Despite Risks, Elena Kong Stopped Taking Her Panic Disorder Medication

Being able to work side by side with Hong Kong’s top comedian, Dayo Wong (黃子華) in Bounty Lady <My盛Lady>, Elena Kong (江美儀) felt pressured to do her best. She stopped taking her panic disorder medication so that her acting would be more fluid to match Dayo, who is known to add his own lines at the last minute.

The 44-year-old actress admitted that she has been suffering from panic disorder for several years. In crowded places, Elena would feel uneasy and her palms will begin to perspire. She has screamed out loud suddenly when the anxiety takes over. Her medicine, which contains serotonin, helps to calm her nerves and suppresses her emotions.

When Elena filmed for River of Wine <九江十二坊>, she also halted her medication because her tragic character had many crying scenes. During the filming of the drama, Elena’s emotions were out of balance and she could not withdraw from her character. Elena recalled her behavior on the set, “I screamed until my throat was swollen. Evergreen Mak (麥長青) even asked me who had bullied me.  Without the medication, I could easily lose control and scream non-stop.”

Elena Kong petAlthough she realized how risky it was to stop taking her medication, Elena decided to do it again during the filming of Bounty Lady. An insider revealed, “She hopes to be able to create greater sparks with the Dayo Wong in their scenes. Although everyone saw how exciting their bickering scenes were, Elena had already pushed herself beyond her limits behind the scenes. There were a few times she almost could not control herself and wanted to scream at the rooftop, but luckily, Teddy (her dog) was there to provide some solace.”

Regarding her sacrifices for Bounty Lady, Elena wrote on her Sina Weibo blog, “It wasn’t so terrible. As long as everyone likes [my performance] and performance, than that’s enough!”

Source: 3 Weekly

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  1. I’m rooting for Elena to win Best Supporting Actress this year! I think she has a good shot because Triumph in the Skies II still has the highest ratings, and Bounty Lady is currently airing and well received so she also has momentum on her side.

  2. She was disgusting in Bounty Lady which means she did very well. But honestly speaking Bounty Lady is nothing without Dayo. everyone else is replaceable. Dayo made every line so funny and he did some very good acting moments. I am inclined to say he should have the Best Actor award, at least for comedy if there is one.

    1. There is something about Dayo that make people to glues at their tvs..

  3. agree…like to see someone who really how to act and get award!

    1. I’m not sure about Hong Kong but in the UK antidepressants are used to treat panic disorders. Antidepressants are used to treat a variety of mental illnesses, not just depression. The article seems to suggest that it is an antidepressant being used. Sometimes benzodiazepines (sedatives) are used in a crisis but only in the short term because they are incredibly addictive and loose effectiveness in the long term. Regardless people with anxiety and panic disorders should also be getting some talking therapy as well.

    1. m0m0,
      Elena is in love with her dog, Teddy, and even set up a Weibo blog with all his cute photos on there. The above photo is after Teddy’s haircut; looks like he was posing and showing off his legs.

  4. Yea I like her shes a very talented star.
    I suppose her panic disorder has her hyperventilating.Just cover both hands over ur mouth n blow out n breathe in d carbon dioxide huh! N all d best to u Elena Kong for BSA mann!

  5. Hopefully, Elena Kong will be getting Best Supporting Actress this time.

  6. I can’t believe she’s 44 !!!

    She looks so young and beautiful. She such a great
    Actress. She should get BEST ACTRESS soon, not just best supporting.

  7. I like Elena.. it’s about time she win an award as she’s awesome in all her roles imo.

  8. who translated this article?

    “Her medicine, which contains serotonin, helps to calm her nerves and suppresses her emotions.”

    Are you talking about SSRI’s? Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, which is a class of drugs used for depression and stress, DO NOT contain serotonin. It blocks the receptors so serotonin stays in the synapses.

    Netizens complain about On Call 2 not being professional enough by giving wrong information, using the wrong terminology etc, then what about the media? The media just as bad using the wrong term and wrong information to explain things. Please consult a professional before writing articles like these.

    Both SSRI’s and benzodiazepines can be used for depression and panic disorders. If taken long term, the patient needs to avoid abrupt withdrawal. From the sounds of it, seems like Elena just stopped it suddenly, of course she’s gonna get withdrawal symptoms. Depends on how she’s tolerating the medicine, if she’s stablised on it, she can speak to her doctor about gradual withdrawal. but definitely a big no no to stop suddenly. Now if the media would have been a bit more responsible, maybe they could have added that kind of information in to not only educate the reader but also not make it sounds like Elena is some psycho who needs her medications all the time.

    Obviously no research has been done so that’s why this article is so ‘bare’.

    Picking on On Call 2, pick on yourself man!

  9. I think Elena held up better opposite Dayo than Kate Tsui.

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