Wayne Lai and Moses Chan on Roles as Actors and Fathers

For their roles in Death by Zero <殺手>Moses Chan (陳豪) and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) both went through their own forms of diet and exercising routine to prepare their assassin roles. While Moses regularly maintains a very fit physique, Wayne had to work harder to achieve his goals.

Hard-earned Physiques

Already 56 years old, Wayne was required to lose 10 pounds and acquire a fitter physique for his role. Portraying a savvy-turned-incompetent assassin, Wayne used his personal experiences to bring life into his character. “At my age, there’s definitely more life experiences. I can use what I have been through and my experiences to inject into the character. The same character goes through a drastic 10-year change. The audience will be able to tell from your eyes, expressions, and movements the difference that time and experience has brought on. That is why it is important for actors to live a life full of different experiences.”

For his role, he was instructed to lose 10 pounds and gain a fitter physique. Wayne shared, “It was impossible for me to turn into a full on muscle man in such a short amount of time. So the only thing I could do is lose as much excess fat as possible. I would have two eggs, broccoli, and tomatoes for breakfast. The audience has very harsh expectations of actors. Even if you are older in age, they still require you to stay fit. It would be very sad if I was critiqued to be middle-aged, fat, and losing all my looks. That is why it is important to keep standards for myself and not allow let myself go.”

Opposite to Wayne, Moses instead had to maintain his fit physique and showcase bulging muscles through his clothes. The 49-year-old actor expressed that his desire to maintain his health not only stems from work, but also from his desire to watch his children grow up. “As a father, my children are still very young. Furthermore, I am also an actor. Both of these things require me to maintain good condition and be in shape. After exercising, I would notice that my condition is much better. I would feel younger and have more energy. A little bit of exercise each day is sufficient.” Moses continued, “I often tell Wayne not to view this as a diet plan, but rather a lifestyle. You have to enjoy it too.”

Father Figures

In addition to being recognized and successful actors, both Wayne and Moses also share one thing in common – their roles as fathers. With two sons and one daughter, Moses expressed the importance of fairness. “I focus a lot on being fair. I make sure to give my love equally to all my children. They have to also learn how to play fairly, stand in line, share, and take turns with everything. My wife and I would share our experiences with our children, then let them make their own decisions. They have to understand that they have to deal with the consequences of every step they take.”

On the other hand, Wayne only has one son, who is already 22 years old. Rather than focusing on fairness, Wayne instead makes an effort to not spoil his son. On his and his wife’s parenting methods, Wayne shared, “My wife and I would not easily give in to all of my son’s every desire. For example, we would review and consider his grades before buying him a toy. We would review with him the pros and cons of each toy, and then let him make the decision on which one is best for him. This is also a way of improving our communication so we learn to better communicate with one another. I would tell my son that he is responsible for his own life. If he can’t even do that, then he will not be able to do anything.”

Source: Hket

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Wayne’s character sounds intriguing. I wanna watch the changes because I think Wayne can pull it off well. But I’m afraid to be disappointed though. TVb is notorious in hyping their characters and fails to develop them miserably…

    Someone who is watching the series, objectively change my mind?! 😀

    1. @jjwong This series is definitely interesting. Although he is doing a great job in his role, its quite strange to see him in this type of character. I feel like the audience likes him more as a period drama character. Someone like Ruco Chan or Vincent Wong suits better in his character.

      1. @scre Agree that Wayne is excellent in period dramas. No Regrets is one of my faves. However, Wayne is amazing in Death by Zero as well. He never disappoints.

    2. @jjwong I am hooked. I’m very selective in what I chose to watch or continue watching. Now I’m annoyed that I started watching when only half of it was released because I might catch up soon.

      @scre nah, Wayne is great in this role. I can’t imagine a younger actor as this character. Vincent maybe, Ruco no. But with an adult daughter, neither…

    3. @jjwong Wayne is awesome in this role. He actually had to wear a fake belly to show his slovenly decay and the story is slowly showing how he got this way. He shows the range of emotions that other actors would not be able to carry off.

      I like Ruco and Vincent, but they would totally be wrong for Wayne’s role. Perhaps Moses’s role, but he is also perfect for that and his chemistry with Ali is hard to beat. Moses is great as a prissy but professional, playful but cool assassin.

      The story isn’t as engaging though. I like Wayne’s story with his daughter and Elena. Katy’s connection is finally moving in Episode 16 and I am getting use to her.

      I still have trouble with rooting for these characters because they are essentially cold-blooded murderers. Some of the kill scenes make me wince because it doesn’t seem morally right in the modern era. This would be better set in the ancient times, but then you don’t have cool guns. I try to view this as a comic series like Dare Devil or Spiderman to help with that morally grey aspect.

      1. @scre Yes, I can see it winning best series too. Lots of fun, unique characters with great acting and chemistry among the cast.

      2. @potatochip @kuks @luye @scre thnx for the rundown. I’ll give the series a try after it’s all aired, lol. I read an article where it says every eps ended with a cliff hanger? That sounds annoying af. I understand if it’s at the end of the week or something, but every eps? Sounds as weird as that one Wong Jing TVB drama recently where eps ended in mid-scene and literally mid-sentence lol.

      3. @jjwong I didn’t really notice that each episode ended with a cliffhanger because most weren’t that climatic. I think there were a few that ended with simple conversations but there are quite a few “so and so is in danger!”.

    4. @jjwong i lost interest in TVB shows for years, i will watch a few epi and then will lose interest in continuing it. This show has me glued to my TV at 930pm nightly…..then again, i may be bias cos it starred Ali….

      I think my testimonial helps? LOL

  2. One would think Wayne has to gain weight for this role as an aging, alcoholic, out of shape killer. Didn’t know he actually had to lose 10 pounds to play that character.

  3. It’s weird in the drama Moses looks young like in his 30s. He looks younger than Wayne in the drama but in real life I find Wayne looks younger than Moses. Moses does not age well..

    1. @oligodendrocytes I think Moses is actually aging great which is why he still looks great on camera. I think the thing is off camera he really just doesn’t care, like a real family man who just let’s himself go lol. It seems if he’s off camera he just wants to be himself.

      1. @wm2017 He did look bad in LW2 and also My Ages Apart. Surprisingly, he looks much better in this series. It’s just the right amount of head hair to facial hair ratio. Lol.

      2. @potatochip I actually thought his look in MAA was refreshing and hip and took the focus away from his receding hairline LOL.
        But in recent interviews his age is really showing.

      3. @bubbles23 The hair was hip tied back, but the beard was too scraggly. I like him groomed here. But honestly, his best accessory is having great chemistry with Ali. I never liked his acting before.

      4. @potatochip legit they are the best onscreen couple since like. Idk. Is it just me cause I thought Moses was pretty bad for the show he got Best Actor in.

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