about was true — AND it wasn’t just directed to CYM or TVB, but rather at the entire industry as a whole. Also, she had talked about the ‘flying scripts’ thing prior to BAW even airing, so to say that she’s only ‘complaining’ now that the ratings are low is really stretching it. Sure, she probably could have voiced her criticisms in a different way, but I don’t feel she was wrong in bringing up the issues so everyone involved can reflect upon it.

      And the skipping out on promotional events thing — that was pretty much blown up by the Media. She did participate in promo events in the beginning — but later on when the series started airing, she was no longer invited to the promo events (probably cuz she had already started complaining about the ‘flying papers’ thing). Basically, my point is that just because Sheren didn’t attend all the promo events, doesn’t necessarily mean that she chose to ‘skip out’ — if TVB didn’t invite her, then why is it her fault for not attending?

  12. She probably felt a lot of responsibility to the show. She felt that the success of the drama was mostly on her shoulders, therefore she was all stressed w/health problems and everything. Then w/the poor ratings she just did want people pointing the finger to her. It’s not her fault…and I think she’s just expressing it.
    She has already made a mark on the industry. She doesn’t need TVB! I’m sure she’s shaking in her boots right now learning that TVB froze her! LOL!

    1. typo….she didn’t want people pointing fingers!

  13. I think it’s less like “suspending” and more like “blacklisting”, since Sheren is no longer a TVB-managed artiste anyway.

    I don’t think Sheren cares anyway, she has plenty of opportunities outside of TVB and doesn’t need their paycheques.

    But as I was commenting in another thread, my sense is that there’s more to this than her current round of remarks about BAW. Clearly TVB was already on bad terms with Sheren last year when they announced they were going to film “Rosy Business 3” with Myolie in place of her.

  14. It’s important to be part of a bigger team and not belaboured the negative points, that I agree.
    But TVB should also acknowledge their own shortcomings.
    Also TVB executives need to wake up, Sheren have plenty of jobs in China with completed scripts, better working conditions and better pay! Come on when will TVB start to wake up and change for the better!?!

  15. Hahahaha!!! Wow, how ‘low’ of TVB to now claim that Sheren was ‘dropped’ from casting in Aerobic Girls when 1) she was never confirmed to be part of the cast in the first place (it was pretty much TVB saying they ‘would like’ to invite her) and 2) Sheren had already confirmed earlier that she had declined the series. Sounds to me like TVB is ‘bitter’ that Sheren dared to ‘reject’ them and with all her criticisms as of late, felt it was the perfect opportunity to ‘save face’ for themselves (after all, it sounds better from TVB’s perspective to say they dropped her from the cast than to say that she rejected TVB….at least this way, it’s them calling the shots…).

    Yea, whatever TVB….it’s your loss anyway (plus I’m sure Sheren doesn’t give a crap anyway). Sure, keeping pushing out all the talented artists and keep all the talentless ‘obedient’ ones who are willing to bow down to your every wish…let’s see where your company ends up 10 years down the road….

    1. llwy12
      Excellent points. Support and agree!

  16. TVB suspends Sheren? I don’t think Sheren cares considering TVB is desperate right now for top artists. This will surely piss off Sheren and she’ll never make another series for them. Sadly, none of the other casts are coming out to support Sheren’s frustrations.

    1. No for sure. Ada, Moses, Christine Ng and Kenny Wong, Eddie Kwan, Katy Kung (lead and supporting artistes) all supported Chow’s “flying paper script”. Who else would support Sheren?

      None of the artistes would have to courage to support Sheren after TVB’s announcement unless they all want to be fired.

  17. 620 clarified that they were not suspending her and that there was already a conflict with Aerobic Girls so that’s why Sheren will not be filming that.

    Sheren has a right to express her opinion, but her colleagues also have a right to speak up about being unhappy with her statements. I’m not picking a side, but I do see how all this bad PR is affecting the series.

  18. its for d best… for sheren i mean… hahaha…

  19. general manager mark lee is truly foolish to believe in other actors who are jealous of sheren

  20. TVB’s assistant GM Peter Au also said that they (TVB) hope that artists don’t utilize the Media to express their grievances– instead, if there are problems, they should speak to TVB management directly. Ok fine…but honestly, I would think that as one of the higher ups, he should be aware of how TVB operates. I mean, does Mr. Au honestly think that artists (Sheren for example) like to complain to the Media just for the heck of it? Many of the artists who have publicly complained about TVB (Sheren, Felix Wong, Michael Tao, etc.) had already tried talking to management internally about it first – in fact, many of them had been voicing their concerns for years, but did TVB do anything? Of course not – most of the time, management just tries to sweep things under the rug in the hopes that the issue will just ‘go away’. Come on now – the artists aren’t dumb…they know how TVB operates and they know full well that majority of the time, their ‘complaints’ will fall on deaf ears…the only way TVB management will take action is if the issue is made public and the audiences pressure them to do something!

    1. most of the time, management just tries to sweep things under the rug in the hopes that the issue will just ‘go away’
      I don’t mind if TVB would do this way. At least they wouldn’t boycott (or suspend) Sheren because of her honest criticisms. They are very mean to Sheren this time, and I think that Sheren should never film any drama series for TVB from now on. I wouldn’t if I were in her place.

  21. Sheren could have kept mum and let TVB sink deeper but she chose to be upfront, and then this is how TVB expresses appreciation to sincere feedback. How wise, TVB.

    Good for you, Sheren. Support!

  22. I am quite sure when she commented this she was prepared for the consequences.
    However I personally think she ought to be professional as has affected other people in the series.

    1. I’m sorry, but how ‘professional’ was Chow Yuk Ming being with the whole ‘flying paper’ script thing? He pretty much admitted in an interview that he knew his ‘bad habit’ affects everyone else working with him, but sorry, he can’t and won’t change it.

      Well, let’s apply that same ‘mentality’ to Sheren — her personality has always been to speak up when she feels an injustice is done…so should she just keep quiet and ‘suck it up’ just because everyone else chose to take that route? If CYM refuses to change his ‘bad habit’, then Sheren shouldn’t have to change her ‘personality’ either…

      To me, I don’t see a problem with Sheren bringing up this issue — sure, the timing was bad, but that doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist.

      Lastly — TVB just announced that they are ‘changing their policies’ somewhat by making sure that 80% of the script is ready for artists to review prior to filming, starting in 2014 (undoubtedly an effort to curb the on-the-fly script problem)….so if Sheren is so ‘wrong’ in complaining, why did TVB make the changes then? Because they felt like doing it out of the goodness of their hearts?

      1. Er, sheren knew about chow yuk ming’s bad habit before BAW? Why only bring it up after the series have done poorly? If it is a real concern for her, she should have that stipulation before accepting the script since she knows of Cym’s bad habit, the way some artistes will request for 10hour filming days, she could have always requested for 80% completed script?
        Btw if BAW had done well, with ratings in the 30s, would CYM’s bad habit been brought up?

      2. Actually, she did request it….CYM even acknowledged this point in the interview (he said that he knew a long time ago –I’m assuming from previous collaboration — that Sheren has this request).

        And remember she said in the interview that when filming WAB, she had received 20 episodes rough draft of the script that included dialogue so she was able to prepare somewhat….when she accepted BAW, she undoubtedly thought she would at least get the same thing (20 episodes rough draft at least to prepare)…but it turns out CYM didn’t deliver.  Sure, we can say that Sheren was “at fault” for assuming that CYM would do things the same as he did for the first series, but can we honestly blame her for thinking that?  As she said in the interview, if she had known that things would be different (meaning she wouldn’t get 20 episodes rough draft ahead of time like before), she wouldn’t have accepted the series.

      3. Oh and she did say that during filming of the first installment (WAB), she had brought up the flying papers issue too (in fact, she brought it up “internally” to the production team like TVB wanted), but no one paid attention (don’t remember if she had said anything publicly back then or not).  This time around, she brought up the issue again (though to be fair, she first mentioned it before the series started airing, so she didn’t wait until ratings were low as the Media reported)….the reason why it was a big issue this time was because it coincided with the low ratings and the Media seized the opportunity to make it into a big deal…

      4. Im sure all artistes would want the script to be somewhat completed, but what im saying is if its such a Big concern for sheren, then it should be stipulated in writing in the contractual terms. Now they all have requests, but who can foresee tvb follow through? But if its written into her contract with liabilitiinges?

        Regardless, I do like how BAW was written, especially the suggestion that WAB was derived on true events spinning a life of their own through rumor mongers and storytellers. its a shame CYM is getting much flak for it.

      5. Btw if BAW had done well, with ratings in the 30s, would CYM’s bad habit been brought up?

        I suspect Sheren would probably still have mentioned it (but might not have emphasised it as much) but I suspect the media would not have made it such a big deal. The flying papers issue has been known for a long time and other artistes have complained about it too, but I don’t recall this amount of publicity about it. I think it’s because BAW as a blockbuster sequel is such a ratings disaster, the media is gleefully reporting on the negative aspects of this drama and also turning it into a Sheren vs her costars/CYM/TVB type of feud.

  23. Pretty soon, TVB will be left with all these newbies that cant act but given lead roles cus they sign 8 years contracts with them, I think we know who they are..

    1. yes, very soon they are going to make Christine Kuo lead like how they did with Sire Ma.
      And we would be left watching actresses like Christine Kuo as Yu Fei…. oh my

  24. Some of Sheren’s TVB colleagues have talked with me about her before, saying that her critical behavior makes them uncomfortable.
    I think the above statement is garbage. TVB just wanted to give them an excuse to suspend Sheren Tang.

    If they didn’t think Sheren was right in complaining about “flying paper script”, then why did they want to make changes “to have 80% of the script completed before filming in 2014”? This is contradicting!

      1. You are right on ………. TVB is slapping itself in the face. Haha ….

    1. I absolutely agree with you Sandcherry. They just had to find some excuse for Sheren. I like BAW, it is sad that others dont like it. i agree that the acting is good mostly, yes i agree the pace is a little slow but I am alright with it, it’s not terrible or anything.. Its sad Sheren had to take the hit.

      They have shown themselves to be miserly and now proven to be petty as well. Perhaps they even did it just as an example to other artistes that they should always be obedient and not voice out any opinions or face being frozen.

      1. i agree with you Siying. It is a bit slow, but certainly not the worst show in the year. not sure why it is doing so badly.

      2. Perhaps they even did it just as an example to other artistes that they should always be obedient and not voice out any opinions or face being frozen.
        Good point. To show how powerful TVB is!!!

      3. @Jackson,
        Thanks, I did not watch Bullet Brain but from what I read, it seems that could be much worse than BAW? Or maybe the worst show in the year?

        Maybe it’s doing badly because it doesn’t offer instant gratification, unlike with today’s rapid technology making things become fast paced, so when something slower like BAW comes along, there’s a growing impatience because we are used to everything getting faster now.

      4. @ Sandcherry,
        Thanks, yes I would think so, to use their power to control.

    2. I think it’s an excuse too. Honestly I think someone at TVB has been displeased with Sheren for some time (hence the exclusion from RB3, exclusion from BAW promotional activities), and her latest criticisms about BAW have just given them a public excuse to stage a public fallout with her. The HK media also seem to enjoy adding oil to the fire. Back when RB3 was announced without Sheren there were media reports that claimed that she was difficult to work with, a diva, etc. to “justify” why she wasn’t invited to film RB3.

      Really this whole affair has been quite bizarre and self-contradicting on TVB’s part, and the media certainly isn’t helping with the way they’re exaggerating the conflict. In the first place, Sheren is no longer on contract with TVB, so they can’t even “suspend” her. And the claim that she was deliberately dropped from “Aerobic Girls” when she was not even slated to be in it. And publicly slamming her on the same day that they announce their 80% script promise.

      I won’t be surprised if we later see other TVB executives backpedal on this Mark Lee’s statements, though. I don’t see what the company has to gain by burning their bridges with Sheren so publicly. (Seriously if they want to “boycott” her they can just quietly decide not to invite her to film any more series in future; there’s no need to make a public statement about it and lose goodwill.)

    3. @sandcherry: Well, TVB’s other GM Peter Au vehemently denies that the change is due to Sheren’s complaints. He “claims” that TVB was planning on making this change since the beginning of the year (yea, right!). Typical TVB lame-arse response…

      The HK Media is dumb too. I mean, they are so quick to add fuel to the fire and practically ‘crucify’ Sheren with their reports, yet I don’t see any reporter calling Mr. Au out on his contradictory ‘denial’ or his other comment about restricting TVB artists’ freedom of speech! This whole thing has truly turned into a farce!

      1. They (Mr. Lee Po On and Mr. Au Wai Lam) were just contradicting themselves in their announcements. What a joke ……… coming out from a GM and an AGM within a day or two. Which one should we take ……… GM’s or AGM’s. Of course, GM’s because he is higher up than AGM.

        Also if TVB will make a change about the readiness (80% complete script) of their future scripts, they did not have to make the announcement right away, right after announcing the suspension (or boycott) of Sheren Tang. They were admitting their mistake …… allowing flying paper scripts. Ha ha ….. they are just slapping each other’s mouth!!!

      2. P.S. Lee Po On is the General Manager, while Au Wai Lam is the Assistant General Manager.

      3. The HK entertainment media in indeed dumb, or are deliberately fanning the flames. They couldn’t even be bothered to fact-check whether the claim wrt “Aerobic Girls” contradicted previous reports about Sheren having declined the role.

      4. If Lee Po On really said that “TVB will not cast Sheren Tang in “Aerobic Girls”, he was just dumb and wanted to retain TVB’s face and wanted to sound “great and super powerful”.

  25. wtf….her “poor behaviour”..!!?!?! Speaking up about what is TRUE, is poor behaviour???? tbb, are you effing kidding?? tbb can’t even handle being criticised by their own brought up artist because they realise the truth ‘hurts’. She’d probably be laughing by now about being ‘suspended’, and thanking God for it.

    1. Besides trying their upmost hardest to retain some ‘face’ in the public eye about their failures, they probably want to show their current artists’ that speaking their own opinion/thoughts and criticising the company is totally unacceptable and would lead to such action/consequences…well I sure do pray and hope all of their artists’ do the same as what Sheren did and criticise the crap out of the company, see what the company would do then- perhaps suspend the entire lot.

  26. We need a new management team. A massive spill up at TVB headquarters.

  27. Support you Sheren Tang.
    Your performance in Beauty At War is the best among the others despite the bad timing of scripts coming in for you.

    It is evident that TVB still thinks they are the Boss in the market and don’t take criticism. Shame on TVB.

    It’s their loss.

  28. Sheren is right about the poor and late scripts. She is telling the truth which TVB refuses to admit or acknowledge which is currently hurting their ratings. This actually gives other companies currently trying to get TV licenses in HK a foothold in the industry and take some of the luster from TVB. You can’t save a sinking ship if the no one (TVB) is willing to admit there are holes to plug up. A blessing in disguise is that she is not voiding her contract as TVB has “froze” her which gives her opportunities to cash in filming in China

    1. LOL, TVB doesn’t realize that their ship is sinking due to holes but blames the waves and other new ships 😀

  29. Well, Sheren blasts TVB for the late issuance of scripts, etc, and now TVB is trying to improve things. That shows how effective Sheren’s words havae been. Good for Sheren for her outspokeness!

    1. ‘trying to improve things..’ – and how so?? Doesn’t seem like tvb is making a move, and even if so, it’d be one step forward two steps back.

  30. LOL yea rite! As if Sheren b bothered with TVB suspension MG! Support u Sheren!!!!!!

  31. Sheren’s (constructive) criticisms improved other artistes’ working conditions in the coming year of 2014. It’s just unfortunate that TVB is being so bitter/playing victim about it.

    Sheren might’ve lost TVB but she still has us audience!

    1. She didn’t lose anything-it’s tvb’s big loss lol

      1. it’s a two way street.
        sheren lost tvb, tvb lost sheren. whatever

        but sheren losing tvb means no hong kong dramas for us unless she switches over to HKTV.. but hey don’t even have their license yet.

        lose lose situation 🙁

  32. I’ve enjoyed Sheren in RB-1, still haven’t watched RB-2 and though a tvb fan, found myself sort of still dragging my feet upto now. Don’t know why, but probably because I personally felt that success has gone to her head after the second award and she started criticising about everything, followed by her departure from tvb to dig money in mainland.

    Sure tvb has shortcomings and she is a good actress but has anyone, at any time, heard her say any gracious or thankful comments to tvb for her successful exposure after RB-1 or 2 ??

  33. Silly TVB
    Making the auidance angry, I hope Rosy Business 3 same fate as Beauty at War

  34. TVB is totally losing it and a lot of their shows or sitcoms are nothing compared the ones they’ve produced in the past. It all has to do with the management of the station and the production.

  35. TVB is just plain stupid – cannot accept criticism……they can continue using people like Sire Ma as their the female lead.
    Sheren does not need them!

    1. If TVB continue to use Sire Ma as their
      female lead, it will be very pity that
      nobody wants to watch TVB drama anymore!

  36. I feel like this corporation is ran by “c lai” and rascals that don’t know how to run a business.

    1) never publicize internal disruptive behavior. you keep that chit behind closed doors.

    2) don’t point fingers under any circumstances. the corporation is a team, no need to continue the finger pointing game even if management wrongfully conceive sheren tang as the one who started it

    3) don’t be a hypocrite. if sheren’s complaints were not warranted, then ignore and don’t make any changes

    What stupidity!!!!

  37. Many stars leaving and shows are becoming lackluster on TVB. They made the first mistake of many, but the most critical was not allowing her time to go back to Rosy Business III. Stop bleeding TVB, listen to your stars and stop concentrating your fight on your rivals, other TV stations.

  38. The Very Bad (tvb) needs her, Don’t say tvb is upset, they are angry while the one who is really upset is sheren suffering depression again due to this.

    Tvb needs her, it’s only a choice if she wants to come back or earn more per episode elsewhere.

  39. Oh please, when someone is at Sheren’s lvl why should they need to filter themselves? She just told the truth. TVB should stop being angry for not being able to control veterans. They’ve had their fairshare of BS when they first started out. Just because Sheren isn’t “young and new” anymore and they can’t “control” her they’re gonna freeze her.

    It’s TVB’s loss at the end of the day. We’ll see who needs who more

  40. Sheren is an interesting & fearless actress. But if she continues this way, & TVB sack her, it’s the viewers lost!
    I just wish TVB can have better scripts in the future!

  41. Lol… suspend Sheren? SUSPEND?

    Hey, TVB execs… I have news for you… looking over your list of current actresses? You need Sheren a lot more than she needs you!!!

    1. I seriously think that only sheren and Wayne is carrying TVB for the time being. Younger actor/actress still unreliable to carry a serie. If TVB dont have have good scripts, they dont have anything.

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