Yang Mi is in a New Relationship?

Almost a year since Yang Mi (楊冪) got divorced with Hawick Lau (劉愷威), rumors have been circulating that she found new love with younger actor Wei Daxun (魏大勛). The two are believed to be in a low-profile relationship after a netizen spotted them attending an exhibition together secretly with attempted disguises of hats and masks.

Photos of them were released and the two were evidently wearing matching couple shoes. Their clothing and figures exposed them, as netizens observed Daxun’s tall height and the birthmark on Yang Mi’s legs and her similar clothing style. Speculations were further strengthened when Daxun indirectly admitted he was the male in the photo, as he commented on his Weibo, “Just hanging out on the streets with a friend.”

Although there has yet to be any confirmation, fans already can’t help but expect for their dating announcements to be released. The two have gained a considerable number of fans shipping them as a couple after their collaboration on Chinese variety show Great Escape <密室大逃脫>. As an experienced senior, Yang Mi is often seen looking after her juniors on the show, but viewers took particular attention towards her interactions with Daxun. He would constantly act cute and address her as “Sister Mimi,” and she would happily laugh at his jokes.

As for their recent interactions, the actor posted a selfie and captioned, “Hello?” on Weibo, and to everyone’s surprise, Yang Mi replied on another platform called Oasis with, “Hello? Hi?” This small but obvious interaction had fans very excited. It is expected blessings will come their way once there are official dating announcements.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

Yang Mi Rumored to Be Dating Wei Daxun

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  1. I guess she’s gone w/an older man now it’s time for a younger one? haha lol….Who is this dude thou? At least I know HL a bit but then again I don’t watch alot of CD’s.

    1. @wm2017 nothing wrong it, that’s normal and just so you know age doesn’t matter. If you doesn’t know about the guy then google it, that’s very simple. You’re not the one in the article so you can’t say younger or older than their age they can’t Date or love it. It’s none of your business

      1. @arcee1227
        I think having an age gap is ok as long as it is not ridiculously too big whether it be younger or older.

        I watch China series a lot but since there are too many actors and actresses, it is hard to know them all. It is their business anyways and happiness should be number one.

  2. I always pray for Yang Mi to find her real partner in life who would totally understand, respect & love her .. if ever she’s in a relationship now I will support her always & forever. no matter what gonna happens. All I wish is to see her happy.

    1. @arcee1227
      She needs to love, understand and respect her partner too. It goes both ways in order for a relationship/marriage to work well and be happy, blissful and everlasting.

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