Vanness Wu Believes Virginity is Important

Keeping abstinent from sex until marriage does not seem to be on the cards of youngsters these days.  Today’s teens seem to be unperturbed by losing one’s virginity early in a relationship. Former F4 member, Vanness Wu (吴建豪), however feels that keeping purity for your significant other is a very important thing to do.

Vanness admitted that he lost his virginity when he was a teenager. Since he became a Christian, he has taken a chastity pledge and is against pre-marital sex. He vows that he will abstain from sex until he enters marriage. In one of his recent interviews, he said that both he and his girlfriend have the same consensus and thinks that virginity is a precious gift for the spouse and added that it is a priceless treasure.

Due to the influence from his mother, Vanness loves to cook and claims that his culinary skills are quite good. He also strongly believes that being able to cook well is an attractive virtue to have.

At a recent event, Vanness showed off his cooking skills by making an ideal cold dessert for the summer months and because his mother often cooks good food for him, subsequently, Vanness fell in love with cooking. Vanness admits that “knowing how to cook may not be a prerequisite in a relationship, however, whether it’s the guy or the girl, knowing how to cook is indeed very appealing.”

Keeping a very tight schedule with many incoming job offers, Vanness admits that getting the “mood” is most challenging. “Last time because of work pressure, I will dump all negative vibes on people around me, but once I have religion I can adjust my frustrations.” Besides having his character changed for the better, religion has also make Vanness sign a declaration that he will not have sex before marriage. Vanness said, “This will be the most precious gift you can give your spouse on your wedding day. My girlfriend and I share the same sentiment.”


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  1. I love it when a guy knows how to cook! Definitely a plus in my book!

    1. Absolutely!!! A man who can cook well is “ooh la la” sexy. 🙂

      1. But it is still better to be able to cook for yourself.

    2. Is Van on a meatless diet? maybe!?
      A spiritual gesture or body talk of “reclaimed virginity”, which means: Van is spiritually a Virgin.

    3. Probably is gay……..abstain from sex till marriage……….what a jerk-off?

  2. Easy for him to say. He probably tried sex and didn’t like it so he abstains from it. One should believe in importance of virginity when one is a virgin, if not that is just one hypocritical statement to make.

    And virginity is never had sexual intercourse. He and his girlfriend (not sure about her but I will assume) are hardly virgins.

    1. 1. He did mention that he did lose his virginity as a teenager.
      2. It’s not hypocritical. He became a Christian recently. And on some aspect, it is important to save sex for his marriage partner.
      3. As outsiders, we would not know if his girlfriend is a virgin or not. But from the article, it seems that the girlfriend may also be a virgin..

    2. you’re obviously not a christian to say what you said, and i feel bad for those around you because you’re so pessimistic and hardly try to understand others.

    3. Good grief!!! What harsh things to say. As you know, abstaining is not easy to do, especially for a men with easy access. Vanness makes a good role model for the young. Too bad there aren’t more like him.

    4. Virgin or not, none of our business. End of the day we are not the one having sex with him. And yes, since you’re not the had sex with them so you don’t know there are virgin or not. So don’t assume. ASSUMING is not a FACT!!

      1. First of all, he made it our business by talking about it to public. Secondly, read the article again. How can someone who had sex be a virgin? And how it is not hypocritical when one who is not a virgin says he believes virginity is important when he lost his years ago?

        Or the translation is off? Perhaps the headline should be Vanness Wu believes abstaining from sex before marriage is important? Perhaps that is a better title?

        Perhaps before going all affronted read the whole article again.

      2. It was the media who enclosed it, not him. As listeners, we do not know if he opened up or if it was the media who asked. Have you thought that the media or the translator may be twisted his words?
        A. The definition of purity depends on the person. You can lose your virginity and still be “pure”. Or vice versa.
        B. He only said that “keeping purity for your significant other is a very important thing to do”….

      3. @Funn,
        Anybody (parents, teachers, celebrities, etc.) can believe/promote “virginity is important”. There’s no requirement to be a virgin. The title is fine. Maybe Vanness made a mistake when he was young? He is human afterall. So, the best that he can do now is abstain.

        Many celebrities who have made mistakes (and went to jail or through rehab) use their platform to teach the young not to follow the wrong path (like them).

        “Do as I say, not as I do/did.”

      4. It’s called being a reborn virgin one you already had sex but choose to abstain from it until marriage. with such comments “someone” must still be a virgin.

    5. 1. This Vanness dude is a total hypocrite. He has had sex before but is now ‘against pre-marital sex’. Don’t use Christianity to cover up hypocrisy.
      2. Just because someone is a virgin, it does not necessarily mean he/she is pure. The two do not necessarily go hand in hand.
      3. Virginity is not a special gift. It simply means someone has not had sex before. There is nothing special about that. Losing your virginity means someone has experienced having sexual intercourse. There is nothing wrong with that (whether it happened before or after marriage).
      4. @750: whether Funn Lim is a Christian or not is irrelevant. It has no bearings on his supposed pessimism. It also does not make what he says wrong.
      5. @MW: you’re right, abstaining is very hard, which is why people shouldn’t abstain because it goes against our nature. Just take a look at all the Catholic priests who ‘abstain’ and end up raping little boys. (Read ‘The Moral Landscape’ by Sam Harris)
      6. Vanness is NOT a role model. In fact, I would argue that he is a bad influence on today’s young people (who just might copy him and decide to abstain without really knowing why it is necessary (or not)).
      7. Vanness’ virginity or lack thereof is insignificant to say the least. If it’s no one else’s business, then don’t talk about it. But the fact that he did talk about it means he wants people to know something about him, which means people have the right to make any assumptions or judgments that they want about him.

      1. I don’t know why Christianity is target in your thread. But since you bring it up, I’m sure Buddhist monks and other monks of other religions never had sex or molested children before? That’s why dramas get really creative and make up things like that? Like Buddhist nuns having children?

      2. That reply was to prove a point. But as a person, hopefully a matured one you should realize people make bad decisions and not the religion. At least the majority of religions out there.

    6. I agreed with Funn that it is hypocrite to talk about virginity if that person already had sex before .

    7. It’s not hypocritical. Yes, he’s not a virgin but he regrets losing his virginity before he got married that’s why he is telling others about the importance of virginity. He probably doesn’t want others to make the same mistake.

      Having said that, I don’t agree with this ‘no pre-marital sex’ thing because it’s stupid.

    8. Funn, I am surprised at such an assuming statement from you. I’ve always considered you one of the saner souls around here. Hehe.

      If Vanness truly stayed abstinent after his conversion to Christianity, I wouldn’t call him a hypocrite. If he still slept around afterwards, then the accusation is valid.

      But yes, I do think the translation is off. There are probably many places where “purity” or “abstinence” should have been used in the place of “virginity.”

  3. I do support his decision. And it’s not uncommon for people these days to have sex before marriage.

    And the reason why people pledge not to have sex is not to stay “pure” or that type of jazz. But to prevent comparisons (eg. who’s better? Me or ____, etc.) But, sex is a physical unification of two people…

  4. another fake ass christian…what’s up with all those asian suddenly become a christian? r they trying to hit the US market?

    all religious are evil…

    1. Is he fake?
      I don’t know but I definetely don’t see them as attention seekers who are targeting the US market!

      1. yes, all christian are he is a fake one too.

        if he isn’t a attention seeker, then why is he talking about his virginity? or born again christian?

      2. @Sky: Are you saying Louie Giglio, Andy Stanley and Francis Chan are fake? They are well-known Christians as well. Are you saying they are fake too?

        And it was the MEDIA who gave him that image.. not himself.

      3. @ Simon:

        Do they do it b/c they felt it was the right thing? or b/c they scare of “hell”….if they don’t have any religious, then i might believe they did it based on the kindness of their heart…otherwise, fake……..

      4. Are you saying that people with a religious background won’t do things “based on the kindness of their heart” and that they are fakes ?
        If that is true, you are SO wrong.

        And no, that’s not what Christians believe in!!! Christians are not scared of hell. Christians generally believe that they are sinner and that Jesus Christ is the only way to get to heaven. We only need to believe in Jesus and that Jesus is God. We do not believe in good works. Good works does not equal to going to heaven.

        Please read Yen’s comments. Doing good deeds and being kind comes naturally. You don’t need to have a religion to know that!

      5. @ Theresa,

        who say christian are not scare of hell? why are they believe in Jesus just to escape hell? do u think it’s stupid just to believe in Jesus and you won’t go to hell? what a joke.

      6. @sky you committed a logical fallacy when you said “yes, all Christian are he is a fake one too.”

        You’re probably basing your argument on the fact that you’ve seen many Christians who are fake and therefore all of them are fake. That is not the case. For example, just because I see nine celebrities that smoke, it doesn’t mean that the tenth one will too.

    2. I would not say that religions are evil, it is the bad people who make religion seem like a bad thing when they truly are not.

      1. Agree, thats the people who make religions bad

  5. He lost his virginity, so I wonder why he keeps going on and on about being a virgin?? Also, I don’t feel you should let religion controls your beliefs and decisions in life. If you want to try to be remain pure then you want to, not because a religion told you to do so.

    1. Exactly. Thank you, HeTieShou for pointing out that virginity is a personal issue and not something that religion controls.

      I am a christian as well, but to pledge to be pure is something between God and yourself. No one needs to know what you have decided or to publicize it online/on newspapers.

      And to those that says Christians are fakes, please elaborate more on what you mean. Just because we admit that we are Christians, it doesn’t make us better than non-Chirstians nor make us better. We still have our negative traits and we still make mistakes.

      1. Christians *

        And it’s fine if you disagree. But to say all Christians are fake is a harsh statement that isn’t true.

      2. You repeated yourself, but totally in an agreement.

      3. To me, religion is a relationship to God.
        All religions, not just Christians taught us to be good.
        When I read comments bashing Christians doing good deeds as FAKE, it always make me wonders lolll does that mean other religion taught them to be cruel @@?’
        I was a Buddhist and am now a Christian 😉
        And if hohohos u all ever noticed my writings, I’m certainly not the angel type xD
        We are all just human 😉 😉

      4. @ yen:

        I laugh at people who think we have good moral from the bible…

        please read the first testament…you should see how wonderful your god was.

      5. Please research on Louie Glglio and Andy Stanley. I have no idea who the heck Pat Robertson is.

      6. @ Coco,

        Of course you guys are not better than anyone else but often act like it.

      7. @Coco
        I do believe you mean the Old Testament. Just a clarification, God of the Old Testament is a God to be feared… but it doesn’t mean He wasn’t a good God. If he wasn’t a good God, why did He send His son to die for people who repeatedly rebelled against Him?
        In the Old Testament, God did the things He did and created the laws in it because He wanted to save the Israelites and it was for their own good. It was said that He created the world. I think He would know how it works best.
        You also are entitled every right to have your own harsh opinions about Christians. I would assume you’ve had your own bad experiences with some who call themselves Christians. But have hope, my friend. Some of us… like Vanness Wu (believe it or not) may be just trying to encourage those who are his fans to stick to their own convictions. That may not be his true intentions, but we can’t all be too sure, right?

      8. I am a Christian myself but Danette, I think you mean your post is geared towards Sky…

      9. Bubblez,
        You are right and not all Christians are fake. ONe of friends was but she was really nice and was not fake at all. But at times, I have to admit that I was annoyed because she was too religious and talked about Jesus too much. However, that did not make her a bad person. Just a bit annoying…

        The issue of virginity is private and not something that you should go on and on about and preach to public about. It is not like you get extra points from the public for being one or not which is why I get a bit annoyed at those actresses that constantly claim to be one. Do they think they will be put up on a higher pedestal just because they are one???

        Being a Christian, religious or not does not make you a better or worse person… Everyone has good and bad and are not perfect… We just have to accept and compliment each other.

      10. Danette, Jesus is in the New testament. Christianity is based on that. Judaism is based on old testament. Judaism, christianity and islam are people from the same book, hence by theory no one needs to convert to the other religion.

        Again religion is in the end interpretation of the person holding the book. They see what they wanna see. Religion by itself is good. After all God teaches us to do good things. The problem is the interpreter. Islam is the perfect example.

      11. No, you are wrong Funn. Better to do research or someone may call you “moron”. There are some notable differences
        A) Islam is VERY different from Christianity.
        difference #1: Muslims believe that Jesus was a PROPHET.
        diference #2: Muslims use the Koran.
        difference #3: The religion Islam believes that the last prophet is Mohammad.
        difference #4: the way of life is different. Christians do not have the 5 pillars of faith or something among those lines.
        B) Judaism and Christianity are similar but there are differences as well.
        – They both use the Old Testament.
        – Judaism believers uses Tanakh (Jewish Bible)
        – Jews believe that Mary (the mother of God) is a saint. Christians do not believe that.
        – Christanity believe that Jesus God is the son of God, born human. Part of the trinity.
        – “Christians believe Jesus Christ is the only way to get to heaven. We only need to believe in Jesus and that Jesus is God. We do not believe in good works. Good works does not equal to going to heaven.”

      12. Perhaps Coco you reread what I wrote. Your last few points affirms what I said. Jesus is in the new testament. All these 3 faiths share almost same contents for the OLD testament. I wasn’t talking about the new testament where Jesus wasn’t even born yet.

        I may not be a student of theology or the Quran or Judaism, but I know the very basic.

        Which is why some will argue there need not be anyone converting to the other since they are all faith from the same book, and that book I stress is OLD testament.

      13. ” “Christians believe Jesus Christ is the only way to get to heaven. We only need to believe in Jesus and that Jesus is God. We do not believe in good works. Good works does not equal to going to heaven.””

        Tell that to the catholics.

      14. @Coco,

        Thanks for lining out those beliefs. But I would like to point out that Judaism does not consider Mary to be a saint. Saints are from the Roman Catholic Church system.

        Judaism, on the other hand, is the bedrock of Christianity. The main difference is that Judaism believes that Messiah is yet to come; Christianity realizes that Jesus Christ was already the promised Messiah =)

      15. “God of the Old Testament is a God to be feared… but it doesn’t mean He wasn’t a good God.”

        I remember in the Old Testament, God continually and repeatedly harden the Egyptian pharaoh’s heart so that he broke his promise (to let the Israelite go) again and again so that God can send pestilences and catastrophe to Egypt to show His powerful.

        Uh. That’s not very nice.

        I agree with Funn,

        Yes, Judaism, Christianity and Islam’s teachings are different in the details, but, they are based on the same source material. If not, why all three religion believe in the same prophets from the Old Testament?

    2. I don’t think he’s stressing that hes a virgin but he meant to tell people probably he lost it at too early an age perhaps and that it’s better to save yourself for the younger generation? I mean, I too find it a bit odd and somewhat hypocritical i mean he stresses on how he found GOD and that he will never sin again… Sigh, I don’t think there’s a need to announce it like that as well but you know Taiwanese can be a bit more open when it comes to intimate questions. If you guys watch that sometimes B…H host Xiao S, she always asks the guys when their first times were?????? Like really? Is that really appropriate for daytime TV you know but that woman always so asked such personal questions and these stars actually tell them. Talk about shi**y questions. Hahaha

      1. I think you are confused with the whole “what is a Christian” thing. Even if we are CHristians, like BUbblez said, we will still make mistakes/sins…

        It’s not like we become perfect!

      2. *Vanness admitted that he lost his virginity when he was a teenager. Since he became a Christian, he has taken a chastity pledge and is against pre-marital sex. He vows that he will abstain from sex until he enters marriage. *

        ^ No where does he say he will not sin ever again. I have no idea where you got this idea from.

    3. @Coco
      My bad. My post was geared towards Sky xD

    4. HTS, damn agree with you, you always pointing out well and very objective. LIKE!
      “I don’t feel you should let religion controls your beliefs and decisions in life. If you want to try to be remain pure then you want to, not because a religion told you to do so.”

  6. He kept talking about God and virginity all over the internet/youtube.

    Who knows… he lost his virginity from one night-stand so that could be a big regret to him. If he lost his virginity to his current gf or at least to someone he loved before then he probably won’t think the same as now. The point is you live your life to the way you think that’s right not because from the bible.

    To me, all religions are to teach us to be good. But we human-being knows that we should all live to be a good person – meaning we should all know from right and wrong. Not b/c coming from God. People that think of God/Jesus is b/c they feel lost/insecure/hopeless – this is the time they think God is there to help. It’s all psychology. Have you seen GOD/JESUS? Yes.. Really??

    In any religion – there are fake and real people/ good and bad people. I know a minister that was married for 40 years and didn’t want divorce b/c of the bible. But at the end he got a gf during his marriage. Recently, I saw news about ministers got arrested for having sex with youngster and another one got a waitress fired over something super small.

    1. @azndoraemon

      Actually I think or pray more often to the Lord Jesus in my happy times xD

      And it’s really hard to explain how it feels..
      I mean I raised in a Buddhist family and when my Mum accepted Christ, it’s like a war in the family!

      My mum bought me to church and I hated it. But one will never know when God touches us 😉 😉

      I commited lots of awful stuffs and am still doing so eg: cursing ppls and miahahas telling lies xD
      -when I hikhikhik don’t want to go to work-

      Just want to say, hmmmm I’m not sure of other Christians but after I accepted Christ, yes, definately there are some lousy stuffs I will avoid doing not because I’m scare of going to Hell after I die but because I can feel HIS deep love to me 😉 🙂

      I mean we all won’t do stuffs that will hurt the feelings of the person you know that loves you deeply 🙂
      I know if I do that, the Lord will be upset and I surely wouldn’t want to get Jesus to get upset as I know HE loves me deeply 😉

    2. @azndoraemon, I agree with you that we live our life the way we think that’s right and not because of bible or religion dictates it – especially in terms of moral conduct.
      On a separate note and more relevant to the topic, I like Vanness when I watched Autumn Concerto (my kids like him too as ‘outer-space dad’). I think it’s commendable for him to voice his faith/beliefs – whether real or fake, is not for me to judge cos I’m no saint myself.
      There are impressionable teenagers/youths out there who look up to their idols – if those idols care enough to try to ensure they’re instilling good values we should not be too harsh/judgemental of them. Give them benefit of the doubt instead of shooting them left and right. As adults, we know that all humans are bound to make mistakes and do not take what others say at face value.
      Honestly, if those idols flaunt their moral misconducts and proudly encouraging their impressionable fans to live their life the way they want to, the moral decay of our society will be even worse than it is now. Before you say there’s nothing wrong with that – think of it from a parent’s viewpoint, not as your own.
      I think of religion as a belief in the existence of a Being above all of us – to give us hope when all seems bleak and faith that if we persevere, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. If you are strong enough not to need any religion no matter how bad things are, then that’s good for you. Otherwise, I strongly feel there is a need for religion because if one is brought up with no fear of God, then they are bound to commit heinous crime without fear of repercussion.

    3. @azndoraemon,
      You bought up some really good points. I have some of the same thoughts as well. I feel that many allow religion to control their thinking and their way of life too much. Religions do teach us to be good, but I don’t feel we need religion to be good because a lot of things that we do whether it be good or bad is just based on common sense. For example, if we saw someone in need or trouble, the obvious thing is to help them, not sit there and say that a religion taught or told us to do so. You just do it…

      There are good, bad or fake people from all countries, religions,etc… Just because someone is religious or not does not make them a bad person or not. I actually find people that I have met who are less religious overall better people than people who are religious.Many allow religion to get to their head and brainwash them.

      Yes, you live your life the way you want to not because any religion told you how to live it, especially with such a private issue like remaining a virgin or saving yourself until marriage. I find it sad if you allow religion to control you like that.

    4. I am not super religious person but I have the same thinking as VanNess. I learned alot from chinese dramas – such as not right to move in, sleep over, or have sex with a guy before marriage. It depends on what you value – to me those mentioned are somewhat important b/c is like saying you only can live once and if you missed/lost that you can’t regain it back. In Autumn Concerto – I learned to value family, be kind and forgiveness.

      I do go to temple (but very rare) to pray when I have problems or when things doesn’t go smoothly. I sat in a marriage class at church before and I gained some knowledge within my marriage.

      What I like about the temple is – people don’t constantly encourage you to become a buddhist. They don’t talk about religious as much. They also don’t knock on your door or pass out brochure on the street/bus. Religion is good to have but for me I would not become super religious.

      My family is buddhist but my mom even asked my 4 year old nephew to go to church to learn to become a better kid. We think church as a school. I like church when they talk about the real life stories and teaching people to do good things. But when it comes to God/Jesus then that’s the part I don’t like to hear as much.

      Religion can be a place where you can get your education. Just like Chinese dramas, I starting to watch so many mainland and China dramas – because I find alot of their dramas are lectures. I keep reminding myself to be like those characters in the show b/c they are so kind hearted. I rarely find this type of drama in HK b/c TVB always make evil (not so pleasant) dramas.

    5. @HeTieShou

      I make all of my judgment/decision based on common sense. I know I don’t like people or friends keep going on about Jesus/Sins/God. I feel the same as you, It can get annoying. I don’t like how they always go around and tell people you should become a christian or go to church because God loves and watches over you.

      I have a co-worker that is super religious to the point that he told me he saw jesus at the bus stop and jesus was talking to him. And another co-worker (fasting) give up eating the food she likes for a week b/c she hopes doing so – her restaurant will get more money/customers. For VanNess – maybe avoid having sex .. hoping for better opportunity within the entertainment? After F4 split – I don’t think he is doing that well and that was the time he became Christian.

      I used to date a guy and his mom is super religious, when I first met her, first thing she asked me was what my religion – I answered buddhist – she replied “EWWW”.

      Yes, I agree with you and I love your post. It is true that some people that are less religious overall a better people than those that are religious.

  7. Reading all the comments especially from “Sky” , it makes me feel really really funny >.<|||

    Christians doing good things = FAKE

    So? Can anyone here tell me which religion shall I believes in that when I do something good then I'm not labelled as a FAKER?! ==?!!

    Honestly, whether you have a religion or not, being kind comes from the heart!

    So, here we have some radical *musl*m* bomb here and there in the name of GOD!
    We called them TERRORIST but to certain ppls, they are HEROES @@!!

    I just feel Vanness making such declaration is a good one. I mean whether you are a Christian, Buddhist, Hindusm, Muslim etc, it's never a good thing to have sex with I mean lolll, dated few weeks and had sex then?! Will the relationship last?! If yes then congrats but if a No?!
    It's still okay for guys for gals??! And some teenagers and young adults now are way too naive or can say stupid to practice safe sex!

    1. I wasn’t planning to reply but:
      1) I agree with the top half of Yen’s comment.
      2) If having a religious background means that I am “fake”, I treat my friends “fake”, etc., that’s a bit surprising. Having a religious background (in this case, a Christian background) does not make us better or means that we have become perfect. We still have those moments when we are wrong and whatnot.
      3) To say that we believe in Jesus is not something to joke around. We take a quick leap of faith to say something like this. In the early stages of Christians, Christians were persecuted and killed because of being a Christian. In some places today, being a Christian = risking your life and may get killed for it. No one said that being a Christian means that you have an “easier” life.
      4) And seeing your comments Sky, I also agree with Danette that you may had bad experiences with people who claims that they are Christians. But not everyone is like Pat Robertson. However, there are some Christian groups that are extremists and that’s the most dangerous type of Christian.
      5) And as for Vanness Wu’s declaration to stay pure until marriage, well that’s his personal life. Whether he keeps it or not, that’s between him, his partner and God.

      And thanks for reading this long post =)

  8. I will tell you a tale of hypocrisy. A couple became Christian and went on and on about their devotion to the religion, how they have changed, etc when in my heart I knew they were hypocrites. Many use religion as a protection, like a shield and most are unworthy of the god’s grace so to speak. But in these people’s mind they feel they are forgiven for all sins. Many years ago when I was in Bible Study with friends, I asked a simple question; my mom is a buddhist, so if Christianity is the true religion, what happens to my mom’s soul? And the answer was eternity in hell. I was like “What the hell? My mom is a good person, just because she ain’t a Christian she is to hell, and ALL christians go to heaven?!” I wasn’t too troubled, just offended. Then I did a mail bible study from some church I can’t remember for the sake of it, and for the feeling of being knowledgeable since I got full marks in the course. Being young, I was sorta brave so I wrote on a paper to whoever marking my papers asking the same question; do all Christian go to heaven, irregardless other than the fact that they repent and confess? And this is not catholicism by the way. Some weeks passed and I got a thick envelope and in it about 10 pages of photostated essay by CS Lewis on the issue of Hell and Christianity. An eye opener and I thanked the pastor for letting me decide but giving me the information. And I believe in the pastor’s answer.

    No, Christians do not earn an automatic right to heaven and confession itself does not absolve one from all sins. The keyword is (I can’t remember that one word right now but what it is is) reciprocating in kind. Meaning, you say and you do. Do kindness, do compassionate, do charity, help others. The way to earn your points to Heaven is not speak only, but by the actions that you do.

    I have seen and heard too many Christians and all other religions going on and on and on about how religious they are but when I see them not even bothered to stand up to let an old lady sit on the chair, that’s when I know, all those talk are just pure talk.

    People, I believe in God in my times of need. I forsake God when I am in good times. I am sure God Himself knows His function is that so if new testament is true, He won’t hate us all, after all Men are His favourite. He loved us so much that He sent His favourite son to die so that our sins may be absolved (yet again). I believe all religions are good. It is the imperfections of men that bastardise religion and hence the hypocrisy.

    And no, I am not a Christian but Christianity is an easier religion to follow. I am sorta Buddhist but that is one religion to follow.

    1. I have no idea what is the pastor is talking about. But there are different types of Christianity as well.

      1) And how can you base it on C.S Lewis’s 10pg essay? have you researhed it? If not, how can you base the topic of heaven on one essay? And how can you acccount that as the pastor’s answer? And this is only ONE christian’s account. I don’t remember calling C.S Lewis as a pastor!

      2) Doing good things does not mean you go to heaven. It’s only through believing in Jesus Christ.. that you will go to heaven. but even this is a controversial answer. There is no definite answer to this.

      three. “Many use religion as a protection, like a shield and most are unworthy of the god’s grace so to speak. But in these people’s mind they feel they are forgiven for all sins.”
      ^ um that is interesting.

      1. To add on:
        “There are a lot of misconceptions among Christians on how to get to heaven. Some believe they can get to heaven through doing good deeds, while others may believe that simply going to church every Sunday will get them there. According to the BIBLE, there is ONLY ONE way to get to heaven: Believing that Jesus Christ is your lord and savior. ” —> ONLY WAY.


        3. And if good works are the “way” to get to heaven, it doesn’t make any difference between other religions.

        4. ” Christianity is the only religion that teaches man can do nothing to earn or pay his way into heaven. Man, a slave to the sin nature he was born with, must completely rely on the grace of God in applying Jesus Christ’s sacrifice to the sins of the believer. Upon death, the spirits of Christians go to a temporary paradise, while the spirits of unbelievers go to another temporary holding place. At the final judgment, Christians are given a new body and spend eternity with God in paradise, while unbelievers are separated from God for eternity in hell.”


        And sorry for this long post everyone. I had to do this because I want to clear up some of Funn’s concerns..

      2. Coco, the misconception is you believe in Jesus you go to heaven. No. The right path is believe in Jesus AND do good deeds to earn points. Hell in christianity does not only mean for other faiths other than christianity.

        And can anyone ever do research on such a topic? Why not you try? I mean try dying and then coming back and then you tell me what was your conversation with God like.

      3. First of all, why the heck are you telling what Christian is? You, yourself, is not a Christian at all. You are basing your own opinion from a 10pg essay written by C.S Lewis (9 November 1898 – 22 November 1963).

        2) Yes, I pointed out that the only way is by believing Jesus Christ is your Lord and saviour. But a link I used below confirms this. It’s believing in that and showing FAITH not doing good deeds.

        3) “And can anyone ever do research on such a topic? Why not you try? I mean try dying and then coming back and then you tell me what was your conversation with God like.”
        For this word, I CAN REPORT YOU as well because you are hinting that I should “TRY DYING” and you are encouraging that I should COMMIT SUICIDE just to tell you all this. And it’s called second degree murder.

    2. Hey Funn,
      I’m seriously not offended by what you said but I do want to make some clarifications. Obviously, you have your right to your opinion but I just wanted to discuss some things you brought up.
      No human can say whether a person is going to Heaven or Hell. That’s ultimately up to God, so states the Christian faith. However, it is stated that “whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life”. As well, I just want to say… I’m sorry you experienced hypocrisy from some who call themselves Christians. That really is the greatest taboo that we can be labeled with… but I can’t say we aren’t guilty of it.
      The apostle, Paul preached to do everything in love. Some “Christians” only have a heart to convert and count the number of conversions they’ve done with whatever unholy tactic they’ve resorted to. The gospels were very clear about wolves disguised in sheep skins (Matthew 7:15) and lukewarm Christians (Revelation 3:16) who, for example, “don’t even bother to stand up for an old lady to sit”. I can honestly say, only God can take credit for any conversion or any goodness in this world at all. I have experienced hypocrisy among fellow Christians. It’s heartbreaking. We were called to be good witnesses but so many times we’ve failed. But let’s just let God be the judge of that – of all the hypocrisy, of all the hate, and all the true or “fake” love/actions. For now, it is Biblically accurate that Christians were commanded to do everything in love (1 Corinthians 16:14). True Christianity is to do everything out of love because we believe that God loved us, while we were still so unlovable, by sending His son to die. [I’m sure you’re familiar with that event.] Therefore, we are to love because Jesus first loved us (1 John 4:19).
      As for faith and good deeds, there’s the book of James in the New Testament that writes all about it. We are justified by TRUE faith alone. But out of true faith stems good deeds. A person demonstrates their faith in God by good works.
      “For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast. For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” -Ephesians 2:8-10

  9. Is dis guy for real!

    virginity=individual moral attitudes

    religion=an attachment for a cause AMEN

  10. Sorry guys but I have to do this post (again) because this is the post that got me frustrated, angry, and disappointed.

    I am quite sad and disappointed to see that dramas that begun during these past weeks has escalated. I have noticed the dramas that has been going around lately. I was a major fan of the website until I saw Funn’s comment “try dying and then coming back and then you tell me what was your conversation with God like” on another article. I had tried ignoring it but it has gone way too far. It is not okay or appropriate for someone to say “try dying and then coming back and then you tell me what was your conversation with God like”. Will this person “Coco Chan” commit suicide because of this? I do not know. But they might.

    It does not matter if the user who wrote that comment was joking or not. If Coco Chan has low EQ or low self-esteem, she may take her life. And Funn has allegedly told someone to kill themselves.

    And for you guys who were joking around with Coco, this has been a serious issue to Coco and I do not think she can ignore it anymore. She has been battling this case of online harassment from the same group of people for quite some time now. Coco Chan has also been telling her aggressors to stop calling her names as well. I have been bullied in the past (real life) and I know exactly how Coco is feeling right now. And I had thought of suicide as well when I was bullied in real life.

    You may disagree with me, but I see this is a serious issue. And to those who don’t see it as a serious issue or a “joke”, well sorry for wasting your time.

    1. And to those who are wondering if I am the real thing, YES! 😛

    2. “And Funn has allegedly told someone to kill themselves.”

      Now you have taken my words totally out of context.

      She said

      “And how can you base it on C.S Lewis’s 10pg essay? have you researhed it? If not, how can you base the topic of heaven on one essay? ”

      And since she asked if I have researched into what is an impossible question, my answer to her is of course she could try and the only way to know the answer is to die and meet god and talk to god and then come back and tell me the result of the so called research.

      I can’t help for firing back against a stupid question can’t I? Did I ask her to go kill herself? No I didn’t. In another post she herself laughed about killing herself. Now she LAUGHED about killing herself. If she is not too concerned about that, why are you?

      And if she does kill herself, I won’t even have to take responsibility. The way she said what she said to me in that question about religion where I was merely expressing my opinion (on my own and not answering others) were almost accusation like. read her answer again and tell me, I got a big telling off for saying the obvious approach to her so called research and she got the pity and support when she started it first. And if such a simple thing also go kill herself, I am at total lost of words. Perhaps she should switch off the internet. And no, I do not believe for one second she will kill herself or even switch off the internet. I doubt she will even “listen” to me.

      So seriously Bubblez, chill.

      1. I do not take what you wrote there easily, Funn. But, I apologize for my doings but when I read that phrase, I did feel a sense of you telling someone to “die”.
        And telling me “chill” when we do not even know if she will or not.
        And just because she laughed about killing herself or doesn’t seem too concerned for it, it doesn’t mean she won’t do it.

        And it doesn’t even matter if she started it first. I don’t know but I felt like both of you could have used a different approach and that both of you could have reworded it differently, instead of having a chance to misinterpret.

        And once again, i apologize.

      2. No need to apologise. It is not your fault. I know you’re standing up for Coco but before you do, read what she said, read what I said, and see it in context. And she called me a moron. So how come no one is standing up for me?

        You can ask someone to go and die actually. It is the same as in the cantonese equivalent. Doesn’t mean I want her to die. But the fact remains. I didn’t tell her to go and die. She asked questions that only a near death or death experience can answer. Unless of course you are blessed by the apparition of the flow of God when you’re still alive.

        And if there is any religious folks here who feel offended by what I said, feel free to blast me because I admit, I was being sarcastic.

  11. As much as I enjoy looking at Vaness, he need to stop preaching about this born again virgin crap. Vaness, you sell sex for a living, so just stop with this nonsense! The day you stop posing with your shirt off then maybe we will consider taking you a little more serious, till then please do us a favor an just zip it.

  12. i respect your religion.
    but seriously just stop preaching this crap.

  13. Is personal choice. But yes….always give the best to the husband. I did and I am proud of myself. Haha.

    1. you should ask your husband to see if he give the best to you lol

  14. Listen guys! Vanness Wu is not a virgin! However, he regrets losing his viginity and hopes that he can inspire others not to lose their viginity before marriage! Traditional ways and some ways now believe that thebest present to their other half is their viginity! Only one person can take it and it should be your husband! Maybe he is not a virgin and maybe it comes across a hypocratical but he wants others to not regret it like he did!

  15. Bon, to every one here. I would like to add the fallowing.. Funn Lim I urge you to seek the truth as you have been doing. as to being good to who’s standard of goodness do we compare every men has come short of perfection. If God is perfect why would he want imperfect people around him. Not every road leads to Rome. I also believe that if a person shares good moral it is to the benefit of those that meditate and try to put them in action in ones life. Use this for self reflection.

  16. this is stupid. why is this news? this is 2013. losing ur virginity is not a big deal. the dumbest part is he is not even a virgin and talking about keeping his virginity. its too late. move on. no one cares. maybe someone thats actual a virgin should be talking about it.

    1. Because this kind of crap (Religion and Virginity) can get us to post on this site.

      Must be tough on Vanness to lose his virginity to a gay priest.

  17. Oh Vanness, do what you do best…just take off your shirt and shut up lol

  18. Wow look at all this drama happening.

    I believe that all humans make mistakes and we will of course, never be perfect and sinless. If you acknowledge that you did something wrong and are willing to change, good for you. Really, this isn’t all about religion. It’s your own morals and values you hold.

    1. So the guy wants to save sex for marriage at this very moment in time. GOOD FOR HIM!
      So the guy had sex when he was younger to realize its meanings. EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES!
      So the guy is Christian and wants to live its ways. HE SAYS GOD YOU SAY BUDDHA I SAY ALLAH. He can keep lent you eat your tofu and I don’t touch pork.
      So you judge him for speaking his mind and call him out for selling sex for a living and deem him as a hypocrite. PRICELESS.

  19. He can believe what he wants, but does he (and others, like Grace Wong, Wong Cho Lam, etc) have to continuously reiterate their views in the media?

    1. To be honest, I think it’s the media trying to hype it up.

      1. -Iris
        I believe it’s the media n him as well. He does seem very vocal about his new found virginity and how found god in those shows that he goes. Personally, it’s great that he found God or whatever so that he became a better person but he does seem to be preaching quite a bit on shows so i would 50% media n 50% him.

      2. -Funn Lim,

        I know right, it seems ppl are overly work up hahhaha…lol

    2. I suppose no point in believing in something so passionately without being able to talk about it.

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