Venus Wong Wants to Win Best Actress

Receiving two TVB Best Actress nominations for Murder Diary <刑偵日記> and The Line Watchers <把關者們>, Venus Wong (王敏奕) seems to be starring in all the buzzworthy dramas these days. 

Given her countless opportunities, the 29-year-old was asked if she hopes to win Best Actress this year. “It would be great if I did. Everyone wants an award. It would be an honor if I did get it,” Venus admitted. However, she believes that every drama has its own fate in terms of ratings, so all she can do is enjoy the filming process. 

In The Line Watchers, Venus portrays Madam Wong, who struggles to get along with her team despite being the customs supervisor. Given that her character is the complete opposite of her real personality, Venus had suffered from insomnia because she lacked the confidence in playing her role. After putting on the uniform, she could suddenly envision herself in the position. “During our first script reading, Moon Lau (劉佩玥) said I sounded funny because I spoke very robotically.” Understanding that her voice is weak, Venus tries to add more power to her line delivery, as well as try to communicate with her eyes. When filming started, Venus became more persuasive in her character.

“My mom said that I will become the character when the personality shows,” Venus said. She expressed that her family is very proud of her accomplishments. 

Although Venus has two more upcoming TVB dramas Bystander <旁觀者> and Forensic Heroes 5 <法證先鋒V>, her biggest goal is to win a Hong Kong Film Award. She believes that an award is not always necessary to prove one’s ability. “I am already satisfied if people think that I am a professionally qualified actress.” 


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  1. She’s not that good of an actress, we all know why she’s getting main roles in buzzworthy dramas. The only positive is that she is easy on the eyes.

  2. As if! Her acting is so one-dimensional and boring. She talks in monotone and has no expressions whatsoever. Mandy completely overshadowed her in The Line Watchers.

  3. She actually did really well in Flying Tiger. When actresses are overexposed, it happens to the best of them, quality gets affected negatively. Her role in Line Watchers was hard to stomach because of her character: she’s egotistical in her career and selfish in love. Mandy “appears” to not have connections and did a TVB training class so people are more “used” to her. Mandy’s grandfather was the former principal of the The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, which she graduated from. If it’s purely a competition of experience, Mandy, being the older of the 2, will win. If it is about acting talent, we have to compare Mandy with Venus when they were both the same age. If it is about physical beauty, there isn’t one really. Venus is prettier facially. Mandy is more gifted as a dancer. I simply feel like comments were badmouthing Mandy for a while but now that Venus is on the rise, let’s make Mandy look 1000X better than how much we insulted her before!

  4. Her acting is one of the worst I have seen in TVB. We all know why she gotten so many high profile roles in the past year!! To so blatantly push her to the forefront despite minimal or no acting talent is just so ridiculous. If she ever wins the BA award I think TVB is making itself the greatest joke in the entertainment circle.

  5. I like Venus as she is pretty , but BA
    not this year, both her roles were average.

    If it was a fair competition for BA, then it’s Ali Lee.
    But my hunch is it’s Linda Chung this year as she has flown back to HK specifically to attend the TVB awards.

  6. She has leading lady potential, and I like her in Murder Diary and Line Watchers. Refreshing to watch, but maybe because she’s still relatively new to me. If she wants Best Actress, she needs to show the audience she is at that level and keep on challenging herself on future roles. It’s better to win deservingly vs being labeled as not being good enough for the award.

  7. She’s not there yet, but seeing her performance in Murder Diary she has the potential. With her father in law connection it’s already a huge big start for her, so it’s probably only a matter of time.

  8. I think she’s a lot prettier than some of the current leading actresses at TVB (Mandy Wong, Gloria Tang, Crystal Fung, etc.), if not, one of THE PRETTIEST ladies currently at TVB. I only saw her in Murder Diary. Her performance was really good and she had great chemistry with Vincent. Since she has connections through her father-in-law, there’s no way she’s gonna win BA this year. No one’s gonna be happy cause it’s too early for her. She needs to wait a few more years and shine in a lot of challenging roles.

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