Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu’s “Incisive Great Teacher” Releases New Promotional Stills

Period drama Incisive Great Teacher <犀利仁师> have released yet another new set of stills this week. Co-produced by Hoirun Studios and Scarecrow Studios, the 44-episode series stars real life couple Nicky Wu (吳奇隆) and Cecilia Liu (刘诗诗). It also stars Ye Zuxin (叶祖新), Huo Zhengyan (霍政谚), Taiwanese idol star Gui Gui (鬼鬼) of Hey Girl fame, and features the guest appearances of veteran stars Cheng Pei Pei (鄭佩佩), Kou Zhenhai (寇振海), and also popular actor Wallace Huo (霍建華).

Incisive Great Teacher is a romantic comedy that follows a group of young schoolteachers of the prestigious Hong Wen Academy in ancient China. It stars Nicky Wu as the imperial agent Liu Aotian, who was dispatched by the emperor on a mission to ensure that the court’s new decree of allowing female students are being followed by school administrators. Aotian disguises himself as a wushu instructor at Hong Wen Academy, and messes up a marriage-seeking tournament set up by Cecilia Liu’s Lu Yufei in the process. Seeking revenge, Yufei follows Aotian to the academy and also poses as a teacher.

With the ancient Chinese background of Incisive Great Teacher, the drama is a refreshing new take on idol romantic comedies. Though real life couple Nicky and Cecilia are a selling point of the series, the slapstick humor and light-hearted story-telling is also something that many fans are looking forward to.

“Incisive Great Teacher” Trailer

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Incisive Great Teacher still 8  Incisive Great Teacher still 5  Incisive Great Teacher still 7


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  1. these two again. seriously, they’re acting arent great. so boring…

    1. Then don’t watch it~ Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything’? Why did you even bother to comment if that was all you were going to say?

      1. Yeah, we’ve heard it. Just because someone tell you something doesn’t mean you’ll do it. Will you? Besides, comments are bound to be different from one another. Big deal. You voiced your thoughts, and so did we.

    2. Alisonn: i dont plan to watch it, but i like to voice my opinion lol do you have a problem with that??
      btw if you dont like what i wrote then why do YOU even bother to comment?? hahahaha

  2. this series is actually very good and entertaining.
    I love LONGSHI so yeah, this is another cake for me.

  3. holy smoke, they are a couple!! do they have to be in drama too?!?!?! -.- too much!!!

    1. I meant not half as pretty as Ruby Lin and Crystal Liu.

    2. agree! but the prettiness is not important, it’s her acting. Her acting is horrible.

      1. I think she’s those type girls the longer you look at her, the more beautiful she becomes. It grew on me after watching bbjx. Nonetheless I also agree her acting is, eh so-so. It’s like watching a snail: its herring there, but a bit slow

    3. I never found Ruby Lin pretty though… Also don’t believe every article you see. Cecilia wouldn’t have matched to play the lead anyway because of her age.

  4. I dont watch these shows but these two do not look like a real couple. They look like old school studio arranged partnerships for publicity.

    1. Then don’t watch it. No one is forcing you too.

  5. Whoaaaaaaaa….they are a real life couple? That picture above look like father and daughter!

  6. Liu Shi Shi is not the prettiest actress, but she is very likable and talented. What do mean her acting is bad? Did you watch BBJX?

    1. Her acting was inadequate. BBJX could have been much greater if they had found an actress who can act beyond sulking.

      1. I think you guys are too critical of LSS. In BBJX she played someone who was from a teenager to 30+ – it was not an easy task to go through emotionally. Personally I think she has done an excellent job and that was the reason she received those awards for her role in BBJX.

      2. “In BBJX she played someone who was from a teenager to 30+ – ”

        No. She was playing a 25 year old whose soul got transported into the body of a 16 year old. She was 16 year old physically but 25 year old mentally. When she died she was 33 (?) physically but mentally about 42. That is her failure. She played her as if she was 16. She wasn’t. There was no weariness until later on. There is no consistency from future and past. That;s why BBJX can be watched in 2 separate timelines because she merged neither. Her winning awards is due to the popularity of this series. I am not saying she was god awful, I am saying she was a miscast. A better actress would have given Ruoxi more conflict and perhaps more sympathetic. As I recall, a fair number of bloggers/viewers disliked her Ruoxi. I can understand why.

      3. Agreed, I think LSS rode on the success of BBJX too. LSS did a “sufficient” job (using her “limited” facial expressions) but not great. LSS did not suck but she was definitely replaceable. Aren’t connections great? haha 🙂

      4. @J.H.
        It’s because of the success of the series. Any other actress in that role would have won all those awards.

        Aside from BBJX, what award did she win from her other series? NONE.

      5. I don’t think so though. They needed someone youthful enough to pull off a 16 year old girl, because she was still in the body of a 16 year old girl. Also her chemistry with all the leads were undeniable and that was what made Bu Bu Jing Xin good to watch. She may not be the best actress, but Bu Bu Jing Xin wouldn’t have necessarily been better with a different cast. EVERY cast member, made Bu Bu Jing Xin as successful as it is.

      6. agreed, i Miss BBJX after watching several episodes because she acted stiff and emotionless.

      7. lilo:

        Yes, so far she received awards for BBJX only. Actors/actresses’ career depend on their talents/luck/the right movie or drama to break through. How many actors and actresses have you seen repeatedly receiving awards? Very few have achieved that. Some of them are so talented, but they only received once in their life time.

        Also I agree with everything Alisonn said.

    2. she was bad in BBJX. her acting was so boring. I wanted to stop watching because of her…

    3. Agree with most people here. Her acting is bad LOL I did not enjoy any of her parts. I think most people watch it for Nicky, the plot or the other princes, but for sure, not for her acting lol.

      1. Actually you’re wrong. I watched it for Cecilia, who was actually my favourite character in that drama. Just stop please.

      2. HAHAHA, you must be one out of 100 000 people who watched it for her.

  7. is still funny reading some ex-fans bitterness. Move on pals

    1. Actually, many people think she can’t act before or now-fans or no fans.

  8. the photo of the article looooookkkks quite interesting
    to me it really makes me to watch the whole thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. When Wallace Huo put his cape over Cecilia Liu’s head, I automatically thought of Bu Bu Jing Xing. I don’t know if it’s me but there are some similarities to Bu Bu Jing Xing in my opinion lol

  10. the plot sounds like chinese paladin where LXY ruined LYR wedding and LOCH where YK ruined MNC spar for a spouse.

  11. LSS looks super cute! I think people like her because she has that girl next door kind of look. Nicky looks bad in the photo and in this series. He looks better in modern clothing.

    1. ping0:

      Yep. I agree with you about LSS. NW has great hair. He looks better with clean cut hair styles, but not punky (weird or ancient) styles.

  12. IMO LSS might not be the best actress out there, and she’ll prolly never be. She was stiff and raw in the start, but she got better in the later parts of BBQX. However, she got great chemistry with all the princes, huang ahma, and even most of the ladies…isn’t it the spirit of BBQX? A better actress might have done better in her own acting, but you might not get the genuine feelings of friendship, love, etc like what we got with LSS.

  13. I think you guys need to stop the hate with LSS, she did a great job at BBJX. It was the main reason I watched it, as for Crystal Liu or Ruby Lin, I’ve seen some of their series where their acting were stiff/emotionless too. People are developing, you guys need to chill

  14. I don’t think she was emotionless, come on, there was so many boogers coming out of her nose when she was crying 😀

  15. Love this drama. Longshi chemistry is amazing. I think Shi Shi acting is really good in drama. She is funny and cute…

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