“Bu Bu Jing Qing” Overwhelms Viewers by Airing Three Alternate Endings

After getting off to a rocky and confusing start, Bu Bu Jing Qing <步步驚情> finished its 16-day broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite TV on May 7. To the surprise of many viewers, the finale contained all three alternate endings, rather than just the one ending voted on by fans.

Bu Bu Jing Qing began airing on April 22, drawing in viewers who were eager to see how it continued the story of Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心>. The prequel had aired three years ago and ignited the popularity of leads Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩) and Nicky Wu (吳奇隆), who later became a real-life couple.

Though Bu Bu Jing Qing drew a lot of criticism, particularly due to its confusing and illogical plotline, fans still hungered for a happy ending for Zhang Xiao (Cecilia) and Yin Zheng (Nicky). The drama retained an average viewership rating of 1.1, even soaring up to 1.6 in certain episodes.

Multiple Endings Aired

Before the finale aired, Zhejiang TV allowed viewers to choose their favorite ending among three options. Throughout the broadcast of Bu Bu Jing Qing, the TV channel had employed a specialized department to monitor and analyze netizens’ real-time reactions to the drama. However, Zhejiang TV wanted viewers to have their say in how the drama would end.

However, viewers were shocked to discover that the finale actually contained all three possible endings, rather than merely the most popular one chosen by fans. In the first ending, Zhang Xiao witnesses Kang Sihan (Sun Yizhou 孫藝洲) get hit by a car and lose the use of his legs. Feeling guilty that the accident was caused by her blaming Sihan, Zhang Xiao decides to marry him instead of Yin Zheng.

That ending turns out to be a dream, and Bu Bu Jing Qing moves on to the second ending, which shows how Yin Zheng became blind after being attacked by one of Sihan’s loyal friends. He chooses to leave Zhang Xiao, but she finds him and decides to take care of him for the rest of her life.

After that ending is proven to be untrue, the true ending of Bu Bu Jing Qing is revealed. Zhang Xiao and Yin Zheng reunite at the Qing Dynasty museum exhibit where they first met. Amid applause from their family and friends, they embrace and kiss in front of the painting that depicts their life from 300 years ago.

Reaction to Finale

After watching the surprising finale, some viewers expressed frustration at the multiple endings, claiming that they had been tricked. However, others praised Bu Bu Jing Qing for keeping the audience guessing and for finally giving Maertai Ruoxi and Fourth Prince a happy ending.

Although Zhejiang TV had previously announced that the final ending would be determined by fans, an unnamed employee revealed that the final episode was aired exactly as it had been delivered by Chinese Entertainment Shanghai, the drama’s production company, and that Zhejiang TV had not deleted or altered any of it.

Bu Bu Jing Qing was originally meant to satisfy the different expectations of different viewers, according to the drama’s executive director, Li Guoli (李國立). “When we were creating the screenplay, we had already considered the option of showing several endings,” he said. “We designed various different possibilities based on each character’s development.”

Though the multiple endings may have hinted at the possibility of a sequel, Li Guoli asserted that he had not considered filming a third installment.

Source: ifeng.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I was so confused and completely surprised when the drama ended. I thought we weren’t even half way through… but nope! It ended just like that with a lousy ending. I actually hope ZX would end up together with Kang Sihan. I wasn’t happy about Yin Zheng’s character all along.

    1. this is what you call a surprised ending ar ma. lol, it ended just like that.

      1. been rather depressed after watching the last ep, I prefer the 2nd possible ending, at least it’s not as heartbreaking as 1st ending and also not as CORNY as the 3rd ending.

    2. SiHan was never meant to be with ZhengXiao in the first place. He was merely a rock on the road. Though YinZheng was nothing like 4th Prince. He have his own charms and mystery that keep ZhengXiao interest. I actually like YinZheng and he very adorable in the last 10 episodes or so!!

    1. yeah, pretty short for mainland series. they are normally like 40+ episodes and 1 hour each.

  2. The article said Yin Zheng was attacked by Si Han’s loyal friends, thats not true, it was Han Qing who attacked him. HQ is Yin Zheng’s uncle’s loyal servant and Lan Lan’s ex-boyfriend.

  3. I feel like watching BBJX all over again. Better to indulge in a good series than a sequel that not so good. I missed all the characters in the series. The charms/characters of all princes, the plots, the touching moments when YZ came to protect RX, etc. The great guys in the series like Nicky, Kevin, Lin Gengxin, oh how I love them after watching the series.

    1. Yes, I stop after a little while because the sequel really didn’t do the original any justice. I’m planning to rewatch BBJX.

      Lemongrass, how can you miss 13th, Yuan Hong. I fell in love with Yuan Hong after BBJX.

      1. Agreed, Yuan Hong is one of my favorite actors (not just in BBJX but in everything that I’ve seen him in so far).

      2. me too, feel like to watch BBJX all over again, the beautiful ever drama

        i haven’t finished BBJQ, i think i need patient to finish it, i don’t like the illogical plot, too lame

      3. I guess BBJQ was just trying to bank on the success of BBJX. I feel sad that I still cannot find a modern series from China that I like. At least they have good ancient series.

      4. Hi JH,
        Thanks and I will give that series a try. It is great that Ming Dao happens to be in there too since I have not seen him in a long time.

      5. I’m watching all Ming Dao’s dramas (couple old ones are not that great). He is a great actor. For “如果我爱你/Only If I Love You”, currently I’m watching episode #17. I’m waiting for more episodes to be uploaded. It’s a nice story so far. Whoever was in charge of the clothing for the actress/actors in this series – he/she did a wonderful job (very nice and classy – for the most part). They also filmed very beautiful scenery in Italy.

      6. I have not seen any of Ming Dao’s mainland series yet. I have seen quite a few of his Taiwanese series and have enjoyed them all. I loved him in Frog Prince and Angel Lover. You should see those if you have not yet. He said that his character in real life is similar to his character in Angel Lover. He even wore most of his own clothes in Angel Lover.

      7. HeTieShou:

        Thank you. Yes. I watched most of his dramas already. I like Ming Dao Taiwan’s idol dramas (especially with Chen Qiao En). His idol dramas from China are either bad or ok only. They are bad not because of him or his acting, but because other reasons like bad stories, bad dialog, bad directing and other reasons. I do like this newest one even though it’s made from China (Only If I Love You). Ming Dao is the one producing this drama. You will like it.

      8. MW, yes after BBJX, I watched Mulan and thoroughly enjoyed that too. My most anticipated next series is Xiu Li Jiang Shan Chang Ge Xing. I hope it will air this year, but heard it’s been postpone to 2015.

      9. @Puff,
        I saw Mulan too. Yuan Hong’s book worm often made me laugh.

        Can’t wait for Ruby Lin and Yuan Hong’s Xiu Li Jiang Shan: Chang Ge Xing.

      10. @HTS and @J.H yeah I agree about China modern drama. But you should try to watch The Queen Of SOP, acted by Chen Qiao En. That was great drama, and i’m surprised that actually China series, but mightbe because its a Taiwan-China joint production. The first ever Ming Dao produced drama, and becoming a hit!!! I think he knew he could count on his best friend QE.

      11. Momo:

        Thank you for recommending “The Queen of SOP” – I will check it out. Someone else also recommended it to me before, but I was hesitating to try it. 🙂

      12. @Momo,
        I have already seen that but thanks for recommending it. Isn’t that the one with Geoffery Gao and Zhang Han. At first I thought that was a Taiwanese production which was why I enjoyed it. But then Zhang Han is from China so I got confused. It makes sense for it to be a joint production then.

        Actually, I think I saw one modern China production that I kind of enjoyed. Did you guys ever see When Love Walked in?? It stars Calvin Chen, Victoria Song and Zhou Mi. I think that is a China production but with Taiwanese artists starring in it so I thought it was a joint production, but not sure. I enjoyed it overall though and would recommend it to you guys.

    2. @JH,
      I had a feeling that you have already seen all of those series but just in case you did not. I will give that a try and it is great that MD is producing too. I hope he will be in more ancient series since I love ancient series more.

  4. The 3 endings caused the drama to be so confusing. I prefer the 1st sequel.

  5. The same thing happened with Sealed with a Kiss. Such a crappy sequel. I have to agree with inverse. The ending for number one was kind of odd and weird. Whereas ending number two was a bittersweet ending and third ending was just corny as hell. It reminded me of Romance Rain’s ending where they kissed, wrapped in a circle of their friends and family lol

  6. Does anyone know where I can watch bu bu jing Qing. I watched till episode 12 on YouTube but I couldn’t find other episodes.

  7. BBJX is still in its own class/level. The plot for BBJQ is not that great, but I still like it. BBJQ didn’t touch me the way BBJX did. Even that I’m still supporting NW & LSS.

    1. I wonder if it because of the bad editing? What were the producers and directors thinking?

      1. I think if BBJQ was written by Tong Hua like BBJX – it would have turned out much better. The story was not that great and the dialog did get the same feelings like BBJX. In BBJX when they talked – there were not lengthy, but they were so meaningful. BBJX just touched my heart in a different way.

      2. I am not sure if it would have been better because if the editing were bad,then it would make no difference how good the actual story is.

      3. J.H, I agree with you. If Tong Hua had written BBJQ, it would have been much better. Did you or are you watching Wallace Huo’s Perfect Couple? I saw a few episodes and I’m really enjoying that. It’s penned by Tong Hua.

      4. Hmm, posted too early. Agree with HTS too that the editing was bad and contributed to it. But watching the unedited, it still wasn’t that great and I just could not continue past after episode 25 of the unedited version. I just don’t think the characters have the souls, charisma that BBJX managed to bring out. That in my view is because of the script and storyline and lack of chemistry between the cast.

      5. HeTieShou & Puff:

        I agree with you two on this subject. It’s a bad plot, bad editing, bad chemistry and others. I feel like the feelings are just not there. I cried so much watching BBJX and I only cried a tiny bit with BBJQ. I will try to watch “Perfect Couple” – thanks for the information. 🙂

      6. @Puff and JH,
        I agree with you guys too that it may have been better if Tong Hua wrote it, but the bad editing may have messed it up as well. I really wonder what the directors and producers were doing??

        Thanks for the recommendation Puff! I had a good feeling that The Perfect Couple may be enjoyable. Where did you see it??? I may wait until it all comes out before seeing it.

      7. You’re welcome JH and HTS. Here is the link for The Perfect Couple. http://youtu.be/g8juiKnAjBE

        I’m only up to episode 4, and the story is not the most exciting or original, but so many LOL moments, great chemistry and script.

      8. Thanks a lot Puff! I will check it out sometime.

      9. Puff:

        Thank you for the link. I will check it out. I’m watching “王的女人/Beauties of the Emperor” right now (Ming Dao & Chen Qiao En). 🙂

  8. I meant to say:

    “The story was not that great and the dialog DIDN’T get the same feelings like BBJX.”

  9. I don’t know where you guy watched it but base on what I’ve heard, BB2 is edited a lot like crazy due to china restriction from anything related to “go back to the past”.

    1. That is why I think the drama is not as good as it should be due to the editing.

      1. yea i watched the editing part and felt so ridiculous. However, the ending is still understandable. If people skipping part, then they will be confuse. It is their faultt

  10. I still like the drama despite criticism. If none of the editing were make. THis drama could be WAY better because it actually flow nicely. Nicky and LSS did a great job and OH yeah, the Chemistry was awesome. If you want to know what’s LONGSHI domestic life is about. Just watch the last 6-7 episodes. CUTENESS OVERLOAD

    1. agree!!!! 1st half is bad. 2nd half is so good.

    2. I totally agree, I love the chemistry between Nicky & LSS. I am still watching this, at episode 13 with Eng sub. But so far, so good. Probably better without the cuts, but still great story lines so far.

  11. Does anyone know a better YouTube link for the BBJQ uncut/original/Hong Kong version? The others that I found here only have two episodes uploaded so far. Please help. Thank you very much

    1. No other links thus far in YouTube since TVB will auto clamp down on such uploads. Wait for the DVD.

      1. Funn Lim:

        Darn it. That’s not cool that we don’t get to watch that version for a while. Thanks for the information.

  12. At least you get the full buffet for the ending. Subtlety is not this series best strength. It is to milk money, no more no less. The cuts make it impossible to enjoy. It is an unnecessary sequel.

    1. Hi Ami:

      Thank you so much for sharing this YouTube link. The quality is not that bad. I hope this person will upload all the episodes.

  13. Did all three endings actually happened in one episode?

    1. Yes. All three endings happened in one episode.

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