[TV Commentary] “Eye in the Sky” Episode 6

Eye in the Sky <天眼>
TVB Drama 2015

Executive Producer: Catherine Tsang
Genre: Crime Thriller
Number of Episodes: 20

Cast: Kevin Cheng, Ruco Chan, Tavia Yeung, Tony Hung, Vivien Yeo

The following is not a recap but a commentary on the particular episode in the title. Major spoilers and Ruco Chan-love alert. Originally posted at www.point2e.com.


Obligatory eyecandy pic of the day …

Ep6-picofthedayI am hyperventilating. I am hoping it could be like original story because a mysterious female figure has appeared but is she…. I mean is she… Tavia?! Can’t be. Who knows? Maybe this is Line Walker, everybody is a spy, mole, twin and double crossers! Let’s hope so!

Anyway this episode will surely garner your pity and make the case for us all to forgive Ruco fo whatever wrong later on. Poor kid. He was badly beaten by his adopted parents who probably killed themselves to avoid debt or died of disease. He lived on the streets. When Kevin was 10 was in Europe, poor Ruco was stealing and eating garbage as food. Tony saved him and they became best bud.

So how did Kevin become Ruco? Thank god no repeat of that kissing scene which shows Tavia remembers it like it is a precious memory. She is looking for THAT Kevin. For Ruco, it was quite simply nothing to remember.

Anyway Ruco ran away to Manila with Tony, whilst there stole a precious gemstone only to be stopped by a mysterious female figure (TAVIA?! But how?!) who caused some explosion and stole the necklace and poor Ruco’s face got burnt very badly. Now don’t we all wish if we are lie 90% burn on the face to have 30 plus surgeries and become.. Ruco. Ha! Lots of guys will sign up for that! Yeah I know, unrealistic. Anyway a side effect apart from extreme hotness and supreme handsomeness, Kevin now Ruco suffers from extreme migraine that nothing can cure and even Kevin could feel it. Anyway they returned to HK and got news the blind rich man (owner of Y Suite hotel) probably has the necklace (how? When? Why?) and so thought of ways to get close until Tony saw Kevin and Ruco finally found his real family. Tony asked Ruco if he will tell Kevin the truth but to Ruco, Kevin is a strict man so he may end up arresting Ruco.

A great scene was when Ruco had dinner with Kevin and family and as they were talking about Kevin, Ruco saw Kevin’s pictures and felt very guilty in a way that he caused Kevin his police career. The guilt is all in his face, a sense of regret. As they were talking about Kevin’s childhood, we are shown how Ruco had a harsh childhood and in the end the parents quieted a bit when they saw Ruco was very quiet, tears in his eyes. He did tell them he was orphaned but we all know it was more than that. Throughout there was no sense of envy, just a wishful thinking that one day he can join them as a family, as symbolised by his avatar in the Wii Fit game. That to me was masterclass scene. Simple and yet says it all.

However Ruco is still planning a bad deed and that will be his downfall. He wants to find the necklace and the person responsible for his new face. If he had let go maybe we have a happy ending. Kevin would have felt enough guilt to not pursue the whole arson case. But then the drama stops. Once you dig a hole, you will keep digging until you bury yourself in it. And so we see the descent of Ruco. So Tony will seduce the head maid (sorry, just can’t think of the word right now) and got into the blind man’s room to search the room for the necklace and the door opens and blind man was staring straight at Tony!!

Meanwhile Tavia gets booted out by her father in an excruciatingly overacting scene by Tavia. Sorry, she was almost unwatchable in that scene. I am still waiting for her to bloom rather than be a vase right now. She will join Samantha’s detective agency and Kevin has agreed to be her mentor to help harness her photographic memory.

And here is the bloat. Samantha, detective agency, etc etc etc. Get all those out and this series would have been consistent and focused. But this episode, certain scenes got suddenly cut off for no good reasons which was annoying.

One thing I can’t complain is the performance of 2 male leads. Kevin is wonderful as the stony faced and harsh errr Kevin. Ruco is a dream. He can even make plunging his pained face into the bucket of iced water so sexy, probably melted the ice cubes instantly on touch. He is that hot. Oh acting wise, fantastic. I appreciate his subtlety and he plays out well with Kevin’s deadpan sort of acting. They compliment one another. The anomaly is Tavia and her irritating glasses. Give her contacts please because I have never seen anyone push up their glasses so many times in a space of a minute. I know it is to show naiveness, gullibility and what nots but don’t you see what’s wrong? In a series with 2 very down to earth male characters that is potential for great drama, there are other semi comedic silly characters that pull down this series. It is like you’re watching Game Of Thrones and all of a sudden Mr Bean appears. Very distracting.

But Ruco, oh Ruco is a dream.

Let me warn you; if you intend to continue to follow this post of mine, be forewarned I will repeat…NO! I will scream my love for Ruco in every post because I am sure he won’t disappoint me. He never did. Only the script, the story, the material, his co stars will disappoint me.

But the real star is … guess!!


Can’t find that screencapture so here is the next best thing;

Ep6-KFCEven Kevin took a bite out of that succulent looking thigh. Yum!

What’s next huh? I wonder will the actors moan that “Why KFC? Why not abalone?”

As if Kevin and gang will eat KFC! Ha! Best joke ever!!

Why Ruco will turn evil?
I suppose something to do with his migraine? He seems like such a decent fella now. So must be something physiological rather than psychological unless he poisoned his adopted parents which is something he buried deep inside and so it means he is officially mental.

Who is the mysterious figure who stole the necklace?
Tavia’s twin? Tavia herself? After the rubbish in Line Walker, anything can happen.


11058373_1424720711158985_5858381680455296940_nNope. Should be Vivien Yeo (thought she’s a cop?) and she is in Tavia’s original role, only lesser screen time and is probably getting the coolest character. How come Vivien is suddenly TVB’s female action star? Remember her fight scene in Ruse Of Engagement? Tavia is shortchanged. I know fans love nerdy klutzy bespectacle cute Tavia but for me, Tavia could have been cool. Cool is so much better and so much more refreshing than the usual nice girl stuck between 2 guys. I am still hoping maybe the skinny legs mysterious figure is Tavia but yeah… wishful thinking,

Will Ruco die in this series?
I hope not and if he does, glorious death please.

Will Tavia love Ruco or Kevin?Right now she has hots for Ruco (looking as Kevin). But since Kevin is the lead, Tavia is the lead and Ruco is the villain, I guess Kevin gets the girl. No loss man! Ruco gets the meatier role!


This commentary is written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com and was originally posted at www.point2e.com.

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  1. why do you even call this TV commentary? all I read is about Ruco. You shd just write your reviews abt ruco in eits. In future, you can ask tvb to produce a drama entirely for ruco. He be the main lead and only actor. You should instead review abt the storyline or on the overall episode. Not just praise Ruco and worse yet, make bias reviews about Tavia’s role. She is doing a great job here. All her scenes have been naturally acted and befits her given character of Jan Nei. I find it irritating that in your commentary words like “excruciatingly overacting ” is used…what? That’s so not fair on Tavia. She is good in this drama and has always been good. Don’t use your personal views to comment negatively about her acting. Instead credit should be given to her ability to act as Jan Nie as opposed to her usual tearful scenes. At least, she is giving many of us laughters here. If you care to notice, Tavia’s can display different subtle facial expressions which are so good, not intense/ appear intentional/fake, but can be humorous and expresses her thoughts/emotions. it brings on the smiles and laughters to many. On the contrary, I don’t find much in Ruco’s acting. Not anything that we haven’t seen in his previous dramas. But I don’t criticise him. Just accept that it is his character and enjoy the drama in totality. Appreciate if you can do the same and give better/fairer reviews. Not your bias views only. Otherwise, please don’t feel obliged to do commentary for every episode, please. No offense intended. Just expressing my immediate thoughts upon reading your commentary. Let’s all enjoy EITS. One of the good dramas fr tvb. EVERY actor/actress has their respective roles and each complementing one another and playing them well. Only exception is the lady author at Hotel Y, which I still cannot understand why she’s needed in this drama.

  2. Why was my comment deleted? Comentator can’t take the comments? Then why provide for reader’s comments? Plain bias. Hope this site is open for discussion & not hv our comments deleted for whatever reasons.

  3. It never occurred to me that the woman who shot at the duo in Manila was Tavia. You are too biased towards Ruco. I love all three of them, Kevin handsome, Ruco hot, and Tavia nice.

    1. My thots exactly. But don’t bother to comment anymore. Commentary are not worth considering. It’s ruco-centric even tho his acting isn’t much different from what he had done in other dramas. And such bias reviews against Tavia, even tho her acting here has been good, different from her tearful.scenes. She’s natural, humourous, has displayed a variety of facial expressions & emotions. So versatile. But commentator said execruciating overacting, what?!!! Do you even know how to evaluate acting? Overall drama is good. Credit to entire cast to put it together. Pls stop this episodes commentary if it’s all going to be just good ruco & bad so n so…wait til tvb has a drama where ruco is the one & only actor, then your commentary will be excellent & good all the way. What i’m saying is give fair commentary not yr own bias views. Otherwise, stop.

      1. Totally agree! Stop talking about Ruco and get on with it.

  4. I would actually love it if Tavia ends up in love with Ruco. At least that would deviate a little from the typical storyline of the good guy ending up with the girl.

    1. Unfortuntely latest episode shows she fell for looks and not person.

  5. Lol, girl, you need a mop to clean up all thise drools! Your posts are hilarious and borderline creepy Ruco-stalker. Lol. I would’ve been so much more interesting if Tavia gets Vivien role. It would be a big imagine change for her. I’m tired of her goody, good heart roles. I want a cool melon, kick butt, actiony, independent, strong head Tavia!!! What a missed opportunity to exercise her acting chop. SMH.

      1. Yas,Tavia has acted assassin role in “GWTC2” she really did well in this role.

    1. Totally not agree u,Vivien is not main lead and many ppl like tavia goody role image.no matter what kind role she’s assigned to,she always portraits exactly as assigned and always put her whole self into the character as if it’s in real life. Zhen ni (jan) this character is loved by many of the viewers.

    2. I’m not saying Jan is unlikable character nor have I said Tavia isn’t delivering as Jan. She’s a likable character but not a breakthrough for Tavia. I just want Tavia to try something new. GWTC2 is so looooong ago. She needs something difference now. I’m sure if Tavia take Vivien role then they’ll make that character a lead.

  6. after reading post after post about ruco, I typed in ruco’s name instead of mine…hahaha.
    tavia is really boring and nerdy here…vivien’s role is good. she has that assassin look.

  7. Janet you must be kidding. How can you compare tavia with Vivien when both of them are of different roles. What’s more, tavia is the main lead in this show. Speaking of assassin role, tavia has acted assassin role in ‘great way to care 2’ and she did an awesome job. I think Vivien can’t even be compared to lam ha Mei, let alone tavia. Many ppl like tavia’s role in this drama along with the 2 main male leads. I’m sure many ppl are looking forward for their collaboration in the near future.

  8. Actually Tavia’s role in this drama is a difficult one. It’s never easy acting cute when one is of a certain age and I would say Tavia did a reasonably good job. In fact, her role is not as straightforward as Kevin or Ruco’s. At one end, she has to interact with her silly father n silly colleagues at the PI agency, at the other end, with two cool and hot guys as love interest. I am not sure if any other female lead could do it as well as her. If viewers find her annoying in this role, think Linda Chung. We probably be pulling our hair!

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