[TV Commentary] “Eye in the Sky” Episode 11

Eye in the Sky <天眼>
TVB Drama 2015

Executive Producer: Catherine Tsang
Genre: Crime Thriller
Number of Episodes: 20

Cast: Kevin Cheng, Ruco Chan, Tavia Yeung, Tony Hung, Vivien Yeo

The following is not a recap but a commentary on the particular episode in the title. Major spoilers and Ruco Chan-love alert. Originally posted at www.point2e.com.


ep11 eyecandyObligatory eyecandy pic of the day …

Today’s episode features the picture above and it was both eyecandy AND cute.

Which probably comes from this;

ep 11 pic2

This episode is much better than a lot before it but again…I don’t know…let me collect my thoughts…

From entire episodes I remember 5 distinct moments.

1. where Ruco gave the answer why he won’t admit he and Kevin are brothers much earlier;

“Because you told me how you arrested your best friend and I was.. I was afraid you will arrest me too…”

Kevin was excellent in this scene. He looked perfectly guilty.

2. where after coming home from the hospital, his parents gave special attention to Ruco since they knew the truth but then Ruco who was overjoyed to be home said tearfully…

“Should I now change my name to Szeto Lik Hang?”

And his parents were errrr ahhhh eehhhh ihhhh ahhhhh because they also know about the arson and so they feel this is not the right time. It looks bad on them, like as if they won’t admit him into the family fully but the truth is, in retrospect, if everyone knew he was the brother then they can follow the dots to the eventual discovery; that Ruco was the arsonist. However, Ruco’s expression was heart breaking. He really wanted so much to be accepted but for now he had to accept this.

3. where Ruco said to Kevin if he had any question he can ask and Ruco explained about Vivien and everything, absolutely everything except he never told the part about the crime spree in Manila, the necklace, etc but he did stop at the facial disfigurement and how Vivien is a suspect. Ruco promises to be good and Kevin, looking very guilty said;

“Since you have been honest with me, I too shall be honest with you. I mean I have also committed a crime”

and he took out the camera he planted in Ruco’s room. So now the brothers are equal except Ruco was still not telling the truth as Tony said, if Kevin had known he would have arrested Ruco. But Ruco vows to find who hurt him, for revenge and then stop. As we all know, he should stop now and we would have a happy ending.

4. where Ruco had a date with Tavia who is still very keen on Kevin. The date was funny; cameras, and lights. Just watch it; rather cute. At night Ruco dreamed of Tavia as an angel in white, looking rather sweet and he woke up laughing and Kevin also dreamed the same dream and asked Ruco what happened and Ruco explained about Tavia and also the previous dream as well and he said that Tavia is so cute and etc. Kevin then realised the dream he had was because of Ruco. So from then he avoided Tavia. In a way Kevin isn’t really in love with Tavia. Whatever he feels is a reflection of what Ruco feels so I feel Kevin did the right thing. Poor Tavia still clueless. And when Tavia knows it is actually Ruco she had sex with, I feel she will finally realise she loves the look (Kevin) and not the man (Ruco) and the fact they look different makes things much much much easier to choose. Ruco thinks she is in love with him because of who he is. But from clear indication, she is in love with him because of how he looks. I mean it is so easy to fall for Ruco who is more playful whilst Kevin is so stony faced, too much effort. Anyway, it may be the reason Ruco goes haywire, well one of the many reason. Anyway Tavia drew Ruco as the big hairy crab thingy. I was thinking perhaps she was drawing him sitting on the loo!!

5. No KFC tonight but we have… Snickers!! Yeap the new leading lady of this series. How come all sponsorship now all so unhealthy? Anyway lucky Snickers got Ruco to kiss “her” twice aka took 2 bites! So… the job description is like this;

a. Kevin you take the KFC.
b. the kelefes take the whipped potato and soft drink plus fries for the girls
c. Ruco, you get the Snickers.

So now we wait what about Tavia… what does she get, and I do mean branded food.

Final scene we have mystery man whom Vivien calls “Boss” and he is a sharp shooter and guess who he is? OH THE MYSTERY!! OH I AM DYING OF CURIOSITY! TVB, WHY ARE YOU TOYING WITH ME?! MY HEART CAN’T TAKE IT! TELL ME NOW!!! WHO!! IT!!! IS!!!!!!

Yeah, as if….

By the way it is so funny to see 2 grown men in mid 30s sleeping on double decker bunk beds or whatever. So cute! I do wonder though, what’s wrong with Ruco and his own space and room on the rooftop?

Performance wise, Kevin and Ruco shine in different ways. Kevin’s guilty face to me is great acting, for someone so botoxed, he revealed a lot more through lip biting and I do mean he did very very well! Everytime Kevin wants to scold Ruco, Ruco only remind him of his childhood and that will guilt trip our Kevin.

Ruco is excellent. His near tears, his vows, his scheming. This is a man who wants to be good and clean but alas his past and his insistence caught up on him. Even if he stopped now Mr Pittman won’t stop hurting poor Kevin. So basically he stuck between the devil (himself) and the deep blue sea (the hole he dug himself). What more can I say? A lot! The near tears.. the utter disappointment, the forced understanding, everything.

Tony complements both actors and did well too. A funny scene explains why he is called Tai Fu Lung if I am not mistaken (Tai Fu = underwear).

Vivien Yeo has trademarked the super cool kick arse baddie and she is convincing. I still wish it was Tavia in this role.

Tavia is cute in this episode but is so wasted in a role that seriously is beneath her, I feel if this is her claim to being A list, I’d rather she remains a B list. I know I know, cute is difficult to do, etc etc. Well Tavia is not a naturally hated actress. She is likable. This role doesn’t test her at all. The only roles that test her I suppose are those next to Steven Ma, Nope! I like her better in The Other Truth. Here she is just silly cute girl whose love is misplaced (if you see it that way) or misconstrued (that’s how I see it) which in the end when 2 brothers wanna kill one another, I shall hate her. I wonder.. will she die? That will explain all the brotherly angst.

Overall, entertaining episode but when it switched to Susan Tse, I switched off. One point I wished was done more emotionally; the parents seem to just accept Ruco as the twin without much shock or emotion, like half baked. I wished there was more confusion, I wished there was more tears and more hatred for that Law Lan and a big big hug for Ruco. I feel it was so emotionally detached. I expected that of super cool Kevin and even at times he seems near tears as he looked guiltily at his brother and perhaps thought;

“It could have been me… it should have been me…”

I do get that vibe from Kevin the actor. Whenever I hear Kevin in an interview, and about this role, he is very analytical over his role; like he seems to study his character’s background and purpose, much like how Ruco does. Both have same approach to a role, and to hear them analyse why Lik did this or did that, from Kevin’s POV, you get a feeling Kevin understands Lik as much as he does his own character. Sometimes I see that in his performance; the wheel spinning in his head. Yes, he is not a great or the best actor but Kevin does interprete his character by how his character interacts with others. He did his homework.


This commentary is written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com and was originally posted at www.point2e.com.

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  1. The blind boss of the hotel is one suspicious person. I suspect he gets Vivien to carry out bad deeds for him. Tavia is in love with Kevin’s face although she had affair with Ruco. Even if Ruco is willing to be there for her now, she won’t be able to accept him.

    1. Like the non suspense.

      P/S In Line Walker every mole is an undercover cop. In this series every cop gets framed at some point.

  2. Tavia is seriously good in EITS. I fast track a bit to epi.12…i’m sure you all can feel her confusion then. When we can feel the emotions of a role/scenes, it does mean the actress has done a good job. Watch 12 & feel with Jan.
    Back to epi.11, i felt that Tavia took on a role that was beneath her…at the photography scenes with Ruco, appearing as an angel & in their dreams. But it also reveals how humble Tavia is…not picky abt whatever given roles and still do a great job for the role. It definitely isn’t easy to act out all her facial expressions, which varied through all these episodes…and in epi.12… Astro is currently re-showing SIAC at 8.30pm. Then followed by EITS at 9.30pm. From the tragic, serious Bing Bing to the cute, nerdy, confused Jan Nei…Tavia’s versatile acting skills are to be admired. Just recently too, Astro reshowed Rippling Blossom. And Beyond the,Realm of Consciousness is still being reshown on Astro now…we get to see Tavia’s wide range of acting skills, each different, each befitting the character…superb.
    Diverted a bit fr EITS…but relevant to emphasise that tho Jan’s character seems simple, yet without Tavia’s depth in acting out this character, EITS may fall short without this female lead. Another actress playing Jan could cause us to be irritated & turn off by an OTT Jan.

  3. after watching ep 12 it will be obvious that the boss is the blind hotel owner.

  4. After watching ep 12, I can understand why Tavia’s character doesn’t like Ruco. It’s not just that he looks different, but he’s a psycho. The grabbing her of wrist, following her around (stocking, really), not accepting no for an answer, calling her all the freaking time, not noticing that she’s not into him…freaky!

    1. nahhhh if it was kevin she would have loved it. MoreovEr hes doing standarD stuff when wooing girls.

      1. Oh absolutely! There’s nothing wrong with what Ruco is doing with the exception that she’s not into him. I don’t even blame him for being aggressive and not taking “no” for an answer considering that he knows that she was in love with him before his surgeries.

  5. agreed with Funn, Ruco acting is fabulous, the face expression, the near tears, Kevin also done a good job, both are very good actors, can’t wait for next episode

  6. A very good episode showing the reaction to the revealing of Ruco’s identity by those close to him. Like Funn I wish that the parents of the twins had reacted more emotionally than they did when they were so fond of Ruco and must have wished he were truly their son. I find Kevin very polished in his acting leaving nothing to chance. Yet his actions are natural. Ruco here plays his part superbly in the first part with his family, with his parents and his long lost twin, Kevin. It’s interesting to note the 2 different characters, one an extrovert(Ruco) and the other an introvert(Kevin. Whilst Ruco has a warmer and more likeable nature his brother is more withdrawn almost unscrutable and of course, more difficult to get close to.I do think that he was beginning to notice Jen and beginning to like her, just traces of that and at once withdrew from all such thoughts when he realized that Ruco was sweet on her. Here Ruco is excellent in portraying what I would call the pestering and rather annoying suitor of Jen who can’t get rid of the old Ruco’s face! Very good acting by the 3 of them.

  7. In my opinion, I think Tavia’s character didn’t pick Kevin or Ruco at this point due to Kevin’s look. But it’s the fact that she thought Ruco was the police who saved her whom she admired and that was the reason why she had a one night stand with him and have been missing him all these while. Now that she knows that they are two different persons she’s confused but more towards Kevin.

    1. I agree very well with your comment. I think the same – Tavia was attracted to the policeman Kevin in the first place. Then she got the other thief Kevin. It’s very confusing for her. But like Funn said, Ruco is really nice to be with because he’s fun.

  8. ruco plays a die-hard boyfriend. if tavia has wee bit feeling for him, the pestering will work but in this case, the face she loves is kevin not ruco. I feel sad for ruco.

    1. I’ll take Ruco anytime 🙂 He is too hot, sexy and totally irresistable! Wonder if he’s aware of that???

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