Yan Kuan’s Wife, Sunny Du, Denies Pregnancy Reports

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Mainland actress Sunny Du (杜若溪), who registered her marriage with actor Yan Kuan (嚴寬) last August, recently took to Sina Weibo to refute the news reports that she was expecting a child.

At a recent awards ceremony for Trends Health, Yan Kuan shared that the past year was a very happy time for them. Their two wishes for the coming year are to complete their wedding ceremony, which is scheduled for March 9 and has already undergone preparations, and to add to their family.

Since Yan Kuan seemed to be hinting at something, a reporter asked if they had any plans to have children. Sunny replied that she wished to follow convention by first getting married, holding the wedding ceremony, and then giving birth.

“But right now, for me to have a child without even holding the wedding ceremony, wouldn’t that be considered violating the customs of having children?” she added. “It’s not suitable, is it?”

Many news sources interpreted Sunny’s response to mean that she was already pregnant, leading to a shower of blessings on the newlyweds. However, Sunny recently clarified on Weibo that the news reports were incorrect and that she had been misunderstood.

“After receiving a lot of unfathomable blessings these past few days, I discovered that I had been ‘made pregnant,’” she wrote. “But this is actually a beautiful misunderstanding, which you will see if you watch the video. That day, I did not say that I was pregnant, but the media may have misheard because of the noise at the site.

“However, I thank everyone for your care and blessings!” she continued. “If we have any good news, we will share it with everyone here immediately. Again, thanks to our friends for your blessings. I appreciate your kindness.”

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Yan Kuan’s Wife, Sunny Du, Denies Pregnancy Reports

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