Viann Zhang Reveals Why She Chose Li Chen Over Ron Ng

Viann Zhang (張馨予) has finally buried her 2-year romance with TVB actor Ron Ng (吳卓羲). For the first time, Viann acknowledged mainland Chinese actor, Li Chen (李晨) publicly as her new boyfriend on the Qixi festival, which is also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day. On August 23rd, Viann posted a photo of her holding a banquet of red roses, and wrote, “Are you happy today?”

Shortly after Viann’s post, her new beau Li Chen (李晨) replied, “You make me believe that whenever I am or whatever I do, it is not important anymore. The most important thing is who I spend my time with. On this special occasion, I will say to you,’From now onwards, no matter where you are, I will always be there.’”

Touched by Li Chen’s love declaration, Viann replied on her Weibo, “I do not know what to write, I am at a loss of words. Thank you for making me feel so blessed. Thank you for appearing in my life!”

Li Chen Springs a Surprise for Viann

Admitting that they have dated for two months, Viann expressed that she was not aware that Li Chen would profess his love publicly. Viann disclosed that Li Chen was all along unsettled about keeping their relationship underground.

“I knew that all along he wanted to open up on our romance, so that we do not need to hide and afraid that our dating photos will be taken. We also do not need to pretend to be strangers in public places. We do not want to lead a deceitful life anymore.”

Li Chen Comforts Viann at Her Lowest Point

Viann and Li Chen met each other two years ago. As Viann was dating Ron during that time, Li Chen did not try to pursue her and only maintained friendship with her. Viann said that Li Chen was exceptionally attentive to her and was her emotional pillar, “He is very low profile, kind and honest…. He touches me in many ways. It’s difficult to express in words.”

“He waited for me for a long time, and comforted me at the lowest point in my life. When I was sick, he did not sleep for nearly two days just to take care of me. He took me to a hospital that he trusted. He faces a lot of pressure and controversy by choosing to open up on our romance this time. He already expects the reactions from the public, yet he chooses to do so. This is a man’s responsibility and sincerity.”

Viann Unable to Accept Ron’s Infidelity

Refuting speculations that she was dating Ron and Li Chen at the same time, Viann said, “I have a clear conscience towards Ron. When I was with him, I loved him wholeheartedly. It is easy to fall in love, but it’s harder to get along with each other. We just had too many problems including the long distance [separating us], but I always persisted.”

Last month, Ron’s phone sex messages with an unnamed wealthy woman surfaced. Shortly after, Malaysian actress, Cathryn Lee (李元玲), also claimed that she had dated Ron this year. Speaking about the turbulent relationship with Ron, Viann said, “Our relationship already had cracks. I tried to persist and forgive, but this is love. How can I tolerate dishonesty?”

Viann Points Ron As An Uncultivated Man?

After having problems in their relationship, Ron reportedly has been trying to mend the romance and even openly admitted Viann as his girlfriend. However, Viann felt that Ron’s actions came too late. “I do not wish to speak further. After all, we had beautiful moments together. He tried to salvage this romance and did things that he never had the courage to do before. However, since there were cracks, we can’t turn back the clock. I can’t gamble my youth away.”

Stating that she needed a more honest relationship, Viann said, “After breaking up with Ron, Li Chen professes his love for me. There is no third party at all. The two romances are not connected. I need a man who can give me stability and security. Two persons need to treat each other with honesty. If the man is not yet cultivated, I’ll rather choose to give up.”

Ron Ng: “It’s Okay If She is Happy”

Last month, Ron stated that he broke up with Viann not long ago. When grilled by a reporter on Viann’s newfound love, Ron quickly overturned his statement, “It happened so long ago. I will not respond on other people’s matters. I will not respond on all other things.” Ron was asked if he had ended his romance with Viann, he exclaimed, “It was so long ago!”

Replying to questions if he would send his blessings to the new couple, Ron did not answer directly, “It’s best if you ask her these questions. In the future, I will not answer anything related to her!”

When asked if he was aware that she was dating Li Chen, Ron said, “I will not answer. I do not wish to respond anything. It’s okay if she is happy.”


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  1. Well, at least Li Chen doesn’appear to have a habit of sending nude picutures of himself online.

    1. Well, at least Li Chen doesn’appear to have a habit of sending nude picutures of himself online

      Very well said. I agree.

    2. Well, we dont know about that for now.. Who lnows what might be revealed in future..

  2. Waa, quite fast with all that tears and drama only yesterday and now this?. Look kike both of them is cheating each other.

    1. Ron also looks super happy celebrating his birthday with prominent nose like nothing happened when before this he was still clamoring for Viann. What a dramatic pair.

    2. Does Ron has a script for his PR up there? He’s repeating almost the same answer set for each question lol.

      1. lol is 620 is his PR then she is doing a terrible job 😛

  3. Based on this interview and Viann’s high profile action during her relationship with Ron, it tells me that Viann wants an open relationship and a boyfriend that openly admit she’s his. However, HK’s entertainment culture is different from mainland where mainland stars are more open in admitting their relationship.

    It will also bring trouble for Ron to resume his habit of flirting with girls on the phone and online if he openly announced he’s taken hehe 😛

    1. That’s probably among the top reasons why TVB male actors want to keep their relationships hush-hush… so the other umpteen women they are dating don’t learn of the others! lol!

      1. Anon is right. If Ron gives in to Viann and announce to the world that he’s officially with Viann, the phone sax and nude pictures sending won’t take place and Ron’s lust will be unfullfilled.

    2. Heavin forbids that Ronny boy’s noble activity online should be impeded by that biotch. LOL

  4. I think Li Chen could do better but the heart wants what it wants I guess.

    1. I think Li Chen can do better too. He looks like a decent guy.

  5. lol.. surprisingly i do agree wth viann.. girls want a guy whos sincere n honest.. i cant blame her.. though u cant stand the sight of her.. to ron stop sending half naked pics lol.. u wll just get busted.. hahahah i stll love u though ron

  6. So Ron confirmed that Viann didn’t cheat? He said “it was so long ago” means Viann was right when she said that they broke 3 months ago (before the topless pic was posted).

    Now I start to think that Ron tried to make Viann look like a cheater when announcing on weibo but Viann wanted to cut all the tie, so she helped Miss. X to leak out the pix of Ron. A tight battle.

  7. Li Chen seems to be a more suitable guy for Viann since they both want to be open in their relationship.

    Wish them happiness.

  8. So this is the end of their fiasco relationship, now both can move on, that’s great, wish you happiness Viann.

    1. can someone translate it? I don’t understand cantonese 🙁

  9. Well, it looks like it worked out for Viann 🙂

    She is such a young girl. But, it is nice to date publicly and be able to declare that your man is off limits.

  10. Why was she crying non stop and giving interviews after interviews regarding Ron, him cheating etc. when she has a new guy anyway????

    She should have just ignored the press…. damn I don’t like her and her plublicity stunt!

    1. She is a drama queen, everyone knew it. Wat is so surprised?

  11. Good for u Viann! Li Chen sound like a way better BF than Rpn.

    1. Ron is a jerk. Li Chen looks like a decent and sincere guy

  12. Sounds like Ella is also joining Viann to rub in the wound.

    The day before, Ron Ng’s ex-girlfriend Viann Zhang announced she and new boyfriend Chen Li have been dating for two months. She praised Chen is a “responsible and sincere man”. Viann said when she was with Ron, she loved him with all her heart, but there were a lot of problems in their relationship, such as the distance, she said: “I tried forgiving and insisting on keeping the relationship, but it was already damaged and how can I tolerate being cheated? Chen confessed his love to me after Ron and I separated. There was no third party in the issue. I need a boyfriend who can give me security.” Reporters contacted Ron to ask about Viann’s new boyfriend, he said: “As long as she’s happy.”

    Yesterday Ella Koon attended an event and when asked if she heard of the reports that there was a third party between ex-rumored boyfriend Ron and Viann’s relationship? She said: “Haven’t followed the news, and I won’t comment on other people’s news. (You’re finally out of it?) Not responding. (Did Ron try to reconcile with you?) Not responding.” When asked if her current doctor boyfriend is better than Ron? She said: “My boyfriend is perfect.” However, she expressed she and her boyfriend do not have plans for marriage yet and it’s not because her company doesn’t allow it: “I don’t want to live with him yet because I’m always playing with musical instruments, it will affect him. If living me, then should always wear ear plugs or install a sound-proof wall.”

    1. I find Ella isnt that joining to the relationship with Ron and Viann this time. She says no responses, no responses all the time.

    2. I don’t find Ella comparing her boyfriend and Ron, the press just keep asking her. Everyone knew Ella and Ron had an ugly break and can never become friends anymore, feel sorry for Ella.

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