Yang Mi Spent Chinese New Year in Hong Kong with Hawick Lau

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Yang Mi Spent Chinese New Year in Hong Kong with Hawick Lau

As Yang Mi (楊冪) leads a successful career in China, her husband and fellow actor Hawick Lau (劉愷威) took a step back to take care of their young daughter “Little Sticky Rice” in Hong Kong. Being miles away from each other on a daily basis, rumors of separation are plaguing the couple.

In defense of his son, Hawick’s father, Come Home Love <愛回家> actor Lau Dan (劉丹), accidentally slipped to the press that Yang Mi would be spending Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. A source later shared that Yang Mi did arrive in Hong Kong on the second day of the lunar year, and had New Year dinner with Hawick and his family. A few days later, Hawick posted on social media that his wife “has returned.”

However, Hawick stayed tight-lipped when asked by paparazzi if his wife had returned to Hong Kong. Instead of answering the question, Hawick simply said, “Happy New Year.”

His father also stayed silent. Lau Dan merely smiled at the reporters when he was prompted with the question.

Despite the paparazzi’s efforts of catching the couple, Hawick has only been spotted alone since their rumored New Year meal. On Tuesday, Hawick was seen alone in Causeway Bay, shopping for household items. Yang Mi was not in sight.

Source: On.cc

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Yang Mi Spent Chinese New Year in Hong Kong with Hawick Lau

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