Wayne Lai Facing Many Opponents For TV King Award This Year

Yesterday, TV King, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), brought his wife and son along to Ma On Shan Sports Center to attend a “Family Work Out Day” event. Because it was a humid and hot day and it was an outdoor event that required them to walk briskly, their entire backs were soaked with sweat. Wayne remarked that they often exercised as a family, while praising his son for being well-rounded in many areas and candidly admitted defeat.

With regards to Michael Tse (謝天華) expressing that he has the confidence to secure the TV King award based on his new drama,Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊>, Wayne highly praised that Michael acted well and said. “Kevin Cheng’s (鄭嘉穎) character, Law Ba,  inGhetto Justice <怒火街頭> was unique and outstanding while Steven Ma’s (馬浚偉) The Life and Times of a Sentinel <紫禁驚雷> received good response.  It’s really quite a tough fight this year!”

The reporter asked Wayne Lai whether he was planning to sign with TVB in exchange for the TV King award. Wayne replied, “My acting contract with TVB will only be expiring end of this year. I will not consider it until then.”

Source: Orientaldaily.on.cc

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com.

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  1. Wayne Lai’s son is as tall as Wayne now! His son used to be chubby, but he grew so tall now! Is he around 14?

  2. I have met Wayne Lai in person before he won the best actor in tvb. I treated him badly by ignoring his greeting LOL.. because he was a big KLF last time so I didnt pay much attention to him (he was sitting the next table besides me). I feel kinda bad now for not asking for his autograph during the time I met him in person.

      1. @Kidd @Veejay:

        I find that Wayne Lai’s life is like a death tarot card. Because usually a tarot card has two sides to it, one upright and the other upside down. Wayne’s early career in the entertainment industry was like the upright side, looking like it’s at a dead end then suddenly things reversed and his career is like the upside down tarot card, seeing a career revivial in recent years.

        I guess meeting the right people (in this case, Sheren Tang who recommended Wayne and told Tim Gor (I think or was it Cheung Wah-Biu) that she wanted to partner with him), having fate with the right scripts (in this case, “Rosy Business” and “No Regrets”) and being heavily promoted by the right high ranking people plays a part as well.

      2. @ Ah K

        I find it hard to believe that it’s Sheren Tang who recommended Wayne to Tim Gor/CWB. Wayne is a regular cast of Tim Gor while Sheren only has a chance to collaborate with Tim Gor for the first time in ‘Rosy Business’.

      3. @Kidd,

        I didnt recognise it was Wayne Lai at first as I gotta admit this in a rather embarrassed tone that Many guys used to smile, greet etc to me without any reason during my early 20s LOL. HOnestly i don’t feel like bringing this up at all as ppl might think i’m bragging here xD. Ok back to the topic, I thought Wayne was one of those guys who “greet” me without a reason..so that’s why I didnt response to him lol..only after a few mins later, my mom recognised Wayne and tell me hey’s it’s that tvb guy (No one know Wayne well that time, Wayne didnt take up the role of Pig from the Monkey king story yet)..He’s still a big klf that time..

        By the time we recognised it was Wayne, he already leave the restaurant with his friends..

      4. @Ah K,

        Agree that Wayne met the right ppl in the right time..i really wonder if he lose the opportunity to meet Tim gor that time, I wonder Wayne will still shine from his other roles? maybe he will takes a long time to shine since Tvb has so many handsome actors. I’m a fan of Tim Gor’s series too, almost all his series are exciting and interesting. I remember watching Rosy Business part I, my eyes were glued at the tv and I discussed and forecast the storyline with my colleague the next day because the story itself was really intriguing and exciting.

      5. @Kidd:

        I find it hard to believe too but it is true! Please read this -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosy_Business and this -> http://informationtimes.dayoo.com/html/2009-05/30/content_584722.htm###

        According to Tim Gor aka Lee Tim Sing, it was through his chanced meeting with Sheren Tang one day in TVB that Rosy Business first developed and Wayne Lai had Sheren to thank for his breakout role as “Chai Kau” because Sheren was indeed the one who recommended Wayne’s involvement to Tim Gor.

      6. @Veejay:

        Lol, you must be one hot head turner babe to get so many looks from guys!

        Actually Wayne Lai was in many of Lee Tim Shing’s past TVB production dramas, namely “Safe Guards” (2006), “Best Bet” (2007) and “Fantasy Hotel” (2005) so it wasn’t like he hasn’t met Tim Gor before lol!

        But, maybe Tim Gor didn’t saw potential in Wayne Lai as first main lead until Sheren suggested it? I don’t know haha!

        Ah I love “Rosy Business” too, the classic is always the best! “No Regrets” ending was just crappy and draggy, featuring Jiu-mei going to the great grave of Nanjing and retrieving the briefcase after the death of Liu Sing was just lame, in my opinion!

      7. @Ah K,

        LOL, honestly I dont really like to describe about myself on the internet or mention anything about my past as I want to keep them secret 😀

        Can’t say I’m a hot tuner babe last time when I’m still am one Lmao (just kidding). Yeah, I also find “No Regrets” ending a bit cheesy imo but I dont really care since I know TVB can alter their script from the original script whenever they want and it can be unrealistic sometimes. so I dont complain much maybe I have low expectations for tvb series,I just watch tvb series to keep myself update keke.

        I like Wayne too after all his series, find him to be a humble and hardworking artist who deserves to be complimented 😀

  3. Wayne’s hard work finally paid off, he’s a good actor. I recently watched a very old show and Wayne starred in that show and he was so young then. Imagine he survives in this industry for so many years.

  4. wayne is an epitome of Sheren’s golden phrase at the awards last year “默默耕耘係有人睇到” all these years, Wayne worked so hard but got no recognition at all. But his hard work paid off when Lee Tim Sing casted him in RB1.

    Really impressed with how Wayne successfully intertwines his family together with his job. His wife is his manager and his son is his photographer . Also his son is perpetually with him, even when he came to Singapore recently for an award.

  5. I am a great fan of Wayne and have seen him in interviews and thinks that he is a very nice person also. Very happily married and hasn’t got the “wandering eye”!!! He just seems to modest about things and I am so glad that he has finally made it to the top. The first time I saw him was with Nnadia Chan in “Song Bird” and even then I just had a feeling that this boy will one day come out on top. There was something about him which I liked and then the second time was with Leon Lai and Lau Ching Wan. I think that drama probably gave him the boost and people started to recognise him although he played a sort of bad boy. Can’t remember the name of the series but it was great. Well, whatever he does in the future, all the best of luck to him and what a lovely family he has.

  6. Well, wife and son in the business = keeping money within the family.

  7. off topic, i think his wife looks old. wonder how his ex-wife looks like.

  8. I don’t agree that Wayne’s wife looks old and certainly looks younger than him. Maybe its because she doesn’t go in for those sexy clothes or very trendy hair styles which makes her just a teeny weeny bit frumpish looking.

    I think poor Wayne was not happily married the first time according to his interview with Stephen Chan. So it looks as if this one is for keeps. I think Wayne goes in for the less glamorous type of women. Some men are like that as it may make them feel more secure just like some women go in for the more ordinary looking guy.

    1. Agree with you. His wife does not look old nor ugly. I think she looks pretty good.

  9. Wow! His son sure has grown tall. And Wayne’s wife looks much better in here than in other past news reports where she looked really frumpish. She looks pretty good in this picture.

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