Viann Zhang Finds Happiness in New Lover, Li Chen

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After splitting up with Ron Ng (吳卓羲), Viann Zhang (張馨予) was rumored to have falled for mainland Chinese actor, Li Chen (李晨). Viann was photographed holding Li Chen’s arms, drinking late together and even returning to her apartment together. The pair are currently filming mainland drama, Naked Wedding < 裸愛>, together.  Initially, Viann denied dating Li Chen and claimed that they were only friends. Yesterday evening, Li Chen finally broke the silence and subtly admitted his romance with Viann on Weibo. 

Li Chen Jabs at Ron’s Hesitation to Acknowledge Viann

Li Chen wrote on his Weibo, “In our life, we often have to make many decisions; our ambitions, our jobs, what to eat for lunch, what to dress, what kind of life to lead, and who to spend our life with. When making choices, some people will hesitate and take a step back, and some people will firmly stick to their choice.”

Was Li Chen hinting at Ron Ng’s hesitation to open up his relationship with Viann? It was rumored that Viann was upset with Ron for refusing to acknowledge their romance. Although Ron officially declared Viann’s status in mid-July, Viann had already decided to end their romance. 

Li Chen Described Viann a Strong Person

“A strong person never thought of escaping, although sometimes the results are not expected. When faced with explanation, cover up, and suspicious news, a strong person will choose, and not explain.”

Li Chen’s cryptic message aroused interest in its hidden meaning. Was Li Chen referring to Viann’s determination to break off with Ron after learning about his cover up for infidelity?  Did Li Chen also refer to Viann for not explaining her breakup with Ron? Viann had announced the breakup with Ron through her manager. She also did not come forth and clear speculations about dumping Ron for Li Chen. 

Li Chen Admits Relationship

Li Chen lamented that celebrities could not have their privacy; even their love lives have to be accounted to the public. He wrote, “Besides celebrities, who else need to account to public when they are dating? Even if we can’t endure, we have to. There is no gaining sympathy, and we can’t even complain. When we face ourselves, we can only say to work hard and lead a peaceful life.”

Li Chen also described his romance similar to “Bai Niangzi” and “Xu Xian” in The Legend of the White Snake <白蛇傳>. “What has it got to do with ‘Fa Hai’ when ‘Xu Xian’ and ‘Bai Niangzi’ fall in love? I do not even understand now that I have grown up! Why are there so many ‘Xu Xians’ in the world? ” 

Viann Zhang Acknowledges Li Chen?  

Yesterday, Hong Kong tabloid magazine Sudden Weekly leaked that Ron Ng dated a wealthy “Miss X” at the same time he was dating Viann. Shortly after Li Chen’s posting on Weibo, Viann also wrote on Weibo, expressing her disappointment in Ron, but at the same time also acknowledged her new relationship.

Viann wrote on her Weibo, “I found out about the truth today! I want to cry, but there are no tears! Why did you have to treat me like that? Thinking back, I really did let it all go. That girl who ran to the tattoo shop to get a tattoo of your name? She’s dead! As for me, I will rise from the ashes because I met the right one. Thank you, ‘good person.’ After I wash away the tattoo, I will start my life over again.”

Was Viann referring to Li Chen as Mr. Right? From her message, she appeared ready to start a new relationship.

Li Chen also ended his Weibo message with a poetic love declaration, likely dedicated to Viann, “Finally, under heaven and earth, I will be your beautiful landscape, and please give me a shelter in your place.”

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18 comments to Viann Zhang Finds Happiness in New Lover, Li Chen

  1. Funn Lim says:

    Urghh.. 15 min fame over. Move on.

    But then if I am Viann I will probably say at least I found myself a real man who will acknowledge me.

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    • Terminator replied:

      Do you mean Ron what’s face? LOL!!!

      Vianne’s career is going fine with several big budget movies in the work plus netting an A list actor as a new boyfriend.

      Ron can’t even find his footing on the small screen in the tiny city of HK.

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    • kittie replied:

      oh my god… she can b a very successful script writter……… ! +beh tahan her la.. really+

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  2. Gar says:

    Ron looks way better than Li Chen according to the photo above. How old is Li Chen? He looks quite mature looking.

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    • jayne replied:

      Li Chen is 34 years old. The above is not a good looking photo of him. I actually watched him act in mainland drama, “Beijing Love Story” and he is a decent actor and average looking. He came across as quite reserved in personality, so I am surprised to see him dating wild Viann.

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    • Fox replied:

      He is 34. He looks good with a square manly face. And he is a quite interesting guy anyway.

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  3. EkinFan says:

    Li Chen is not a good looking fellow, but who says you need to be good looking to nail these hotties.

    Login or Register before you can reply to EkinFan
    • Funn Lim replied:

      Especially this one who craves for recognition. So maybe she has learn to settle for less in looks and gaining more in terms of a real relationship. Look she is even trying to smile!

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  4. Applelim says:

    Poor Li Chen, I say!!

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  5. munkimui says:

    Li CHen is not ugly. They will still have pretty kids from her good looks. wait is she a plastic? she is a wild and dumb child. y bother getting a tattoo of a guy’s name. that is ridiculous.

    Login or Register before you can reply to munkimui
    • HeTieShou replied:

      Yea, she is plastic so not sure if their kids will look good or not… I think it is stupid to get a tattoo of a guy’s or girl’s name. It really reminds me of Peggy Bundy’s ex who got her name tattooed on his skin and then had to marry an ugly Peggy due to already having the name tattooed on…

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      • Fox replied:

        Worried for the kids? DNA is complicated. Two beautiful (naturally) still can have bad looking kids while two ugly (naturally) still can have angelic face kids.

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  6. HeTieShou says:

    Isn’t it a bit early to say if she is happy or not?? Even though, Li chen isn’t the best looking guy ever, at least he is natural. Also, there is way more than looks when it comes to a relationship…

    Login or Register before you can reply to HeTieShou
  7. Fox says:

    Still are assumptions. Neither Viann nor Li Chen admit at this moment. Maybe in the future, who know?

    Li Chen is a smart guy. He knows what he is doing. Let’s see the next move.

    BTW, it’s funny that Li Chen is also LF’s best friend. If Viann and Li Chen are true, then she really has fate with LF’s best friends. Next, she can try Joel Chan :P.

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  8. dd says:

    Can anyone say: “rebound”?

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    • Darren replied:


      And is it me or Viann looks ugly in that picture? bony face!

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  9. Hannahh says:

    Li Chen is not that good looking but maybe he is Mr Nice guy!

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  10. Veejay says:

    I actually loled at Li Chen quickly admitting the relationship…(knowing Viann’s explosive behaviour for not aknowledging her existence as gf) LoL

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