Yoyo Mung On Verge Of Crying After Car Accident

Yoyo Mung (蒙嘉慧) was involved in a traffic accident in Tseung Kwan O yesterday. Allegedly, her car sustained serious damage. Fortunately, she was not bodily injured. Despite the car crash, Yoyo Mung returned to TVB City to film series, ATF Counter Terrorism Unit <ATF反恐>. Although the reporter attempted to contact Yoyo, she did not return the call.

Ruco Chan Spilled the News

In an interview with Appledaily, Yoyo’s ATF Counter Terrorism Unit co-star, Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), confirmed that Yoyo was indeed involved in a traffic accident yesterday. Ruco said, “Yoyo called the Director and Production Assistant, noting that she will get to work late due to the traffic accident. When I saw her earlier, she looked fine and likely did not sustain any physical injuries. When I greeted her, she appeared to be very unhappy and on the verge of crying. I decided to leave her alone so she can think over matters quietly.”

Source: Appledaily

Jayne: Fortunately Yoyo was not hurt in the traffic accident. She is probably crying thinking about the cost of the damages to the car.

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  1. Which I think she can afford it. Probably crying because Ekin couldn’t come to rescue her. Or could be new car. My new car once sustained some scratches and I was on the verge of tears.

  2. Money lost, money can be made again. Even if she will spend alot of money fix this car, she can always make more money later on to replace. But her health is the most important. If it a big crash and great damage to the car, eventhough she not hurt, she should go to her family doctor and have a checkup, sometimes internal wounds won’t show up until weeks later.

  3. It’s probably just the shock of getting into an accident. I was once rear-ended and there wasn’t much damage, but I was still shaken up and started crying. I’m glad she’s okay.

    1. Totally agree. I was once read-ended too, and a for the few weeks after that, everytime i break i had to look at the mirror to see if any cars are tailgating me in case they rear-end me again.

      It’s more of the shock than money Jayne.

      i think it’s kinda mean/irresponsible for you to be saying this:

      “Jayne: Fortunately Yoyo was not hurt in the traffic accident. She is probably crying thinking about the cost of the damages to the car.”

      i am not sure what tone you use to say this, but if it’s the serious or joking tone.. not sure if it’s worth laughing about if you have ever experienced being in a car accident.

      1. She was joking. And her accident hardly looked serious. Everyone’s been involved in some form of traffic collision before. People deal with stress in different ways. She may be crying out of frustration.

      2. Hello,
        Just stating this in neutral tone. Since Yoyo was physically okay and presumably did not go to doctor for check-up after accident, it led me to believe that the traffic accident may not have been very major and perhaps the damages may have concerned her. Not trying to lighten or laugh about the matter.

      3. @hello:

        I’m sure @Jayne didn’t meant it that way lahs, she is those kind of people that doesn’t put that much emphasis to monetary items 😀

  4. @Jayne:

    “Fortunately Yoyo was not hurt in the traffic accident. She is probably crying thinking about the cost of the damages to the car.” 

    Haha I think the cost of the damages will probably be the last thing on her mind since if boyfriend Ekin Cheng can give her diamonds, surely he can afford to pay the car damages for her? 😀

    I think Yoyo’s just horribly shaken and just glad to be alive. I know how she is probably feeling cause I had gotten into a car accident before and at that time, our car collided with an oncoming speeding car which was driven by some gangsters, needless to say, our car was swerved into a far end by them and I really thought my family and I were going to die then. I even recalled saying my last prayers during the swerving. It was really one terrifying experience but thank god we’re still alive, all thanks to my father’s good driving skills who turned our car to safety. :'(

    1. Anyway I’m super relieved to hear Yoyo’s alright because she’s one of my favorite artistes as she has this unique air from the rest of the TVB actresses.

    2. Oh yeah and just wish to add, you know the typical TVB dramas showing how you would see flashbacks of your life when you are on the verge of dying? It’s exaggerative but so damn true, I swear I saw flashbacks of my life when our car was “spinning” and I resolved to cherish my life better and treat people nicer after surviving that lol. And also immediately thanked the gods and urged my father to top up our insurance lmao!

    3. Ah K,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. It was a harrowing experience and good to know that your family emerged out of the accident safe and sound.

      1. @Jayne:

        Yupp, we have put it behind us now, thank you for your concern! 😀

  5. Yoyo’s most likely in a state of shock. Even though she has no physical injuries, it is quite scary to be involved in a car accident. People who haven’t been in accidents before won’t know how it feels.

    You don’t have to be physically hurt to cry. Psychological trauma?

  6. I think it’s very unfair that you say she was thinking about the costs of the damages over the fact that she was just in an accident. It’s a huge deal to be in an accident. Sure money plays a role eventually but there are many other emotional and psychological factors that she is experiencing. I know it’s your opinion and you probably had no intention to but it just made her seem kind of…materialistic.

    1. I would not even worried about money at the time I got into car crash, I be worried about my life first. Even if I have money and I died in car accident, I can’t even enjoy the money since I’m dead.

      1. …or rather one would rather people take their money on earth and burn them hell notes lahs lol!

  7. I agree with most of you that it was probably because of the shock that she cried. It is a myth that physical trauma is worse than psychological trauma. She was probably overwhelmed by fear, joy of being alive and shock hence the emotional distress.

  8. I know exactly how she must have felt as I was driving to work one morning (sometime last year) and it had been snowing heavily the previous few days. Needless to say I had to go real slow like the other motorists but unfortunately I had a skid and I had to quickly turn the car on to the pavement. Fortunately it was out in the countryside and so the area was mainly fields and grass so there was no passers-by. However, I was deeply shaken and even I cried as I realised how terrible the whole ordeal was. How delicate life is and if it had happened in a city I could have killed someone or myself even. With bad weather and a skid its just out of your control. Believe me it was a horrible experience and one I hope never to see again. So hope Yoyo is ok now as I know what she must have gone through.

    1. @Pineapple:

      Me too! Know exactly how it feels! *Hugs* I hope you learnt to cherish everyone and everything around you after that cause life is too fragile for words! 😀

  9. I don’t know how car insurance in hong kong, but in the US we can get a new car back for free or get paid for the repair? Anyway, if get nothing from insurance company, she can afford it, or Ekin can afford it, so I believe money will be the last thing in her mind 🙂

  10. @ Ah K,

    Yeah definitely, I saw things in a different light since that awful experience. So you experienced the same thing – I think most drivers must have experienced this at least once in their lifetime, especially if you live in places where there are snow and fog.

  11. @ Anya,

    Regarding car insurance in the U.K. That depends which cover you have paid for. The best one is comprehensive cover which I have paid for. Although it is the most expensive, you are covered for theft, fire, damage which are the main things. For example, its no good being thrifty and pay just for theft because if it was damaged then you would have to pay for it. My motto is : best to pay more in the beginning for peace of mind.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. Anywhere rules is kinda the same then

  12. Awe, I hope she’s okay!!
    And for crying issue, I think it might not be the damaging costs. Even the strongest ones might cry for many reasons. And I just don’t see Yoyo for crying over the damages… perhaps, this is her first big accident? :/ But anyways, I sincerely hope she’s okay !

  13. She’s definitely feeling shock from the accident, as well as fear from the memories of the accident. I think everyone will experience a car accident at least once in their lifetime, whether it’s minor or major. Those that had no injuries or were alive coming from the accident are lucky, but there are also some that lose their life or mobility forever. So I know she is having a normal reaction as anyone else would have after a car accident, and thankful to be alive and unharmed. The money part of it is not a problem, since that’s what insurance is for, but there are headaches that come from that too as it sometimes is a long process to get the claim back or if the other party does not admit fault. It’s the biggest problem when there is a lawsuit involved, such as a hit and run case. Those are bad from a monetary standpoint because the driver might need to give a huge chunk of income to the injured person for the rest of their life if they become disabled, or they might have to go to jail if they hit and run. So, driving on the road is always scary! I’m glad Yoyo is okay, and time will heal the fear and sadness she’s feeling.

  14. When I was 17, I hit a tree. I was SO shocked that I started LAUGHING. I don’t know why because I was really happy to be alive…then when I realized how mad my MoM would be, I wanted to cry.

    Oh Yoyo, feel better. She played a fierce woman in “Only You” but I guess her real character is much more easily shaken.

    1. I meant I believe I started laughing because I was relieved to be alive.

    2. Yeah, yoyo once said she kinda cry easily. I think she not as tough as madam Leung 🙂

  15. Crying over a car accident, do they not have insurance in Hong Kong? Must be a girl thing!

    1. @JD:

      She’s a woman and she was alone so of course it’s only natural that she will be at a loss, it wouldn’t have been that bad if someone else was with her and could share her trauma too.

      Furthermore, Yoyo is a woman with huge sensibility, meaning she’s very emotional to her feelings, if she’s angry she would project it out, if she’s upset she would show it on her face and if she feels like crying, she would just cry and not bother holding back her tears.

  16. Yoyo responded to this in today’s Oriental Daily papers, apparently the crashed car belongs to Ekin. Erm will translate it after I finish reading my book lol!

  17. D: I’m glad Yoyo is ok!!! I remember when my family and I almost fell off the icy cliff T_T I almost cried..I prayed that I’m glad we were saved by the pile of snow!!! We were up high on the mountains T_T. If that car is really ekins then that suck…hope he doesn’t get upset!

  18. “She is probably crying thinking about the cost of the damages to the car.”

    That last sentence was not necessary and highly inconsiderate. You make it sound like Yoyo is money-hungry and don’t care about safety. She was the one in the accident, not you – so to assume that, that’s wrong. and kinda mean and disrespectful to yoyo which some of you’s have pointed up above. (i’m sure noone wants to be in an accident). So ppl who have a plane crash must be crying that their luggage is lost? ummm.. i think they would be the last thing on their mind??

  19. I would try to schedule an appointment with a doctor or go to an urgent care type place (not the ER) and get checked out again. Sometimes, immediately after an accident, you’re in shock and can’t even figure out what hurts.

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