Zhou Xun Used Nicholas Tse to Make Tony Leung Jealous?

While many are left wondering if Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋) is now dating Zhou Xun (周迅), new developments claim that Zhou Xun was only using Nicholas to get back at Tony Leung Chiu Wai (梁朝偉) for giving her the cold treatment.

Zhou Xun and Tony Leung are considered to be a golden onscreen couple, pairing up in The Great Magician <大魔术师> and Silent War <聽風者>.  While filming and promoting The Great Magician in 2011, the pair grew closer.

Confidante Turned Lover

At the time of filming The Silent War, Zhou Xun was plagued with several scandals including the news about her alleged abortion when she was with her former boyfriend, Tachi Lee (李大齐). Police also found nude photos of Zhou Xun when they searched her then-boyfriend, Wang Shuo’s (王爍) house for possession of drugs. Although Zhou Xun has denied the allegations, it affected her mood during the filming of The Silent War.

To help Zhou Xun, Tony often spent a lot of time talking to her and sharing his own experiences. An introvert himself, Tony felt at ease when talking to Zhou Xun and their relationship progressed rapidly. In October, Tony even gathered the production crew and cast to celebrate Zhou Xun’s 37th birthday.

The production crew had already noticed that Tony and Zhou Xun were often communicating with each other via text messages. When asked about it, Tony brushed it off and said that he was practicing typing morse codes on his phone. By the time filming concluded in December, the pair already got on like fire. Given the fact that Tony’s wife Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) was rarely in Hong Kong, Tony and Zhou Xun spent a lot of time together, in and out of work.

Discovered By Carina

Even when work for The Silent War concluded by the end of 2012, Tony and Zhou Xun continued to keep in touch with each other. Nominated for Best Actress for her works in both The Great Magician as well as The Silent War, Zhou Xun had hoped she would be able to clinch the award and stand on the stage together with Tony, who was nominated for Best Actor for his acting in The Silent War. However, Tony started to give Zhou Xun the cold shoulder.

An insider revealed, “Zhou Xun was so happy that she was nominated for two movies and by chance, the movies were made with Tony. She was elated that she might have the chance to win the awards with Tony. But Tony’s response was lukewarm. He said that he was not sure if he would make it to the awards ceremony. It was suspected that Carina started to sense something was amiss!”

Tony began to ignore Zhou Xun’s phone calls and text messages. In a fit of anger, Zhou Xun allegedly absented herself from the award ceremony and thus, indirectly gave up her Best Actress opportunity. Though Tony attended the ceremony with Carina, he too did not win any awards.

Fight For Happiness

It was reported that Tony had intended to spend his 51st birthday with Zhou Xun since Carina would be heading to China for work. However, much to their surprise, Carina flew back to Hong Kong on the eve of his birthday to celebrate for him. The insider added, “Carina is so astute. How will she not know? There is nothing Tony can hide from her. She does not want to make the situation awkward. She only wants the other party to step out.” It was said that the disappointed Zhou Xun spent the night confiding in Shu Qi (舒淇).

Since Zhou Xun had no work at hand, she continued to stay in Hong Kong to seek medical help for her skin condition. At this time, Zhou Xun moved to Hong Kong’s Parkside Serviced Apartments, where Nicholas Tse was living at the time.  Running into Nicholas frequently, Zhou Xun discovered they had some common interests and began to spend time together. Rumors surfaced when friends began to tease them.

Using the opportunity to make Tony jealous, Zhou Xun did not directly deny the rumors with Nicholas but played them up instead, much to the chagrin of Nicholas. Asked earlier by the press to comment on his rumors with Zhou Xun, Nicholas said, “I have nothing to say.”

Source: Oriental Sunday #817 via ihktv.com

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I never think of the Chinese actresses as romantic leading ladies for some reason … they’re always on a mission like Zhang Ziyi or victimized by traditional society.

  2. wow, can make this news into a drama.
    Don’t believe a bit in it…

  3. tony and then nic, whats the deal? she aint that hot

    1. can imagine her smoking and playing mahjong when not working

  4. And the reporters all know about this– how??? How do they know he was texting and who he was texting. Were they eavesdropping on Tony’s conversations with her?? I think they’re just making a bigger deal then it is, since it can’t be so simple that if in fact she is dating Nic. Cuz there has to be more drama in this, then just saying she and Nic are dating.

  5. don’t think carina is too happy about this, btw, maybe zhou xun got the wrong message, tony was just helping her out with her emotions or maybe he was in a way bored too, even if they had slept together, tony would always choose carina in the end cos he’s comfortable to be with carina, also any scandal in the entertainment world will lead to his downfall, carina can accept cos she was a player too but myolie cannot, maybe she’s not one and haven’t been through as much as carina

    1. Why on earth are you dragging Myolie into this? This thread is totally unrelated to her

      1. lol…i was also “dumb” for a few seconds when i read Myolie hahahahahaha

    2. too much “obsessed” of myolie! Whether it’s myolie or zhou xun, they truely deserve what they are for how they ( bitterly ) taste their romance with the one they blindly chosen in life.!!

    3. What gave you the idea that Tony slept with Zhou Xun?? Also want gave you the idea that Carina is the type that would put up with her husband sleeping around? From what I know about Carina, she does NOT seem like that type at all… In fact, she seems like she is much less tolerant than Myolie or anyone. Why did you bring up Myolie for??? This has nothing to do with her.

  6. Boy, this has ‘high school drama’ written all over.

    1. Some high school drama is more interesting than this .

  7. Sometimes really don’t like china actresses!
    Why are these woman always eyeing someone’s husbands?! Eeeew!!!
    Seems like those news reporting HK actors need to be careful while working in China is true!

    1. How do you know for sure that this story wasn’t concocted by by over-imaginative reporters? They have the power of the pen and many readers who would believe anything before the facts are in.

    2. I agree too. The third party people are selfish people. They dont care about hurting others. For actresses, there are a TON of rich single guys out there live the married men alone. And to those married men, dont get marry if you want to cheat.

    3. something lacking in china’s education system? men not creative.. don’t stand out in society?

    4. Yeah, because HK women have never been third parties in relationships? Has it occurred to you that there may be media bias against mainland actresses which just feeds the stereotype with unverified drivel? Or maybe HK male actors are just much weaker in the face of temptation?

      And the insinuation that mainland men are less noteworthy… lmao. Way to generalize billions of people.

    5. @Yen,
      Why are you stereotyping China actresses?It is not like they are the ONLY ones eyeing other’s husbands. As we can see, all walks of life are capable of doing so. You actually believe this article?? To me, most of it sounds made up.

  8. Oh dear now Tony Leung has been dragged into this rumour. However she looks older ..more suitable to Tony than Nicholas!!

    1. carina lau posted a statement about jealously on her weibo, triggering that the actress was hinting about the scandal.. “jealousy of a person would not gain you anything or reduce the achievement of the other. changing the environment may not be easy, but changing yourself is.” she continued, “do you feel that everything is too mundane and that you lack of new ideas? if you go, try to take a new route. It may sound simple, but it will give you an interesting change!”

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