Vanness Wu Marries Longtime Girlfriend Arissa Cheo

On August 13, Vanness Wu (吳建豪) officially announced his marriage to girlfriend Arissa Cheo (石貞善).

Vanness and Arissa first met on the set of his 2006 music video “My Kingdom” <我的王國>. The two dated for a year but split up since Arissa was studying in the United States at the time. Despite their split, Vanness and Arissa remained friendly and kept in touch throughout the years. In 2010, reporters caught the couple holding hands in public, prompting further rumors. Vanness later confirmed the news and took their relationship public.

In June of 2012, Vanness and Arissa became engaged. Although the couple had plans to marry, their relationship suffered from gossips alleging that Arissa frequented night clubs and may have even cheated on Vanness. Arissa’s father, a wealthy Singaporean businessman, also disapproved of Vanness due to his involvement in the entertainment industry. However, Vanness and Arissa faced these obstacles bravely, and in March, Vanness finally earned Mr. Cheo’s acceptance during a family vacation in Xi Hu, China.

Marriage rumors first surfaced when fans spotted the couple in Singapore on August 7, his 35th birthday. He later arrived in Hong Kong to promote his new album Different Man and accepted a radio station interview. When asked, Vanness denied filing for marriage and said, “I am close to that age [to marry]. My little wedding must be very private and intimate. I care a lot about privacy.”

Vanness Announces Marriage Plans

Perhaps he was simply waiting for the right moment. On August 13, which happens to be the Chinese Valentine’s Day, Vanness finally made his official announcement. On Weibo, he posted a graphic of a young Vanness and Arissa sharing a heart-shaped cake under the moonlight. On the photo were the words “As it was always meant to be… Let’s fall in love again.”

Accompanying the photo is a message in Chinese, “I was impulsive! God bless everyone. Van Ness Wu and Arissa Cheo have submitted their notice of marriage on August 9, 2013 per Singaporean laws. We hope to share our bliss with all of our friends, and also hope that everyone will give us your blessing.”

Vanness Wu child  Vanness Wu 4

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Awe congratulations to the happy couple! Who knew that Vanness would be the first one out of F4 to get married? I always thought it would be Vic Zhou first 🙂

  2. He still is one of the fugliest guy in entertainment industry……….surprised he even survived this long after the breakup of F4.

    1. But he has the charm. I find him hot to be honest and he’s pretty talented in singing.

    2. I think Vanness is attractive but of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  3. ” Arissa’s father, a wealthy Singaporean businessman, also disapproved of Vanness due to his involvement in the entertainment industry. ”

    Interesting how come no one says he is a gold digger?

    1. Is he well off??

      There’s always this double standard to females who marries someone who is better off.

      1. I think he has a bit of $$$$$$ on his own since he has been investment in the apparel or clubs business as well. TBH, compares to the other F4 he is doing pretty well for himself as well. Also, I don’t think he’s super handsome but he’s good looking esp that only drama i’ve watched of him in, next stop happiness. He looks really sharp in that series.

    2. It is because traditionally the men are the ones that are expected to be the breadwinners and providers versus the women. Not sure if Vanness is well off but since he is pretty successful in the circle now, he should be pretty well off. However, not sure if he is as rich as her family.

  4. “My little wedding must be very private and intimate. I care a lot about privacy.””

    And YET he weibo it. Which means he cares a lot about privacy until he himself decides to announce it in weibo which is the least private place. Talk about hypocrisy.

    1. But I thought it said he Weibo it after he married. So doesn’t that mean he had a private wedding and then announce to the public? I see no hypocrisy, unless I’m understanding this article totally wrong.

      1. It is still hypocrisy when you cry about privacy and yet you have a weibo which you uses regularly. Same with twitter, facebook and the likes.

      2. If you refer back to the original article, this is what he said: 我的小婚禮一定要很私人及親密的,我很重視私隱。

        So, basically, his wedding must be small and paparazzi-free. It just means he had a wedding, similar to the style of Aimee + Moses wedding. I don’t find this to be hypocrisy though.

      3. Hm.. this is not the first time that Vanness was criticized for being a hypocrite. We all remember his overly religious views, but yet his actions did not always show it.

    2. How is it hypocrisy? Sure, he wants PRIVACY in his own wedding, does not mean he doesn’t want to share to his fans that he is officially married with his longtime girlfriend. He is doing this not for publicity but to announce it for his fans. After all, HE IS a celebrity. Like other said, it is similar to Moses & Aimee situation.

      1. I agree with Lily about this! Many celebrities do have their private weddings but they do announce that they are officially married. It’s to let their fans know and it’s a happy thing. (:

  5. haha he probably cant wait to make bang her thus the proposal since he took the oath of no sex before marriage. hope it wont end up in divorce after a few years

    1. I was thinking the same since they all claim no sex before marriage. Therefore, they can now “dong fang” after waiting for so long. I hope they have a long and happy marriage, but their actions of breaking up and then making up really make me wonder…

      1. wahaha, my sentiments exactly. first thing that went through my head was he can have sex again!

  6. Congratulations! Hope they will have a happy marriage!

  7. Congrats to these newly weds. Wish them all the best of luck and this bride is pretty. Love that long oval face structure. N even better her family got money. So she’s pretty n rich unlike the ugly rich girls which u c more of. I didn’t even know Vaness is in F4. Don’t know any of them.

  8. Vanness is not handsome or good looking but I don’t know why at the same time I think he is attractive. He’s a good person but I hope he doesn’t get too religious. I hope he’ll have a happy marriage and with kids coming soon.

  9. so pitiful to be a celebrity got to face all these stupid comments above. Cant you guys give nice blessings and sweet words to this couple. Go and get a life!!!

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