Xiao Zhan and Li Qin Bonded Over Food

Spotted out having a hotpot meal together, popular Xiao Zhan (肖戰) and Li Qin (李沁) were rumored to be dating. Before the rumors surfaced, Li Qin had revealed she is good friends with Xiao Zhan, and divulged that she would always stay at his home whenever she visits Chongqing and the duo would go food-hunting together.

Li Qin said, “Although Xiao Zhan looks haughty, he’s actually a food lover familiar with certain foods in Chongqing. He would bring me to try all sorts of foods every time I visit, and also bring me to fun places.” Tellingly, the actress had then professed, “I’m more of a homebody, so I feel that I become more youthful in my outlook when I’m with him.”

Xiao Zhan Taught Her to Speak Chongqing Dialect

Besides their shared love of food, Xiao Zhan would teach Li Qin his Chongqing dialect, which the actress picked up impressively fast due to her flair for languages. Adding to the fact that they already starred in three dramas together, their regular interactions appeared to have strengthened their close friendship.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. They are totally dating lol. Say what you will but they live together (stay a few days is still living together, and by the sound of it, not just once but multiple times). Going on dates – food hunting is basically date lol. They are both handsome and beautiful people, successful in their own right, on par with each other, and single, so everything is in for them to date each other. Sorry XZ’s fans who keeps going on about how he’s not dating LQ but he totally is lol. She also sounds super smitten with him lol. And if you want a nicer term than dating, then they are trying each other out lol. Idc who he’s dating, but his fan club’s reactions are fun to watch lol, totally worth my popcorn xD

    1. @littlefish I will say they are not dating …Lol..just good friends. Regardless, they are dating or not. I am just happy they are close friends… Honestly, in these industry, it is hard to be close to anyone..especially someone as popular as Xiao Zhan with his some of his over possessive fans.

    2. @littlefish
      Not a member of XZ’s fan club and I’ll always happy with any dating news but if they are indeed in a relationship, those words from LQ won’t be out in the news.

  2. I don’t think they’re dating lo but I hope they do!!! They look cute together!!

  3. Either she’s blatantly saying “We are dating” or she is saying “Even if I stay with him, we are not dating. We are friends only.” There’s no gray area for now. It’s not often you have an Asian female celebrity come out and say “I sleep at his house and we go get food whenever I am in town.”

    1. @jesspepperwang
      Ju JingYi said the same exact things with her co star Zhang Zhe Han. But you are right, it’s seldom happens.

      Well, I hope XZ will finally found someone. LQ is gorgeous and keeps to herself mostly. Not much brouhaha about her in the news. I did remember that she was linked with Deng Lun in the past.

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