Vic Chou Will Not Attend Mark Chao’s Wedding

Five years ago, it was reported that Vic Chou (周渝民) and Mark Chao (趙又廷) were on bad terms when they competed for the Taiwanese Golden Bell Award for Best Leading Actor. Because of Mark’s wife Gao Yuan Yuan (高圓圓), the ice has been broken between the two men. Vic laughed, “There was never any icy [feelings]. They said they would send me an invitation to their wedding, but I never received it!”

At a fashion event yesterday, Vic further added that although he knew the date and location of Mark’s wedding, he is a low-key person and did not want to be at an event with so many people. However, Vic told Mark, “I won’t be there, but the gift definitely will be sent!”

When reporters prompted Vic about when he will get married, he expressed, “Getting married also depends on personal beliefs. At this point, I do not feel the need [to get married].”

At the event was also Taiwanese actress Gwei Lun Mei (桂綸鎂), who earlier admitted she had hit an emotional low point for an entire year. Vic was exceptionally considerate and gifted Lun Mei a pair of gloves to protect her hands from the cold winter. The gloves, however, had a deeper meaning to them and represent “warmth”. Vic declared, “Gwei Lun Mei feels exhausted from her performances. [She] is afraid that her performances will be restricted. So I am giving her something warm.”

Lun Mei smilingly said, “Vic is talkative today, which is really good! At first, I thought we were both not going to be very talkative. But fortunately, he has spoken a lot for me to hold up the scene.”


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  1. I have a feeling they never had any rivalry in the first place but it was just something overhyped by the media. Hope that it is true that they are not bad terms. They may not be the best of friends but that does not mean that they have to be at odds.

    It is sad if Vic will not attend if he is afraid of big crowds. I wonder if that is why he did not attend Vanness’ wedding?

    1. I think they are not really friends. And medias hyped every thing about a competition of best friends. Ethan Ruan, Eddie Peng, Mark are known as close friends.

    1. i think its his hair lol
      and yeah, maybe he doesnt like crowds and stuff. i mean he didnt even go to vanness’ wedding!!!!

    2. I never thought of him as cute on handsome thou? He looks the same to me?

  2. I saw the clip for the Golden Bell red carpet clip this year. Everybody stopped, posed, smiles at the camera.. and taking their time with their fans.

    But when Vic walked in, he looks like he’s in a rush and didn’t smile at all. Went straight to the interview stage. He looks like he’s in extreme bad mood.

    1. I think so too and I remember he did look very pissed w/the younger dude winning at the time cuz he thinks he’s probably is the star of the show back then and Mark guy was a newcomer w/a connected dad in the biz. I think it literally showed his shock and disappointment at the time. Even thou they are not enemies, doubt they bonded over beer at his winning.

    2. I heard that he’s really introvert and doesn’t like to talk a lot. So maybe thats why he appeared like that at the Golden Bell red carpet.

      1. He’s almost as reclusive and shy as Takeshi Kaneshiro.
        Ironic that such introverted guys would be involved in a narcissistic business like show business.

    3. He was on promotional tour for his new movie (Dont go on breaking my heart 2) in HK at the time of the Golden Bell awards. Hence he especially flew in to attend the awards ceremony and he thought he was late and the ceremony has started. That was why he looked so rushed on the red carpet.

  3. vic looks so hot and goodlooking…so nice and lucky whoever dating him

  4. Why should Vic come to Mark’s wedding when they never really been friends before. Gao yuan yuan breaks the ice is non-sense Vic just feeling it’s ridiculous that Mark received the award because of “black and white” drama we the fans of the drama also feeling the same way back then 2008. Do you see black and white movie become a hit after Vic not show up for the movie no it’s not because the main center of the story should be him.

    Since this incident has been brought up again I will never forget how it’s opened my eyes that those awards absolutely can be bought since Mark’s acting is just so so compare to Vic even until today 2014 he couldn’t make such a big achievement since his acting can’t be varied like what Vic has, just admit that he got that award because his father is a big rich man in Taiwan and donating the money to those companies is enough to make his son became a male lead.

    I’m glad if Vic chose not to attend his wedding and not pretend to be a hypocrite person at the venue.

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