Yukee Chen’s “The Love Lasts Two Minds” Gets Bad Reviews

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Yukee Chen’s “The Love Lasts Two Minds” Gets Bad Reviews

Male lead’s wooden performance is turning viewers off.

Gaining popularity with her leading role in 2019’s remake of wuxia drama Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre <倚天屠龍記>, 27-year-old Yukee Chan (陳鈺琪) rose to become a popular actress. Many anticipated her new drama The Love Lasts Two Minds <兩世歡>. However, negative reviews of the male lead’s wooden performance has allegedly caused some viewers to drop the series prematurely.

Implicated by Alan Yu’s unimpressive performance? 

Prior to the airing of The Love Lasts Two Minds, many had excitedly expressed their anticipation for the period drama. However, after the first few episodes, the awkward performance of male lead Alan Yu (于朦朧) caused the period drama to lose its appeal and led many to give up watching altogether. Playing the role of son of King Zhao, Jing Ci, his character is a snobbish and aloof prince. However, the actor’s expressions seemed to remain the same in any situation even when lead actress Yukee tried to engage him by making deep eye contact, causing the character to appear soulless and highly unnatural onscreen, reminding viewers of a robot instead.

Alan’s robotic performance was most discernible during a scene where he met up with Yukee’s character who was disguised as a male. When the two were strolling through the street markets, Alan’s character maintained a straight face while walking, tucking in his stomach and sticking his chest area out akin to a catwalk, which resulted in a visually discordant scene. Despite his co-star Yukee’s reactions, he responded with the same facial expression and stiff body language throughout.

In another scene which was originally heartwarming and sweet, Alan’s expressionless eyes while helping covering Yukee with her bed sheets turned the scene into a cold one, and caused viewers to zone out. Conversely, Yukee’s layered performance and convincing, lively turn when appearing disguised as a male conveyed the candid aura of her character well, in addition to looking very suave.

Despite Yukee’s convincing delivery, Alan’s soulless performance in The Love Lasts Two Minds has caused many to leave critical comments on Weibo such as “a walking plastic model”, “expressionless”, and describing him as the period version of My Robot Boyfriend <我的機器人男友>.

“The Love Lasts Two Minds” Trailer

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  1. hohliu says:

    I remember thinking this guy inflexible upper body moments gave me the impression he was using too much botox beyond his face. His role in Ten Miles blossom was so much more relaxed and natural.

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  2. littlefish says:

    This is like the second drama where he’s basically showcasing that he can’t act. Might as don’t bother with his drama in the future unless reviews are good

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  3. gray says:

    I watch the series. The story seems very interesting. I really like it.

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