Young Boy Complains Chiling Lin’s Chest Distracts Him from Studying

For years, Taiwanese actress and model Chiling Lin (林志玲) has captivated male fans with her body and figure, which the 39-year-old maintained in top form. Chiling’s sexy underwear ads are omnipresent and captured the unwanted attention of many younger fans, including a recent primary school student who complained he could not focus on school!

On January 10, a netizen claiming to be a primary school student submitted a complaint to the official government website of Taizhou City, Jiangsu, China. He wrote, “Dearest Mayor, I am a primary school student from Jingjiang. Every day, I would pass by Chiling Lin’s ad that is hanging across the Wenfeng Great World building. I could not help but to stare at her deep breasts. At night, I would not be able to stop myself from thinking about them. I don’t want my grades to continue to get worse and affect my education. Mayor, please help me. I don’t want it to hurt my mental and physical health again.”

Four days later, the complainer received an official reply from the government website. The reply stated that officials had investigated the incident, concluding that commercial did not violate mainland China’s advertising law and is proven to not be harmful for kids.


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  1. This student is too funny. He should see a specialist doctor.

  2. Is this even worth to be called ‘news’?

    This boy’s mum must have not fed him enough when he was a baby.

    jayne, I believe you have much more important things to publicize.

    And who the heck is chiling lin???

    1. Qwerty,
      Found the article to be a bit humorous and it touches upon the issue of young kids’ reactions to celebrities’ showcase of blatant sexuality.

      Chiling Lin is a top Taiwanese model and actress. She was in John Woo’s “Red Cliff”.

      1. switch and treasure
        hunter also. how old is the boy? maybe puberty just hit him

  3. where is his parents in this? why is his parents letting him watch that ad?

    1. Anonymous,
      It’s a billboard ad of Chiling in her underwear, which apparently is plastered near the young boy’s school.

  4. This young man has serious issues.. about concentrating on his studies. Funny… however very pointless.

    1. Funn,
      The young boy probably doesn’t know how to deal with his emergent sexual thoughts. This is a pretty normal issue for pre-pubescent and pubescent boys. A sign that the parents should have a talk with him.

      Parents can limit kids’ exposure to free, uncensored surfing on Internet, but underwear billboard ads are seen everywhere.

      1. Or, he’s looking for any excuse to explain his poor grades 😛

      2. Yeah, pretty much that. My high school actually banned girls from wearing revealing/sexy clothing to school because, apparently, they “distract” male students from achieving success in school. Whatever…what about the FEMALES success?? Lol

    2. It’s even worse than ‘The dog ate my homework’ excuse to try and get away with it.

      1. And the fact that this has made headlines is even funnier.

  5. Why don’t you blame yourself Young Boy? It’s your problem. Not the advertisement.

  6. I don’t think this is funny if the boy found the ad is too distracting…I also feel the ad is a bit too sexual to be put on the billboard where everyone can see it.

    1. I find that many of the articles I read here don’t have a photo or at least a link to whats being described in the article.

  7. If I were a guy, I would want to marry Chilin so as a goal, that should be an incentive to study.

  8. This article remind me of korean movie “Wet Dream”, it’s hilarious!. LCL getting down hill..

  9. “a netizen claiming to be a primary school student submitted a complaint to the official government website of Taizhou City, Jiangsu, China.”

    Key word here is “claiming” since most “primary school” students aren’t that familiar with the government and its process yet. Little doubt that there is adult influence here and it ain’t a man, as claimed.

  10. Are those butterballs for real. Sometimes the juice ain’t worth the squeeze.

    1. Well, then I wonder how many other excuses he’s already used and will use. Cuz, there’s probably a long list of excuses.

  11. It is better to look at a real sexy woman “Chiling Lin” than a fake one “Transgender Actress Poy”.

  12. Poy and Chilling Lin are look-alike. They actually resembles each other.

    1. Thanks to Korean plastic surgeon. I heard they do excellent work and also keeping identification secrecy. Well done!

    1. Her face doesn’t look much different from her childhood photos.

      1. she can request the plastic surgeon to give her a minor face lift, without any drastic changes

  13. Oh wow, now its the trend, to push ur bad grades onto sexy advertising?

  14. This is so hilarious

    Perhaps its a call for attention

    Or a prank

  15. Kid, newsflash: YOU DON’T HAVE TO SEE THE BILLBOARD. Why look if it’s distracting?


  16. chiling lin should cover up and take more respectable photos

  17. So who will girls blame for their poor grades?

    Face it1 That boy is just finding excuses. He is a distracted student and it is his owwn fault.

    He should try this for his next exam! Whenever the image of Lin Chi Ling in lingerie appears in his mind, he should mentally replace her face and body with that of Eric Tsang! That should snap him back into his books and get him his A grades! =D

  18. who are we kidding, her pic above actually looks good enough for a front page/cover of a prono magazine, chiling, her manager and advertisers has gone too far, if her pic is morally good, then i suppose they could post it on government buildings, parliament house, schools, kindergartens or even places of worship

  19. That boy is ridiculous. And the ad isn’t even that sexy. It’s a lingerie ad, so what do you expect her to wear, a turtleneck?

  20. lol, somehow i think its not a “young boy” who has written to the mayor

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