Vic Chou Cohabits with Reen Yu in Billion Dollar Apartment

Taiwanese heartthrob, Vic Chou (周渝民) and his girlfriend, actress/model Reen Yu (喻虹淵) have moved into his newly bought 1 billion TWD luxury apartment together, confirming their status as lovers.

Vic and Reen have met on the set of Black and White <痞子英雄> in 2008 and fell in love. With his new love, Vic also noticeably changed his spending habits. Known to be one to splurge on sports cars, Vic has now chosen to invest in real estate instead.

In 2008, he paid 40 million TWD for a luxury apartment in Taipei’s Bade Road. Right now, the apartment’s worth has increased by 20 percent. Last year, Vic once again, put his money into another luxury apartment in Taipei’s Jiankang Road, with a view overlooking Taipei’s 101 building. It was reported that the apartment has been chosen by Vic as their love nest primarily because of the tight security and the low number of units.

Keeping His Life Private

When reporters asked if he spent Lunar New Year with Reen, Vic said that is his personal affair and he does not feel inclined to share that with the media. He hinted that his family understands his need for privacy and did not chase him for marriage. He continued to remain mum about his love life even when reporters pressed on, inquiring about his Valentine’s Day and the news of their cohabitation. Vic insisted on not talking about his personal life but wants to put his focus on his career while he is young.

Lost Weight for “Home” 

Vic’s new war drama, Home <回家> has taken the team more than 4 years of preparation, resulting in a spending of more than 100 million TWD. And lead actor, Vic had to lose a considerable amount of weight for his role as Su Ying Tai.

In an earlier interview, costars Li Li Ren (李李仁) and Janine Chang (张钧宁) had revealed that Vic had only eaten 2 pieces of chocolate each day to drop his weight quickly to 65 kg. Yesterday, at Home’s promotional event in Taipei, Vic appeared much healthier, having regained back his weight. He admitted, “I had to prepare a lot for this series. People of that era are not fat. Furthermore, Su Ying Tai has a hard life.”

F4 Reuniting

Vic found early success when he was 19 years old after starring in Taiwanese idol drama, Meteor Garden <流星花園>. The members of F4 have since embarked on their own solo acting careers.

However, this year, F4 got together for a Lunar New Year show in China. F4’s performance was the cause of the program’s high rating. With F4’s fans eager to see them together again, F4 may reunite for a concert again. Although Vic said it was great working with the other members of F4 again, he did not directly reply if the concert will definitely occur.


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    1. Ita,
      I think both Vic Chou and Tony Leung have a sulking quality about them, which gives off a sense of mystery.

      1. That’s what I was thinking too… They both have this really mysterious feeling about them that makes them really special… If this rumour is true, then congrats and I don’t see what he has to hide. His ex, Barbie has been married for a few years now so many would be happy for him that he has moved on now…

      2. Jayne,
        Yeah, I think both of them quite similar. Both soft spoken and there is always a hint of awkwardness in their interview.

        If they just started the relationship I can understand why he want to keep it low profile. Once the relationship go public will be hard for them to keep the relationship going on. Unless they have been together for years and have strong relationship.

      3. Yes! There’s a mysteriousness that is clouded by their solemness and awkwardness. Their gaze are both really intense.

        I think he may want some more privacy considering his past public relationships are constantly brought up. It’s better not confirming.

  1. Out of all his female costars in Black & White, I didn’t think he was going to end up with Reen Yu!! Now can I have my dream of Black & White 2 with them as a couple again? Lol. The ending of the first one leaves much to be explored! (:

  2. Very fond memories of my huge crush on zaizai a decade ago, when I was a young teenager 😀 quite funny that I used to get so jealous of any girl attaching to him. It feels great that I’ve grown to be a mature fan, just wishing him the best of luck and finding his Miss Right!

    And hoping that F4 will really reunite! World tour concert will be the best, although chances are low.

  3. Parallel to his lackluster movie career so far, he seems to have done no better in his love life either by ending up with this short and frumpy extra from B&W. LOL!!

    The only good thing that has happened to him was the F4 reunion as he needed to tap back into his past glory.

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