Cecilia Liu’s “The Song of Desert” to Air October 1

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After more than two years of speculation, production company Chinese Entertainment Shanghai announced that its period romance drama, Sound of the Desert <風中奇緣>, will finally begin airing on Hunan Satellite TV on October 1.

Sound of the Desert, which is based off the novel Da Mo Yao <大漠謠> by Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心> author Tong Hua (桐華), initially finished filming in July 2012, but faced delays in its broadcast schedule after SARFT expressed disapproval of the series’ depiction of historical figures. After months with no positive news, some fans despaired of ever seeing Sound of the Desert air on television.

In order to thank fans for their ongoing support, Chinese Entertainment Shanghai held exclusive screenings in Beijing, Shanghai, and Chongqing on September 18. The screenings were not merely compilations of scenes from Sound of the Desert, but rather a specially edited, 66-minute-long movie version of the drama.

The special screening unveiled a few previously unrevealed plot points, as well as gave viewers a closer glimpse at the love triangle between the three leads, portrayed by Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩), Hu Ge (胡歌), and Eddie Peng (彭于晏).

To the surprise of many, the movie version also appeared to give away the drama’s conclusion. The final scene depicted Mo Xun (Hu Ge) alone in the desert, watching Jin Yu (Cecilia Liu) and Wei Wuji (Eddie Peng) as they leave. Nevertheless, it is uncertain whether this scene is the drama’s real ending.

Producer Karen Tsai (蔡藝儂) was present at one of the screenings in Beijing, where she took the time to share stories of the behind-the-scenes work for Sound of the Desert, which had previously been named The Song of Desert <星月傳奇>. She also praised the newly released theme song, “Live Well” <好好過>, performed by Hu Ge.

Source: Sina.com

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6 comments to Cecilia Liu’s “The Song of Desert” to Air October 1

  1. Mingly says:

    The song that Hu Ge sang was disapponting, it’s too modern for this kind of period drama. nothing epic about it. Unlike the theme song he sang for BBJX.

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    • Mingly replied:

      Forgot to mention. Cecilia looked much better in her acting in this series as compared to her recent ones (so lifeless, and wooden).

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    • Hannah replied:

      Not good? Aww I liked Hu Ge’s singing for BBJX.

      Well, as long as LSS isn’t singing…lol

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  2. ping0 says:

    i saw 13 mins of the sneak preview. It is looking really good! I can’t wait for the rest!

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  3. Charbydis says:

    I saw the MV for Hu Ge’s song and I feel like I have been hit by Second-Lead syndrome again. Why do I always unfailingly root for the second male-lead knowing well that he will not get the girl? (o_o) Happened in Lan Ling Wang and Qing Shi Huang Fei and BBJX as well.

    I will wait for Oct 1 and get my box of Kleenex ready.

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    • Funn Lim replied:

      I feel the same way. Read the translated version and felt immediately drawn to the poor poor Meng Jiu.

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