Grace Chan Gets Slapped On Set “Trade Wars”

Grace Chan (陳凱琳) is currently busy filming her debut series, TVB drama Trade Wars <商戰>. She received no special treatment on the set despite her status as a Miss Hong Kong winner. In fact, the petite 22-year-old already had to endure a heavy slap to the face during one of her early scenes.

With no industry experience, Grace had to quickly learn all the ins and outs right on the set. She had a taste of the grueling filming schedule on her very first day of work when she was forced to stay for hours past pre-arranged time. Originally called in to film until 2:30 p.m., she ended up remaining on set until 6 p.m. due to complex camera set-ups and other typical delays. Although Grace maintained a professional attitude, her mother seemed very concerned about her new work environment. “She was worried that something had happened to me, and phoned me every two hours to ask me when I would go home.”

Not only is she learning to adjust to the instabilities on-set, Grace is also training herself to endure the sacrifices that would ensure a convincing performance. While shooting a slapping scene earlier, she had asked her colleague to slap her seriously so that they could finish in just one take. “It hurt! I have never been hit like that in my entire life, not even from my mom. I looked in the mirror later and saw that I had teared up.”

Because of these incidents, Grace’s parents are now anxious about her well-being and carefully watched over her at a location shoot on April 21. Even though Grace’s acting journey has just begun, she already won praises from her seniors for her professionalism. Power Chan (陳國邦) has yet to form an opinion about her acting ability, though expressed approval of her enthusiasm towards learning the craft. Her on-screen mother Susanna Kwan (關菊英) also commended Grace for being a quick learner, calling her both smart and beautiful.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. welcome to reality Grace! I just find it a bit too overbearing to have parents watch over you? She really does Indian here!

  2. I guess she has had too easy of a life that she cannot handle working hard and long hours. She should hopefully get used to it or else she cannot last in this business or TVB.

    1. Seems more like her parents not used to her working in this environment rather than Grace herself

    2. I imagine filming for TVB is still pretty difficult even for someone who grew up without the easy life…

      1. But those who have has a harder life can handle things better than those who grew up with a pampered life. I am not only referring to filming for a TVB but any challenge that we face in life. I am sure there awe way more difficult situations that are even harder then filming for TVB.

  3. in that pic grace chan looks so like the Indian film actors
    because i had watched some the movie films of bollywood of india so she looks like of those people that i had watched a movie film of bollywood india………..

    1. Oh yea, slapping someone with a really bony face is very dangerous,

  4. if grace chan really been thought to resemble with indian look, thats a compliment as many Miss Universe and Miss World are from India as well..she can be as hot as Aiswarya Rai (spelling problem)

    1. lol who said resembling Indian features was an insult ? To me she hasnt look Indian, but she does carry a western facial appearance !

  5. lol,2:30 planned end time, extended to 6pm…that must be the easiest time schedule for any tvb artist to have. Wait till she gets the over midnight shifts o__O or even 48 hrs without sleep ones.

    1. i thought tvb will better the working hours for their employees? seems its a fake promise again.

  6. Can’t even take 4 hrs OT? Going to be tough in Asian societies.

  7. She’s really pretty! But i cant believe she’s only 22. She looks like she could be 26…maybe because her features are more pronounced than most Asians.

  8. At last, Grace under Fire here in this thread. LOL!

  9. she’s gonna be the next top star. gonna be one of the top fadans.

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