“I Will Always Be There for You”: Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo Tie the Knot in Bali

Ten years of friendship, ten years of love. On Sunday (July 31), 40-year-old Ruby Lin (林心如) and 36-year-old Wallace Huo (霍建華) walked down the wedding aisle at the Bulgari Hotels & Resort in the tropical island of Bali.

ruby lin wallace huo wedding 4The wedding commenced at approximately three in the afternoon. The bride wore a beautiful long-sleeved lace wedding gown with a plunging back line. All the guests and family members wore either white or beige. The groom, however, stood out among the sea of white with this black tuxedo.

When the couple were asked to exchange vows of love, Wallace laughed shyly and said, “I’ve known you for so long. At the time, I could only be your friend, but even so, I still felt very happy about it. Now, we have become husband and wife, and it’s something I feel even more blessed about. There will be more ups and downs in the future, and there will be even more obstacles that will test us, but I hope that, hand in hand, we can get through all of it together.”

Ruby said, “Thank you for being so good to me. Thank you for tolerating me and taking care of me. Starting today, we are family. Just like you said, there will definitely be many ups and downs in the future, but we will hold hands and face it together.” Holding back her tears, Ruby continued, “When you’re out and feel tired, exhausted, don’t forget that I will always be at home waiting for you. Forever. I love you.”

The newlyweds then held hands and, while holding back their tears, kissed each other on the lips. They held onto each other for at least five seconds.

ruby lin wallace huo wedding 7Ruby and Wallace were friends for over ten years before they finally got together earlier this year at Ruby’s birthday party. The Taiwanese superstars officially announced their relationship via social media on May 20, or “520”, which sounds similar to “I love you” when pronounced in Mandarin.

ruby lin wallace huo wedding 8Numerous close friends from the industry attended the couple’s romantic white wedding on July 31. Some of their friends included Vicki Zhao (趙薇) and Fan Bingbing (范冰冰), Ruby’s fellow cast mates from the 90s hit TV show My Fair Princess <還珠格格>. Shu Qi (舒淇), Zhou Xun (周迅), Hu Ge (胡歌), Nicky Wu (吳奇隆), and Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩) also attended.

When it was time for Ruby to toss her bouquet, Bingbing pounced out of her seat and ran for it. Hu Ge also jumped into the chaotic scene and tried to steal the bouquet!

At the evening reception later that night, Ruby changed into a slimmer cocktail dress for dinner. Though not many videos of their evening reception were leaked online, one leaked photo sees Bingbing speaking in front of the other guests while hugging Ruby tightly with tears in her eyes.

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ruby lin wallace huo wedding 5 ruby lin wallace huo wedding 6 ruby lin wallace huo wedding 1

Inside Ruby and Wallace’s Wedding:

Source: Oriental Daily (1, 2), Yahoo! Taiwan

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Congrats to Ruby and Wallace!!! So happy for them!!! Was super afraid each will be forever alone, especially shifu since he seems to be a loner.

    And omg Hu Ge, LOL! Is there a clip of Ruby throwing the bouquet?! Would love to see it!

  2. Beautiful wedding, almost everyone is there, no they did not “kissed passionately”. But it was a gentle kiss though. Vows were moving, especially for RUby although Wallace sounds more like business declaration!

    Her wedding dress aged her, her age was not great. It was her chinese dress that was stunning. Her pre wedding wedding gowns were more stunning. Wallace looks exceedingly handsome and exceedingly tense. At times I felt he was more father of the bride than the groom.

    But it was a beautiful wedding. Not one sweat, eventhough Bali. By the way they accepted no sponsorship. Now that’s refreshing.

    1. @funnlim

      I don’t like either the wedding gown/peach – too fussy and fuddy-duddy with all the frills.

      My preference: the simple straight cut ivory-one (with him in brown suit) is so much more contemporary/flattering to both of them.

      (ironically Ruby looks so much classier-elegant in the styling of recent bridal cover of Bazaar China)

    2. @funnlim I agree on everything you said here. I felt the same way also. I followed their FB since 7/30/16 for the wedding. I wish they would share more pictures & videos of their banquet & so on. I haven’t seen any of the bridesmaid & best man’s pictures. I love their pre-wedding pictures. I think Wallace looked more relax there. He looks so handsome & all her pre-wedding dresses were very cute especially the cute wedding dress. I think she is really pregnant because they are not showing her full red dress & she used her bouquet to cover her tummy during the ceremony. Her actual wedding dress was more fluffy at the waist also if you notice.

  3. Has to be the most photogenic couple of all time. I don’t know any asian couple that’s this matched in terms of popularity, career, appearance or wealth.

    Ruby’s wedding dress is a bit plain, not as cute or flirty as the ones she wore in her wedding photos, but it’s still elegant and pretty. I would assume after wearing so many different kinds of wedding dresses in her filming lifetime, that she would either have one enormously stunning wedding dress or she would be wearing a plain one since it’s not as big of a deal to her.

    This wedding seems small(er) and less rowdy in comparison to Ceci & Nicky Wu (maybe cus she’s really preggo?). But still intimate and quaint. The decorations were beautiful. Overall a nice wedding to see.

    1. @coralie Matched in terms of popularity, appearance and wealth?? Got la. HXM and AB quite matched in that department. I must agree that Ruby & Wallace look quite good together even though there is a 4 years gap. I mean people always said that girls aged faster than guys 🙁 but I think they looked kinda perfect atleast for now.

      1. @nigel hahaa…well if you’ve read my previous posts about AB, then you’ll know how i feel about her and her appearance. AB also doesn’t come close to HXM in terms of salary, but that’s not really a big criteria when the man is the breadwinner. Sexist? Yes…but it is what it is.

      2. @coralie yeah but the comments were on rare to find a couple that is so compatible in all depts so I was thinking besides Ruby-Wallace, AB & HXM kinda fit the bill too. I felt they are both good-looking plastic or otherwise and both are very popular & quite loaded individually.

      1. @tiffany
        but if to compare of course that the duchess carries it much better? lol…. Cuz that woman is just so darn TALL and not super super beautiful but she just looks very elegant and very easy on the eyes. She also not preggos when she was getting married so she’s so very fit all around. haha lol..but yeah lots of ppl use that dress as an inspiration after that. Ruby Lin does have great taste as well, most of the stuff she picked were very fitting.

  4. Beautiful wedding for a gorgeous couple. I was so happy to see my favorite actress married to my favorite actor. I have shipped them since the Sound of Colors days. I stalked Facebook this entire weekend for their photos. Glad to see many of them posted online.

  5. Ruby Lin is always beautiful. I feel nostalgic after looking the picture of trio HZGG.
    i thought Alec su will attend the wedding. maybe, he was busy.

  6. I was right. Ruby Lin is really pregnant! Yay!!! Congrats to Wallace & Ruby. The video on their FB said that.

    1. @dramas4me good for her indeed since she is already 40 years as she belongs to the high risk mummy category. She will be 41 when she gives birth to her first child. Look at Vivian Hsu, she had such a difficult pregnancy. Had to be bed-ridden throughout her pregnancy. Definitely not an easy experience. Luckily her hubby is filthy rich!

      1. @nigel can’t really compare as vivian had complication because she has a cervical issue that’s why she was bed ridden. 40 is in the high risk section but overall, if ruby take care of herself, should be a normal pregnancy.

      2. @dramas4me Yep. Really depend on the person. Yes it’s harder as you get older but if person is in good condition, carrying the baby won’t be that bad for them.

        interesting article you got there.

      3. @happybi I think the article is very interesting also. It does make sense though – it’s because to get pregnant that late in life you have to have a better health condition in general to be able to conceive. Do you know what I mean?

      4. @dramas4me Yes in a way it makes sense. I know for me, I didn’t have my 2nd till later so I want to be in good health so i can watch my kids grow up! So not just in helping with conceiving but we know our kids will be still consider young while we are consider older so want to live longer to watch them longer!

      5. @happybi true as we get older don’t have the stamina to run after the kiddos plus backache is another issue. My pregnancy was tough. Cough for more than 10 months even after I have given birth. Definitely not an easy pregnancy.

      6. @happybi & @nigel:

        happybi: Yes. It’s so much harder when you become a mom at an older age. Getting up at nights with a newborn is exhausting. I think when your kids are teenagers then that’s a true test for any parents. I heard someone said that teenagers are God’s way of punishing the parents.

        nigel: Wow! You really went through a tough pregnancy. I’m glad you are ok now. Someone I know went through 9 months of morning sickness and stopped at that child. There were no more pregnancies for her after that. I went through 6 months each with both of my kids. That was not fun at all.

      7. @nigel I’m wondering if they will have another child after that. I know some people who are the only child – they tend to be more lonely people. If they will have a girl and a boy then that would be perfect or who knows may be she is going to have twins. I read that Asians have the least chances of having twins compared to other races (White, Black, Hispanic..).

      8. @dramas4me yeah it is very lonely coz I am an only child too so I understand the feeling. Yeah like Angeline Lee who had twin boys recently. Well you never know.

  7. Congratulations! They both look gorgeous. I actually really like her wedding gown as it’s really elegant. Yes, it does age her a bit as it’s very lacy but she look beautiful in it!

  8. “When you’re out and feel tired, exhausted, don’t forget that I will always be at home waiting for you. Forever. I love you.”

    isn’t this so sweet?

  9. Wow, seems like a reunion of the original cast from HZGG with Vicki zhao and FBB attending.

    Interestingly, no mention of Alec Su being there, only his ex bandmate Nicky Wu.

  10. Since she is so very skinny most of the time she did looked abit pumped up in that lacy dress but all the other pics she looks very stylishly tasteful. Very nice!!!! All good choices for a wedding.

    1. @kiki true true all of these celebs are super super skinny so she looks good now with a little flesh hehe

  11. On a side note….I remember reading American entertainment i don’t remember which couples now and ppl ask ” Do people get married then have a kid in that order anymore????”
    Even Asians are getting hitched after a bun in the oven, how can you expect Americans to even do that anymore? Or any race for that matter? haha LOL….

    1. @kiki Well many people still follow the tradition. At least that’s what I know from attending my relatives and friends wedding. But I can understand that more and more people become liberal. If you think it positively, it was like double bliss.

  12. Congratulations for Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin. Cannot wait to see little Wallaby.

  13. Ruby has very fresh, natural big smiles. But what makes me surprised is she can have this kind of big smile whole day, consecutive days which I feel not normal. Normally our smiles are short; naturally we cannot show our whole teeth whole day. Seeing other people’s wedding photos, I cannot find anyone can have big smiles all the times. Remember the picture where she was in the same car with Wallace Huo when he was drunk, in her eyes having bullets, having fire, I feel very different.

    1. @cuckoo Not quite sure what you are saying. To put it in perspective, she married the man of her dreams. She married the man she always wanted and after a decade of friendship he returns her love. In such a momentous moment, how can she not smile the whole day? Moreover she is with his child.

      As for eyes having fire, maybe she was pissed with the reporters.

      1. @funnlim lol I like the way you put it! So romantic lol haha. Indeed what you said is true. How could she not be the happiest woman on earth on her big day? 🙂

      2. @funnlim I mean there’s some problem inside, that’s why she has to show too much that she’s very happy with big smiles all the times. Have you ever seen someone having big smiles whole day?

      3. @cuckoo how do you know she has big smile whole day ? We only see from photos and bit of recording. She could stop smiling when alone and not captured by camera.

        And everyone have problem. Doesn’t mean they have to show too much gloomy face or too much smiley face all day. They can still show positive aura in front of public and sad face when alone.

      4. @gray how she knows when the camera will not capture her so that she will not smile? That’s to answer your question. Because she knows she will be captured all the times at the wedding, all the pictures showed big smiles, so I understand like that

      5. @gray from your reply –> you already understand what I mean, she showed she’s happy in front of other people.
        Look at her smiles, they weren’t toward the man of her dreams.
        @dramas4me the day before the reception in taipei, I read the news about Wallace would go to Ruby/ Ruby’s parents house, I already guessed he would change his expressions, would be different from Bali, so you no need to mean anything, you can figure out yourself. Every time I saw him crying, he lost weight terribly, his terrible eye bags, I do feel pity him and want to help him, he’s a weak man, but what I did to help him are basing on what’s I think is the truth. I just said it early, so that later if he loves another person, don’t blame him cheating, I want to see real happiness, not the fake one. I might be wrong, Ruby maybe is really his real love, but a lot of people think negative similar to me, I’m not the only one, you read news and you know about this, right? Although the reporters at the wedding were paid generously red envelopes but other negative news still came out, right?
        @funnlim I don’t see Kate Middleton still smiling now, there’re pictures that she didn’t smile, so not go further with Kate

      6. @cuckoo From someone who lips hurt from constantly smiling at my own wedding. I have to say her big smile is normal. I know on my wedding day I was constantly smiling. not because I was super duper happy..(honestly I was exhausted and just wanted the day to be over so I can put my feet up) I was just smiling because it was my wedding and I need to make sure I’m smiling in my photos.. know what I mean? So I disagree with what you are implying.. I feel her expression is fine.. I feel their love is real. their wedding speech to each other was touching. At least I feel their love for each other… so personally, I feel it’s real.

        and if he did cheat on her down the road, why can’t we blame him? Cheating is still wrong no matter how he feels!

      7. @happybi if he had to marry her because of the pregnancy and because of the pressure from her family then he’s just always continued this style of life? I think his speech was written by someone else, it’s like a maudlin script in a drama, lol, sorry. Are you honest about your smiling, no photo of you not smiling at your wedding, how about your groom, he always smile too? It’s ok, it doesn’t matter she or you can have big smiles constantly at your own weddings, you and her are still … very rare

      8. @cuckoo but you need to understand reporters will only pick the nicer photos for their article. So you haven’t seen all her photos so you don’t know if there are some where she is not smiling or even showing her tired face. I know during my wedding when I know cameras are flashing, my smiles are always there. Will I have photos that doesn’t have a smile? Probably but I will only show the good ones. Know what I mean?

        He’s 36 years old… if he was pressured into marrying someone then he has a problem. If he didn’t want accident, then he should have used protection. But liked I said, I personally think their feeling for each other are genuine. 10 yrs of friendship is not an easy matter.. especially in an entertainment business.. for them to gradually becoming lovers and then husband and wife is something I do not find surprising at all.

      9. @happybi she is 40 and in a high risk group. if not ready for a baby, they could have used protection. but if they see each other as marriage partners, then the arrival of the baby is just expedited.

      10. @happybi I don’t think there’re many styles for reporters to pick in Bali, Wallace mostly didn’t smile and Ruby mostly had big smiles, if they could pick, why they chose pictures where Wallace not smile?
        I think they have feeling for each other, but it’s like a surge, then no more special. Pregnancy is a must for him to marry her, but besides marrying she wanted more. She wanted the world to know that he loved her very much, they dated then marry, pregnant, buying house, leave Shanghai to move to Taipei. You saw their concert date, you thought them just dated, they’re romantic but actually they already pregnant, all those we saw are well arranged. If she already pregnant and informed the pregnancy and marriage, I didn’t have bad feeling. The information about he’s looking for house to buy for her as a gift was rumored/on news after relationship announcement, right? but near the wedding date, there’s news/photos on him being searching for house, the price of house, advice of house from Ruby, her parents, right? Those things you think he loved her or he was under pressure? My feeling is he’s very scared of Ruby’s dad, Ruby’s family is very powerful, anyway

      11. @cuckoo They just got married and I’m wishing the best for three of them. I don’t want to think any negative things about this couple. I think he was stressed out with the wedding and also he seems like an introvert person. He seemed nervous at the wedding in Bali just like when he was receiving awards. I watched his interviews he said he has very few friends – I don’t think he’s a very talkative guy. Time will tell us about their marriage. They definitely are moving fast with this relationship. Within less than 7 months they went from dating, marriage to pregnant. He got her pregnant so things changed fast for them. That’s a dramatic shift for anyone to take in. I don’t hear any bad news about their relationship so far and I certainly I hope I won’t hear it later down the road either.

      12. @dramas4me Wedding in Bali all guests are their relatives and few closest friends while in award ceremony, most ppl are strange ppl, different, agree? Dating, pregnant to marriage, agree? If he married an ordinary person, then she would be blamed for his popularity going down. Now even he marries a very rich and popular person, his popularity still goes down significantly, cannot blame her, right? Some go to blame his fans, haha. Should not blame anyone, right? let it be.
        Time will tell us about their marriage, if you have time, you follows thei marriage, I myself am not sure in the future if I’m interested in their marriage or not, now I see something I say something, it’s just been an entertainment industry’s topic

      13. @cuckoo she probably didn’t smile every time since it is tiring and pregnant
        but I can think of one who is still smiling now. Kate Middleton who literally married her prince.

      14. @funnlim I’m very happy for the new couple (WH & RL), but there are so broken hearts out there right now that he is officially married/off the market. Please read this link and you will know what I mean.


        Off the subject a little – Prince William used to be so, so handsome, but he started to look more and more like his dad. He became somewhat bald now. I’m not too crazy about his dad because of what he did to Princess Diana. I still like Prince William – he seems like a nice guy, husband and dad.

  14. Ruby Lin is so pretty but her wedding dress was only so so. The dress doesn’t suit the hairstyle. And her hairstyle makes her look old and mom-sy. Why didnt she choose another hairstyle..:(

    And Wallace looks spectacular in that black suit!! WOW!!

  15. A very sweet wedding They both look very subtly over the moon. I am glad that they finally ended with each other. Very warm and fuzzy gazes.

    BTW: Anyone notice that all the “You May Like” articles for this page are strangely all of Ruby and Wallace denying their rumours in the past?

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