Flora Chan to Film New Drama For TVB?

Currently taking courses at the Hong Kong University, Flora Chan (陳慧珊) informed the media that her life remains unaffected by the bankruptcy of her husband, Mike Chung (鍾家鴻). However, a recent tabloid stated that in order to raise her family, Flora does not mind returning to TVB as the backup consideration in portraying Veronica Yip’s (葉玉卿) character in new drama, Aerobic Girls.

Producer of the drama, Joe Chan (陳維冠), responded to the news over the telephone, confirming that he has spoken to Flora about the script. “We discussed it before. She needs to take courses at university, which start in September. Our drama will start filming in the middle of June, and finish in around October. The schedules might overlap a bit.”

In regards to Flora being the second choice to Veronica, Joe expressed, “No, I must clear this up. Flora’s character is not the same one as Veronica’s. The new drama has a few female leads. Flora’s character was written according to her personality.”

TVB management executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), stated that Flora has not yet confirmed whether she will accept the role. However, the company will try their best to accommodate Flora’s time and needs in taking care of her daughter as well as studying for her courses.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. didn’t she have a come back drama and it failed miserably?

      1. Yes, I agreed. She was good before, but now more of auntie look, no matters what she does or acts, she can’t get back to her former girl or womanly self.

        Kenix is different, she’s still got it, and she’s really mesmerishing, captivating, sultry.

      2. Kenix used to look good in her youth, but don’t think she fares well when she returned to TVB a few years back.

      3. I really can understand why Kenix is/was a beauty, but what is so special in her acting comparing to Flora (although I’m not a big fan of Flora other than her professional roles)? Always think that Kenix is the type of actress which is better in the past when she was young before becoming monotone in acting afterward. Anytime I see her recently (in Chinese series), I see the same her.

    1. She wasn’t suitable for the character. I reckon she would do better in a professional character.

    2. I thought Kenix did alright in the drama ‘Born Rich’ back in 2008/9? or was it 09/10?
      feels like forever ago!

      1. Revolving Doors of Vengence was better with Joe Ma.

    3. @random G – it was a massive fail!!! Kenix is much better.

  2. TVB lacks young artistes? We better hope that Flora’s character this time is reminiscence of her strong willed professional characters in the past because that was where her limit lies.

    1. Looking at the current Txb, same faces on repeat and we can say Yes, Txb is lacking young artists.

      1. Just TVB or entire Hong Kong entertainment industry? Just look at the most charismatic list, and people want to remove the two or three youngest nominees, and replace them with more “uncles”. The average age of that list must be 50. 😀

      2. Now I think this is why we shouldn’t be overly strict on Rebecca Zhu, Eliza Sam or Candy Chang or Crystal Li. These new artistes should given time to learn. They’re all below 25 except Eliza but she looks young.

      3. Don’t forget to mention that the current promoting list of Txb is also including uncles (35++).

        @Nicole: I think it’s a matter of the audience (particularly the fans/antifans of “uncles” in Jaynestar :P). Certain people are so strict to the youngster 😛 while they themselves are quite hypocrite to excuse for the “first time” of their idols (such as first time act villain, first time act sl*t, blah blah)

        @RayLeilafan: I myself support them (the young girls) to replace all the current fadans of Txb, haha. Ok, half kidding. I dun mind if they have very big role, lead over the current top 5. Same to the men. Looking at China series, how many mei ren they are having, then looking back at Txb’s 30++-year-old-“beauty”…

      4. @Fox,
        Why do you always call TVB Txb?? Just wondering…

      5. TVB have young artistes, but don’t promote most of them until they are going to hit 30. Don’t know why tvb can’t have a series with young artistes as the main cast like TOB, Survivor Law and The Academy.

        I like Hero Yuen, Calvin Chen, Bella Lam and Tina Shek. All 20-22.

      6. I like Tina Shek. Not only the girl is young and pretty, she also can act.

        What is the real name of Toby’s younger sister in SOL? I like her too. She looks young.

      7. @Fox,
        I don’t think it is just because you like it. I think it is because you are anti TVB and want your dear Ray to leave asap…

  3. stop complaining about the actors the reasons they are lacking of actors.Because people don’t give chances for them to shine.
    E,g., It may seem like Matthew was lucky to have been offered the second male-lead role in Man in Charge as his first job in TVB. In actuality, it was more like experiencing frustration from failure. “I was only 22 years old at the time, and I wasn’t mature enough. When the drama aired, people said my acting skills were poor. Producers then seldom contacted me.

  4. I thoughts she wanted to fly back to the State for her daughter’s education?? Change of mind?

    I like her, but I’ve no seen much of her acting in recent year. I’ll see how it goes. I wish she could have been in Triumph Sky 2 :/

    1. Can’t agree more. She doesn’t improve and did a bad job in her most recent series

  5. Flora and Joe Ma did a bad job in her comeback series about 4 years ago. The only good actor in that series was Mandy Wong who was then a newcomer. I’m not excited about her comeback again.

  6. Flora should have no left in the first place….she would be very popular to this day if she continued. She hasn’t aged well as well…but hopefully she can come back and teach the newbs a few lessons.

  7. I don’t mind seeing her alongside Ruco; both gives a vibe of maturity and intelligence.

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