Wallace Huo Puts on Weight After Marriage

Wallace Huo (霍建華) lessened his exposure after tying the knot with Ruby Lin (林心如) in 2016 on the tropical island of Bali and welcoming the birth of their daughter the following year. It didn’t help that his studio closed its Weibo account last September, stating that Wallace would prefer to communicate with fans through his work instead of social media. Thus, his fans have not seen him in person for a long time, as he’s been busy filming. However, their wishes came true a few days ago, when they finally caught him at the airport. To their surprise, the actor looked wider and thicker.

At first glance, he looked like he had pecs, but when he stepped forward; his chest and abdominal muscles were all fat! Even his ripped jeans looked tight on him. Although black is normally a slimming color, Wallace’s black jacket did not make him look slimmer. The biggest problem was the loose green army shirt he wore underneath. It wasn’t able to cover his belly fat.

It’s no wonder Wallace gained weight since Ruby often makes desserts and home-cooked dishes, as seen on Weibo. Previously, she also visited him on set bearing desserts and coffee for the whole crew. Although weight gain seems to be the curse of all middle-aged male actors, it may be related to a blissful marriage.

Source: Sina

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Bit of healthy happiness weight never hurt anyone hehe.

    He will probably be hitting the gym soon though if he’s being dissed for it.

  2. If he’s had this body shape while being busy filming then this dad bod might be for the role
    Even if it wasn’t, I don’t see the big deal of him gaining weight. It’s not easy to stay fit forever, weight fluctuations are normal

  3. men get fattened up after kids come along. before marriage, they go all out to maintain their looks but come a certain age, the metabolism slows down and so both men and women put on weight even if they do not eat much.

  4. Lol he is 39 going to be 40 soon. Learn to accept the fact that human being after certain age grows fat. He is a middle aged daddy not a young adult in his 20s or youthfulness. Some writers are really stupid. Let him enjoy a normal life. Stop pressurising him. In Hollywood everyone esp Leonardo, or Brad Pitt, they have all ut on weight …. Get a life and don’t be so harsh on your local celebrity

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