Viann Zhang and Li Chen’s Romance Slammed By Netizens

After Viann Zhang (張馨予) revealed the reasons why she chose mainland Chinese actor Li Chen (李晨) over Ron Ng (吳卓羲), the new couple has been slammed harshly by netizens. Most of the criticisms were directed at Viann Zhang, bashing her for changing her boyfriend frequently and using her voluptuous figure to attract men.

One netizen wrote on Weibo, “Please get away from Li Chen. I am so happy for Ron Ng (吳卓羲), but feel sorry for Li Chen.”

A fan of Ron also wrote, “After ending her last relationship recently, she got herself attached again! Who says that she is not using Ron Ng to gain fame?”

Some netizens also mocked Viann’s tattoo and wrote, “Where do you intend to tattoo on your body now?”

Li Chen Cries Over Public’s Criticisms

On August 25th, Li Chen posted a long message on his Weibo and lashed back at the netizens. Appearing to be under stress from the sarcastic and harsh remarks from the public, Li Chen wrote, “My tears flow and I do not know what I have done wrong. I am not afraid that I become a mockery because the tears are not for the ridiculous comments. You can continue to say what you want, and I won’t lose a piece of me. I also do not need all the fake blessings. Please save them!”

Li Chen also concluded sarcastically, “I will still give you my blessings from the bottom of my heart, just like how you wish for me and her (Viann) to be unfortunate.”

In response to Li Chen’s post on Weibo, Viann wrote, “Let’s just follow our hearts. This is youth.”

Over 60,000 netizens flowed in to comment on Li Chen’s Weibo post with a mixture of encouraging notes and negative remarks.

Ron Ng Declined to Respond

Since his former girlfriend, Viann Zhang, had acknowledged her new romance, Ron Ng refused to comment on her new relationship. When asked if he had seen Li Chen’s Weibo post, Ron was determined to draw a clear boundary from his ex-girlfriend and said, “I have changed my phone. My new phone did not install Weibo at all.”


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  1. Li Chen cried over the criticism? So he’s some kind of soft guy who counldn’t handle critism..then he may suit Viann who is 24/7 drama queen.

    I bet Viann is happy with such response..she gets publicited yet again..

  2. Wow I think everyone should leave her alone already. Honestly, there are plenty of women out there who are exactly the same as her.

    1. I beg to differ that people have not been leaving her alone. I’d bet that everyone wishes to stop looking at news of her. Instead she is the one who has been coming around to the public with everything about herself…

      1. i second this. I for one, do not really wish to see her in any news again…..

  3. Ha! Looks like Viann is in the limelight again. No one’s going to pity you this time around, lady.

    Maybe it’s time you saved your crocodile tears and told your new dude to man up. For all that you’ve been doing, you’re definitely in for a ride like this one.

    1. You know I have been moderately ok with Viann since she started dating Ron. Despite her frequent outbursts on weibo, getting into verbal fights with Ron’s fans, etc, I just thought that maybe she is the type to show her love openly and excused her.

      After she and Ron broke up, I am getting tired of hearing so many opinions reported from her about how Ron disappointed her, how her new love is much better, etc. It leads me to think that she, as many readers here have condemned her, is someone who loves and invites attention.

  4. Li Chen and Viann are made for each other. They are both so dramatic. Lol.

    1. 2 drama queens does not make for a good relationship.

      1. It wasn’t good with Ron because Ron has a secret drama of his own behind Viann’s back starring several plastic women. Viann and Li Chen so far appear good because they’re in the same drama.

    2. Haha! Truly both so dramatic! And add in Li Chen’s ex-girl friend,迪丽娜尔, to dramatize their story even more.

      Scroll down to 3rd post to view uploaded copies of Viann’s and 迪丽娜尔 on this link:

      A few days ago, there Viann was on weibo, happily showing off a ‘romantic’ and ‘meaningful’ heart-shaped rock present from her bf, Li Chen.

      But who knew last night on weibo, 迪丽娜尔 uploaded a pix of a similar heart-shaped rock held on her open palm captioned thus: “Are you wholesaling this stuff…truly want to squirt whole face with dog’s feces.”

      Haha! I’m loving this.

  5. lol, if they’re going to put their relationship on display on weibo, they should expect a lot of comments since it’s a public forum. Maybe they should just stop reading their replies.

  6. Dramatic couple. I’m sure this will not be the last we hear from them

  7. Anyway, does Ron’s fans know that Viann has always been highly popular as one of mainland’s top sexy model before dating Ron?

    1. They don’t care. No one knew who she was before dating Ron besides some few men who like to look at half naked women.

  8. Always drama where Viann is concerned, whether it was with Ron or now with Li Chen.

  9. drama king and drama queen. Cry over comment?. Li chen riding on viann zhang’s fame who rode on Ron’s fame?. So ron is being use by Li Chen too indirectly?….

    1. How is Li Chen’s popularity compares to Ron? If Ron is more popular we can say that Li Chen and Viann are joining hands and use Ron.

      1. Li Chen is of course more popular than Ron in China and Ron is more popular than Li Chen in HK. So if you compare the popularity, Li Chen is more.

        In China, Li Chen is a quite big name.

      2. I never heard of Li Chen before. Maybe I don’t watch mainland chinese dramas. oops!!

      3. Of course. Li Chen for China area so you dont watch China series and movies, how can you know him.

  10. Was li chen’s weibo entry really done by him or did viann ‘accidentally’ log into his account and posted that entry, then log out only to log in correctly the next time, see what li chen ‘typed’ and replied.. Dont believe this girl already..

    1. HAHA … Viann just loves to trenpass someone’s weibo she’s dating.. 😉

  11. “Where do you intend to tattoo on your body now?

    I also wonder the same thing :D.

  12. Aiyo…. people date Ron Ng, you criticise people. People don’t date Ron Ng, you criticise people. Nothing better to do issit?

  13. If Li Chen is happy then why should people doing such a thing, until nothing happens I think Viann doesn’t deserve such kind of treatment. She asks for love and something more like attention (from all over the world???) but that’s not really bad or?

  14. None of our business. Net citizens are in the wrong here. Regardless the kind of person these celebrity are, they have every right as we do to love. What business do we have in their private matters. It’s wrong to bully others regardless if they are celebrity or not.

  15. Yeah Yeah Yeah! This drama is over. They broke up, Ron is back to his single life, and I really hope he will regret what he has done (learn your lesson dude!) As for Viann, she wanted love, now she got it. She also found a man that can make a lot of drama with her aka drama “king”. This way the media can make some more story to make money, and people to get more annoyed. Happy ending or what!

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