Kevin Cheng Wants a Simple Love

Produced by Xinfu Lanhai Media, Huang Jing’s (黄京) epic television drama Red Dust <滚滚红尘> has finally made its premiere on Guangxi Weishi, Dongnan Weishi, and Shenzhen Weishi on September 11.

The 36-episode drama, which stars Hong Kong actor Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), mainland Chinese actress Qin Lan (秦嵐), and Taiwanese actress Jill Hsu (徐潔兒), first premiered on Jilin Television in March 2013. The broadcast was later brought over to Shanghai Television in late March, Harbin TV in May 2013, and finally to Taiwan’s CTV in July 2013.

Red Dust tells a turbulent love story that lasted for 20 years during the early years of Republican China. Set in Shanghai, Communist spy Yu Lifan (Kevin Cheng) falls in love with the hardworking Gu Haitang (Qin Lan), but due to their different background, philosophies, and various betrayals, Lifan and Haitang are destined to be apart.

On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the cast of Red Dust met the press at a function in Guangxi to promote the series’ premiere. At the mention his character’s tragic love life, Kevin was drilled about his own real life romance as well.

Still single, Kevin expressed his desire to find new love. “No relationship as of now, but I hope that in the future, I can find simple love. I don’t want things to get complicated. Not as abusive as it is in this drama!”

Costar Qin Lan said, “Work gives me too much pressure now. Like Kevin, I am also hoping for simple love. With two people together, they should learn how to relieve each other’s stress.” Asking if she would rush home to spend Mid-Autumn Festival with filmmaker boyfriend Lu Chuan (陆川), Qin Lan said, “Our careers come first. I have to finish some filming tonight. I will spend Mid-Autumn night with the [film] crew.”

On “Red Dust” Role

Portraying a revolutionary, Kevin stated that he found his character – Yu Lifan – to be fresh and exciting. “It’s a big challenge for me. [Yu Lifan] has a lot of emotional scenes. There will be struggles and misunderstandings, but these misunderstandings weren’t that hard to act out, as I can relate to them in real life.”

Celebrating Kevin’s 20 years in the industry, Qin Lan and costar Tu Liman (涂黎曼) congratulated the 44-year-old by feeding him dumplings and noodles. Teased for being surrounded by beautiful woman, Qin Lan revealed that behind the scenes, it was Kevin who took great care of the cast.

“Whenever we eat together, he would pick up food for us, and would tell us to eat more. He’s very considerate.”

Returning to TVB Next Year

Kevin revealed that he is still in talks to star in a new TVB drama next year, stating, “TVB and I have always been chatting about it. Of course, I still hope I’ll get to film Amy Wong’s (王心慰) dramas first.”


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  1. Hope that he finds his simple love soon. I wonder if he has fallen or will fall for any of his co stars???

  2. Get ur mum to find u a wife some guys needs their mum to help them out finding a wife

  3. Simple love never exists in the entertainment world. Quit showbiz and settle down at some nobody’s land if you really want simple love.

  4. Ivan & Belle! (o^O^o)

    I though Red Dust was already out cos I saw the ending on youtube???

  5. Ling, I agree with you that it won’t be that simple for Kevin to find “simple love” in the entertainment world. The countryside would be ideal for that I think.Who’s going to be the lucky girl?

    1. True but he does not need to date someone from the countryside. Just someone from outside of the circle is ok.

  6. poor kevin must be overworked, he’s looking more and more his age.

  7. Should take a long holiday like Myolie or with her and relax!!I’m quite sure he likes her but is such a loyal friend of Boscoe and won’t dream of ‘betraying’ him.

    1. Myolie and Bosco have long broken up so wit is not wrong of Kevin and Myolie to date. No one can blame them if they did.

  8. has anyone watch red dust drama? seems interesting, Kevin still look good and handsome, miss him in TVB drama. love Kevin Cheng 🙂

  9. used to like kevin cheng’s tvb dramas but ever since he started filming china dramas, i stopped watching his shows. can’t stand the china dramas especially the actresses with their fake faces and equally fake voices speaking in fake cutesy manner.

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