Xiao Zhan’s Photos Before Fame Surface

As Xiao Zhan’s (肖戰) fame continues to grow, rumors tend to follow. Plastic surgery allegations have reared again as netizens dug up past photos, scrutinizing the differences in his facial features. They also found it suspicious that Xiao Zhan’s team always tries to take down his old photos.

In his pre-debut photo, Xiao Zhan did not have his current deep double eyelids. He had a bit of baby fat, which is a stark contrast from his slimmer face and elegant image today.

As the photos stirred controversy, Xiao Zhan’s university classmate came to his defense, stating that he was already the center of attention due to his handsome features. His looks even led to students from other schools recognizing him. His classmate said that Xiao Zhan lost approximately 22 pounds after he became famous, which led to sharper facial features.

Xiao Zhan’s fans continued to support their idol, stating that the power of losing weight is even more impactful than plastic surgery. To prove their point, they made an edit comparing Xiao Zhan’s current nose bridge and jaw line with one from four years ago, stating that his appearance changed only because he became thinner. They added that Xiao Zhan worked hard to control his diet and over the years, he gradually gained his breathtaking transformation.

As for the eyelids, the fans tried their best to fight the rumors, saying that his eyes would turn into single eyelids whenever he looked down or raised his eyebrows. They even went as far as to create a continuous drawing to show the process.

While many netizens think it is reasonable that Xiao Zhan’s face became slimmer due to weight loss, they are not swayed by the eyelid argument. They expressed that celebrities undergoing eyelid surgery is common, and Xiao Zhan’s features have remained largely the same except he looks more alert now.

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Imma just say this: like how much I trust Yang Zhi not have PS, that’s how much I trust XZ’s PS rumour lol. I tend to not like ppl who plastic, dk why or how I pick it up, but I guess my brain don’t feel them natural and tend to be distrust of them. Anyway, time will tell.

    1. Yang Zi is a child star so it’s obvious she still looks the same. However, when netz hate someone, they really know how to pretend seeing/unseeing things. From what I see people say about YZ, they don’t trust her at all just cause they hate her. While people like Zhao Liying looks nothing the same in the past, and she even bad mouthed others i.e. saying things like “OFC my face didn’t go through plastic surgery like YM” however… 99.9% of the time people say they trust she’s the only natural beauty left in the industry. Only cause they like her after she sells pity.
      They act blind like they see no difference from her old photos, her eyes used to be small. Even make excuses like, she can grow double eyelids and sharp chin through weight loss and eyebrows changes. If so then there’s no way XZ cannot grow double eyelids too through weight loss. At least XZ used to be chubbier. ZLY was already skinny near death, unbelievable she needed to lose any more weight than that.

  2. So funny, there are so many celebs the had/have Plastic surgery.. It is becoming so common in some Countries more then others.
    I no longer bother who has and who hasn’t… I was so shock when I learnt about jaw shaving, eyes lids cutting to make eyes bigger, the method to “improve” one’s looks is so advance. I can no longer keep track… So why bother keeping track? ChatGPT is already slowly polluting our world…the world is progressing faster then I can keep up. No that the world will stop progressing just because I am not ready to deal with all the changes.
    I might as well just enjoy my dramas and no bother about PS or not. If I like any actor, I will watch their shows, anyone I find awkward to watch, I will change channel. No big deal.
    Going back to Xiao Zhan, regardless what PS he has done, he still looks good when he was young. I bet he is a nice guy too thus he is popular at school. His soul is good, so what if he had eye plastic surgery… that is just my opinion.

  3. I don’t think Xiao Zhao had his eyes done. I used to have very thin double eyelids and through the years I lost some weight & lot of sleeps because I’m a light sleeper and many nights i was staying up at night when my children were new born infants. My double eyelids became bigger. Someone mentioned Xiao Zhan lost some weight, so i’m not surprised about it.

  4. Losing a lot of weights help for sure. He didn’t change much.. it s only the eyes haha. Pretty sure he got it done but I still love him! He still looks good at a teenager

  5. I think anti-fans deliberately selected some unflattering old photos of him. There are other college pics of him that look much better. And his baby photos are really cute. XZ never had double lids before or after. His lids are called phoenix lids in Chinese.

  6. Looking at his eyes in The Joy of Life where he was even more thin, they are different than now. But I also don’t care if actors have had surgery as long as I can connect with their characters.

    1. He played the bit part in Joy of Life around the same time as Untamed. In JOL, his eyes were made to look uneven with one eye bigger to reflect the character’s physical ordeal after years as hostage

      1. Was it years? I saw Joy of Life last year and perhaps memory is fuzzy, but we saw his character in the carriage at the beginning when Fan Xian was going to the capital and then at the end episodes. Did everything in the capital take years to occur?

        Was there an interview about the make up? It wasn’t the eye size difference that I noticed. His lids and shape seem different to me but I don’t understand make up effects. Superstar Academy’s shape is different too but he also had slightly more weight then. Either way, I don’t really care since that doesn’t affect acting and how I feel about the characters.

  7. He obviously had work done on his eyes, his cheeks, his chin and even his lips. No amount of weight loss redefines a man’s face like that. I like him, and PS is the norm for the celebrities nowadays. What I don’t get is when them and their management team denies the very obvious. The fans need to accept these celebs are PS addicted

    1. All XZ’s features look the SAME like before if you compare them. He lost some baby’s fat from his cheeks and it’s normal. It happns to everyone. If he got them them done you can tell right away.

  8. Eyelids cannot get deeper no matter what. He certainly had work done and he’s stupid if he didn’t because all other actors/actresses did. A lot of actors/actresses don’t look a bit like thier parents at all and their kids don’t/won’t look like them. We all know why.

    1. I’m sorry to tell you that you are incorrect- eyelids CAN get deeper/bigger because it actually happened to me and that’s why I know.

      1. It happens when someone loses muscle in their face. I don’t he’s that age yet.

  9. He looks the same except massive weight loss, had eyelid surgery and plenty of good facial products money can buy.

  10. His eyes do look pretty different which could be due to make-up or surgery. The other changes could be due to weight loss. It’s not like any of us would ever know so speculations are pretty pointless, haha.

    But even if Xiao Zhan had eyelid surgery, the result looks very natural to me. This type of eyelid that is half-hooded and half-open are pretty common for East Asians who were born with double eyelids, so at least they look anatomically possible, hence natural, on him. I’ve seen actors who went totally overboard with all sorts of plastic surgeries and definitely entered Uncanny Valley territory. It’s just off-putting to watch them act and emote in front of the camera. That’s not the case with this actor.

    1. “It’s not like any of us would ll ever know” on quote. So I guess none of us are surgeons, or show and consult with plastic surgeons before we make comments, nuff said.

      1. @Renren
        My wording wasn’t precise enough. Obviously big changes are easy to spot, for example when an actor with a hooked nose suddenly appears with a ski slope nose on the red carpet.

        But when it comes to smaller changes in a person’s facial features it’s harder to say. I’ve seen plastic surgeons comment on PS in the celebrity world, and even they aren’t always entirely sure if their speculations are correct or not when it comes to small changes since those can be attributed to weight loss, filters, professional styling and yes, even natural changes. Some actors look nearly unrecognizable in paparazzi photos without photo editing and makeup on.

        My point was unless one of us personally operated on these actors or their appearance changed in such ways that can only be the result of PS and nothing else, I don’t think we can confidently say this or that celebrity definitely got PS.

  11. @basket, thank you explaining yourself in a more constructive manner. I give you five thumbs up for your comment, as it was outlined very well. I do agree that fillers can alter a celebrity’s facial features, and weight loss can also show significant change, Xiao Zhan had some minor touch ups. He did not go hog wild on the PS like most celebrities do, but he went there, slight went there.
    Looking good is their bread and butter, so if they want to go there, so be it, good for them. I just don’t like when they threaten to sue people for pointing out the truth, or denying it. Just say nothing, nothing at all.
    I still can’t get over the mother of all PS who brought a shyster surgeon to say she had none. There was one tell tale sign to prove. I’m still waiting to hear from her how her chin became so elongated. No amount of fat burning can achieve that. Only the skilled hands of a plastic surgeon and some implants can achieve that. These celebrities need to stop the lies. It is an affront to the intelligence of the fans. Then again, the fans throw all semblance of common sense out the window when worshipping these people.

  12. My college roommate freshman year had single eyelids, or rather her top lid completely folded over the bottom part, so it looked like she had single eyelid. I don’t know if it was the late nights or whatever, but by the end of our senior year, her eye lids looked more like double eye lids. So I totally believe it’s possible having seen an anecdotal example personally. However, I don’t really understand why this is even newsworthy. Who cares? Tons of people in the industry have done much more.

  13. Idk…he looks pretty similar to me in his before and after photos. Weight loss and eyelid folds are related, plus exhaustion too. He had both in spades, so I believe he did nothing.

    Also, photo angles, makeup and Photoshop can do miracles.

  14. I have the same eyelids as him. They are very thin so can look single at times depending on angle. His features all do look the same except a wider face.
    Just because someone looks drastically different it’s not always plastic surgery. I don’t recognise myself sometimes when I wake up first thing either. I don’t need plastic surgery to make myself look good.

    1. That is fantastic that you don’t need plastic to look good, I salute yiu abd millions, even billions out there who don’t. Good on ya!!!.
      However, you don’t need and use your face to make a living now, do you?? Nuff said.

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